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Cuando la cantidad solicitada exceda las cantidades que se muestran en la tabla de precios, un precio unitario menor puede aparecer en su pedido. You are planning to use Arduino in your project but you need some kind of remote control functionality.
The schematic of the project is drawn in SoloCapture, the schematic editor of SoloPCB tools.
Please check out this video to see how to import the project libraries, open and synchronize the schematic and PCB files. Since this is an Arduino shield, there should be connections to the expansion headers of Arduino. 12V level required to drive the relay coils is applied to the the power input connector of Arduino from a wall adapter and carried to the shield over the Vin pin located on the expansion headers. The RF module on the shield is an off-the-shelf product that you can buy from Sparkfun, RWS-371.

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A standalone Arduino won’t provide what you need but this DIY shield may be a good solution for you. SoloPCB is a pack of powerful tools consisting of schematic capture, PCB layout, and integrated autorouting. It includes a 433.92Mhz RF receiver which lets you send commands to Arduino wirelessly and four SPDT relays which can be used for switching purposes.

The board has an antenna input which lets you solder your custom antenna to increase the wireless range. The current passing through the relay coils are controlled by using the BC817 general purpose NPN transistors. Since the relays are rated at 10, the connections between the relays and the terminal blocks should be thick enough to be able to carry this current. A logic low turns off the transistor and cuts-off the coil current.To prevent the harm of the back EMF during the turn-off action, 1N4007 diodes are connected in the reverse direction of the coil current. There are also LEDs connected in parallel to the relay coils with their current limiting resistors to indicate the relay status.

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