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New shield box meets high volume testing of service centers and manufacturersAeroflex's 4921 RF Shield is a new RF shielding solution for testing 3G mobile phones, as well as data cards and WLAN equipment in large service centers and production lines.
As isolated RF testing evolved into more applications, so did the size, design, and style of the enclosures.
Designed around the STE2200, we took the task of repeatability testing of TDMA, CDMA, AMPS, PCS and GMS phones, and other wireless communications to a new level!
Our broad line of STE series Shielded Test Enclosures were already being used for virtually all wireless LAN device tests.
If you are looking for the ultimate test enclosure system for your dense pack test environment, the STE2902 is your answer! A large number of manufacturers requested a dual rack mount test system in a stand alone package.
The Top Load version of the STE2900 is also designed for individual bench top or dual rack mount installations, the STE2952 makes it simple to load and unload the device under test with its top load access door. Designed from the ground up for wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and other microwave frequency applications where hands-on access and viewing is not required. Designed specifically for Wireless Communications circuit board production testing where there is a need for a large footprint for isolating oversized boards and minimal height to allow for easy device placement. One of our newest RF test enclosures designed for complete laptop integrated WLAN and Blutooth testing. If you are looking for the ultimate enclosure for TDMA, CDMA, AMPS, PCS, GMS, P2T, PDA, and other wireless communications devices the STE3800 is the enclosure for you. Our newest RF test enclosure specifically engineered for the production floor is designed to the same exacting specifications of the STE3300, the STE4400 offers unique swing-down front door opening for easy device placement and removal. The popularity of the STE4400’s larger size along with the patented hands-on manipulability of the STE3000B brought you the STE4500.
The STE5000 enclosure represents a breakthrough in RF shielded enclosure design and value.
The STE5100 enclosure represents a breakthrough in RF shielded enclosure design and value.
TC-5901C Pneumatic Shield Box is about 50% larger in test area and height than the other popular TC-595X series shield boxes, providing more flexibility in handling larger devices and test fixtures. TC-5910DP Shield Box provides RF isolation and signal connections necessary for mobile testing. The TC-5916AP Shield Box provides RF isolation and signal connections necessary for mobile testing. The STE2200F is designed specifically for securing and isolating cell phones and other small communications devices on-site for transport to your lab for evaluation.
Just as Ramsey has manufactured RF isolation test products for pager, two way, cellular, PCS, and WLAN testing, we were right there to support the forensic industry in their requirements for data isolation and collection of wireless communications devices. Therefore, the shielding is kept at the same level as the very successful predecessor the 4921 RF Shield and we are verifying every box in our production to guarantee that data sheet values are exceeded.In addition Aeroflex uses only high-class absorber material in its boxes to avoid reflections. Designed specifically for cell phones, PCS, GSM and other small communication devices, it is constructed to the same precision-machined tolerances of our patented STE3000B to maintain an exceptionally well shielded environment.

The STE2200 was designed as the little brother and smallest STE available for small wireless devices. For more than a decade Ramsey's RTF Radiating Test Fixture was the standard in pager testing and alignment. But the daunting task was how to streamline the testing, while reducing they physical space required for simultaneous high volume testing. Designed for space saving 19 inch rack mounting, the STE2902 contains TWO STE2900 WLAN test enclosures in one single 7 rack unit (12 inch high) package! This was for benchtop and field use, where existing 19 inch rack cabinets were not available. Also designed for individual bench top or dual rack mount installations, the STE2950 makes it simple to load and unload the device under test with its top load access door. The dual rack mount configuration allows multiple installations for dense pack environment testing.
The lid opens automatically using the internally mounted dual precision air pistons once the dual heavy duty latches are released. The enclosure is roomy enough to hold 19 inch rack sized instruments and provides -110dB of shielding, and enables one to test anywhere in your facility! The enclosure is roomy enough to hold 19" rack sized instruments and provides -110dB of shielding, and enables one to test anywhere in your facility!
When you need a little more internal working space than the TC-5915AP the TC-5916AP is your ideal choice. The moment the device is secured into the STE2200F it is isolated from the carrier's network and other RF signals preventing any incoming or outgoing communications, including GPS tracking information. Forensic investigation of cell phones, PDA's, and other hand-held wireless devices specifically requires complete hands-on manipulation of the wireless device to identify and extract data while maintaining complete RF isolation from the outside world. It is specifically designed to secure and power multiple cell phones and other communications devices, as well as larger PDAs and the latest and very popular Wireless Micro PCs, such as the Sony VAIO UX series. Our engineers started to work with a number of manufacturers to find out exactly what was needed.
We took our highly popular STE2902 dual WLAN test enclosure and installed it in a high impact shock road case! Dual gas struts provide easy top cover lifting for full top access to insert the largest laptop computer inside for RF isolated tests and measurements. Dual gas filled struts hold the hinged top open for easy access for the largest devices, including laptops. 120VAC filtered power inputs are standard, terminating in a 6 pole AC outlet strip inside the enclosure to plug in various chargers for the isolated devices. The 4921 easily fulfils the 80 dB attenuation requirement for testing mobile phones for UMTS and other third-generation wireless networks. Our patented STE3000 brought that technology right down to your bench, and the cost all the way down to affordable! A front handle is included to assist in carrying the STE as well as front rack mount sliding.

