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The Boskke planter, initially created in ceramic stoneware and available in three sizes, was designed by Patrick Morris and received a coveted 2011 RedDot Design award. Now, in addition to the original ceramic designs, they have launched a line of large and small recycled planters made from 100% recycled polypropylene plastic and packaged in recycled cardboard.
A wide variety of common house plants, herbs and vegetables grow nicely in the unorthodox planters and a locking disc and mesh holds the upside down plant and soil in place. Enterprise ready open source applications are far too few and evaluating them is sometime very tough deal. Zen garden  is an interesting and deeply spiritual aspect of Japanese gardening traditions. Yueyaquan is a crescent-shaped lake in an oasis, 6 km south of the city Dunhuang in Gansu Province, China.

Pratico, funzionale e allo stesso tempo sinonimo di sobria eleganza, riceve la sua vera consacrazione ad icona di stile maschile dai set cinematografici.
Their unique upside down stoneware and plastic planters allow you to sprinkle greenery in any room without sacrificing floor or table space.
Ready-grown plants are simply removed from their container and inserted into your new Sky Planter. Come dimenticare il gentleman Humprey Bogard in Casablanca nel suo inseparabile trench, con tanto di cintura allacciata in vita? Once locked in place, turn the pot upside down and suspend from a securely fastened ceiling hook. Da allora ad oggi il famoso cappotto maschile non e mai passato di moda, subendo ad ogni stagione rivisitazioni piu o meno fortunate.

Extension wires and wall mounts are also available for high ceilings or wall-hung planters.
E per questa stagione 2010-2011 quale tra questi modelli di trench da uomo e il vostro preferito? Nella mia top 3 ci sono il tench Canali grigio chiaro, il Burberry blu con allacciatura laterale che apre il post e l’impermeabile grigio firmato Versace.

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