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The door is the most important part of any shielded facility, and therefore the design and quality of construction is essential. Doors are supplied with the appropriate interlocks, manual latching (standard) and micro-switch for connection to 'power off' circuits. Our standard radiation leaf door sets can accommodate up to 50mm of lead, but our sliding doors can exceed this limit. The frame assembly is as critical as the door design itself, and as standard, EEP doors come as a complete fitted door and frame set, and can be fully power operated to achieve smooth, controlled movement.
RF shielded doors for military containers are particularly important as they need to resist extremes of temperature and usage that an internal door does not. As most shielding projects are unique EEP Ltd can design or adapt our designs to meet your specific needs. EEP pay particular attention to appearance, and most doors are available with various paint or laminate finishes. RF Shielded Test EnclosuresThese gloves offer an RF tight seal to the box yet give you excellent manual dexterity and hands on access to devices under test. Manually Operated RF Shield Box & Universal Test Fixture3 N9360A-S03 RF Shield Box with filtered D-sub 25 pin port.
ESSP - Mimowaves TechnologiesESSP provide cost-effective Single-hand operated RF Shield Box and Universal Test Fixture for all your wireless testing needs. Bluetooth Testing, Test Equipment, Protocol Analyzers, CertificationCTS is your answer to your testing needs for off-the-shelf RF Shield Box, RF Enclosure, . Phillips IS2630 - Ishiboo!The board under the RF shield box that is soldered on has a label that says .

Wireless EmulatorEach device, together with its DSC module, is placed in a RF-shielded box.
Agilent Low–Level RF Leakage Measurementradio under test is not well shielded, or if the radio's shielding . Call us at 1-800-446-2295 or contact us and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you. A large number of manufacturers requested a dual rack mount test system in a stand alone package. The demand for the improvement of access modes to shielded locales has evidenced how the doorway assumes a relevant significance and has contributed to the creation of types responding to different attenuation, of frequency requirements and values, both for magnetic and electromagnetic fields and plane waves. We can provide lightweight doors in aluminium, steel and iron, as a function of the shielding values.
Shielded tents, light and quickly installed so as to be able to be also transported, realised in special metallised fabric, offer environments protected from electromagnetic fields.The supporting structure of the tent is realised in aluminium tubing and may be personalised in its dimensions and accessories. The average of the shielded value is about 48 dB attenuation, with peaks of 65 dB a 200 MHz and 400 MHz.
Shielding values depend on dimensions and on the type of opening closure requested by the Client. Possibility of the definition of the shielding effectiveness with the client: from 45 dB to 70 dB according to the frequency. EEP design a wide range of shielded doors to meet all performance levels and applications, both internal and external. These doors provide both high levels of RF attenuation, double weather and NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) seals for protection in the most extreme conditions.

This can include manual, electric or pneumatic latches, all types of locks, weather and NBC (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical) seals, and thermal, acoustic or blast protection.
Apart from our specialist doors, we also provide conventional 'Code' lead lined doors when required. These can include manual, electric or pneumatic latches, all types of locks, weather and NBC (Nuclear, Biochemical & Chemical) seals, and thermal, acoustic or blast protection. Victims often endure significant system degradation before realizing that a problem is at hand.
All our doors are designed for ease of use and maintenance, and can be manufactured to fit into any type of RF shielded rooms.
Our doors comply with UK security standards, but alternative specifications can be considered.
For example when space is restricted, or in anechoic chambers where the door will have microwave absorbers installed. We took our highly popular STE2902 dual WLAN test enclosure and installed it in a high impact shock road case!
This provided not only a self contained test system, but a convenient method to ship the STE2900 system!
As a plus, the shock cases are "keyed" on the top and bottom to provide locked stacking of multiple units.

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