This unit gives you the added work space without losing any of the features the STE3000 offered.
The RF absorption inside the 4921 leads to low reflection within the box, thereby providing high-precision, stable RF measurement results with instruments connected to it. With Aeroflex maintenance kits, the RF Shield will be ready for the next 50,000 open-close cycles. The STE3000 is constructed of 090 Aluminum, utilizing precision machined tolerances throughout to maintain an RF-Tight environment.
The 4921 is the first of its kind to meet all the service, repair and manufacturing requirements in terms of attenuation, longevity, dimensions, and price.Easy to use solution for high-volume testingMost third-generation (3G) mobile phone systems are based on CDMA technology, which puts new demands on test environments compared to TDMA systems. The 4931 RF Shield doesn’t have finger stocks any more, therefore it is only necessary to replace the gas springs which makes it very easy and cost efficient to maintain.More space with same physical dimensionsDue to the fact that the gas springs are mounted outside now, the usable space inside the box is now bigger than the RF Shield of the previous generation.
Measurements in CDMA systems require 80 dB of shielding because the mobile will attempt to lock onto the strongest base station.
This allows testing tablet computers, fixed wireless phones and 3G Wi-Fi routers inside a standard RF Shield. Without the RF Shield, the mobile would ignore the test signal and try to lock onto a local network.In a CDMA system, for example WCDMA (UMTS), one of the worst-case shielding requirements arises when one mobile is in a max power test, and the other mobile is in a minimum power test. To enable reliable positioning of larger devices under test Aeroflex offers a Tablet Coupling Kit which is mounted on the Antenna Coupler.Customized rear panels availableA removable plate on the rear can be used to hold customer-specific connectors such as an interface for remote-controlling the unit under test, to supply power or to provide additional RF signals. In this situation, one mobile is transmitting at +33 dBm, while the other is attempting to transmit -50 dBm. Aeroflex offers a wide range of connectors like AC power, USB 2.0, DB-9, SMA, RJ-45 or others. To properly isolate the two mobiles from each other, test stations will require at least 80 dB of isolation between them.In addition, a receiver test close to the sensitivity level of the mobile receiver could severely affect test results. Feel free to contact your local Aeroflex Sales office or representative for an individual solution.
Testing the receiver via the antenna requires the phone to be isolated from a real base station by 80 dB. Without shielding, the mobile could receive the signal from a close-by network transmitter at -25 dBm while trying to detect a test signal at -104 dBm.For service centers and manufacturing operations, the Aeroflex 4921 is the optimum solution because of its reliability, longevity and support in measurement precision.
This has been verified through a series of endurance tests, and in line with military standard VG 95737, Electromagnetic Compatibility of Equipment - Part 15 Test Methods for Coupling and Shielding.The 4921 is an easy to use solution with a solid rocker arm lever and gas springs that allow the operator to smoothly open and close the box without using much force. A removable plate on the rear can be used to hold customer-specific connectors (such as an interface for remote-controlling the unit under test). The 4921 is designed to contain the phone under test and possibly an antenna coupler, and provides a connector for external test equipment (such as the Aeroflex 4400 Mobile Phone Tester).

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