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The photo above shows some of this mesh soldered to a piece of PC board in various configurations as it might be applied in shielding applications.Click on the photo for a larger view. Refer to the picture for directions to determine how much of ADR-TEX you need to purchase to cover radiation area! ADR Tex is a flexible film that is able to protect you from the high levels of electromagnetic fields. The film is really strong and durable and has good physical and aesthetic properties as well as a very high absorption capacity.

Hitron implements her abundant experience in Enteprise and Residential broadband applications providing solutions to cable operators in growing their business through new services and innovative home network experience. Its state of art engineering design allows the modules be completely self-contained with no resources requirement from the host system. In addition, Hitron offers 4 different product families to meet various operators’ requirements, such as Compact high speed data, PacketCable based Voice with either MGCP or SIP signalling protocol, powerful and flexible wireless gateway and multimedia voice gateway. It is different from the other shielding material available in the market as it is both thin and strong and is very tolerant to bending or shaping without losing its shielding properties.

Our products are based on leading DOCSIS technology from Intel with up to 400Mbps throughput capability.

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