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If you have been into a Carrefour in the past six years, or an Ikea or Metro in the last four, chances are that you've seen something we made. Our network of 16 partner factories allows us to offer the selection you'd expected from a trading company with the low prices of a manufacturer.
Let you locate the most advantageous products, service and the most reliable resource directly with one shoot.
Till today, our market have already reached more than 30 countries including USA, Canada, the Great Britain, Russia, White Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Korea, Philippine, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Burma and the United Arab Emirates.

High quality stainless steel for table-board and 1.2mm thick roll steel board for the main body. Aluminum alloy is used for the bump preventer and flexible PVC antibump bars is used around every corner of the cash platform.
They trust our 15 years of experience outfitting retail chains with security products, shopping carts and furniture.
Most of our designers have been developing custom products for more than a decade, and we'll have your samples completed within seven working days.

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