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We are very satifised with your product and service,we will cooperate with you for more order. We are professional on supplying moulded door in HDF or MDF material with various wood species: oak, ash, teak, sapelli, walnut, cherry, bubinga, okuma, etc. NPL has developed a range of facilities and measurement techniques for calibrating microwave standard gain horns, near-field scanning probes, reflectors and base station antennas. The gain of standard gain horns is measured inside a temperature controlled anechoic chamber using the three antenna extrapolation technique. For some antennas, in particular probes to be used for near-field scanning applications, it is also necessary to know the polarisation parameters, port-to-port phase, isolation and probe pattern components.
Full characterisation of near-field scanning probes is provided, with the normalised probe receiving coefficients provided in data files consistent with the most widely used near-field scanning software. NPL also offers a service for the calibration of wideband EMC horn antennas in a dedicated indoor anechoic test chamber. These horns, usually double ridged waveguide antennas, cover the frequency ranges 1 GHz to 18 GHz and 18 GHz to 40 GHz, however antennas operating up to 110 GHz can be measured.
RF shielding, RF anechoic chamber, RF room, View RF room, PIONEER Product Details from Changzhou Pioneer Electronic Co., Ltd.
C-RAM SFC-WALKWAY is a series of high performance broadband RF absorbers, fabricated from standard C-RAM SFC pyramidal absorber.
C-RAM SFC-WEDGE is a series of high performance broadband absorbing materials of wedge configuration. C-RAM FAC is a series of high performance broadband microwave absorbers, made from light weight, very flexible urethane foam treated with a dielectric lossy material, which also imparts great fire retardancy.

C-RAM FAC is a convoluted product; the front face is rippled or convoluted like an egg carton, the convolutions provide an impedance taper, which is very effective in minimizing front face reflections, especially at higher frequencies.
C-RAM RFA is a series of RF absorbers optimized for performance at frequencies above 10 GHz. C-RAM RFC is very similar in construction and performance to the analogous convoluted absorber, C-RAM FAC.
Short delivery time, Strong packing and Economy shipping cost will help you save more cost. Therefore, shielding door is the key component of anechoic chamber, which is also the main part of electromagnetic leakage from anechoic chamber. This involves measuring the power transmitted between the three pairs of antennas as a function of distance and then extrapolating these results to obtain the true far-field values for each antenna.
The axial ratio, tilt and sense of polarisation are measured using three antenna techniques, which avoid the need for a separate polarisation standard. Made from a very uniform, open-cell, small pore urethane foam, C-RAM RFC works wellC-RAM RFA is a series of RF absorbers optimized for performance at frequencies above 10 GHz.
Shielding effectiveness of the anechoic chamber depends on the performance of shielding door. 1~18GHz, meet the requirements of CISPR16-1-4, field voltage standing wave ratio better than 6dB. The complex reflection coefficients of the antennas are also measured to correct for mismatches.

Made from a very uniform, open-cell, small pore urethane foam, C-RAM RFC works well up to and above 50 GHz, and meets the fire retardancy requirements of NRL 8093.
This open cell structure makes C-RAM RFA ideal for outdoor applications, where rain can drain quickly through the piece, and residual moisture can evaporate quickly. In order to improve shielding effectiveness of the door, make sure the door crack in case of frequent activities still has a good electrical contact. The material is intended primarily for indoor use in anechoic chambers and other test facilities. LOPU achieved annual sales of over $80,000,000.For over two decades, LOPU has made great contributions to key infrastructure constructions in China, as well as the modernization of key defense materials of China. Besides the EMC anechoic chamber, we also provide the integration of EMC test system (including EMS test system and EMI test system). For recent years, Lopu also actively explores overseas markets, with its products exported to Europe, South America, South-east Asia, and Africa.

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