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ETS-LINDGREN'S COPPER RF SHIELDING uses both a superior RF attenuator and the durability of bolted, light weight modular panels to ensure reliable performance. ETS-Lindgren is the leader in design-build radio frequency (RF) shielding solutions for MRI systems with over 6,500 successful installations worldwide.
It is specifically designed to reflect analogue and pulsed digital radio frequency signals from sources such as Microwave, Wi-Fi, and cell phone towers. Our enclosures meet tempest and hemp specifications such as NSA65-6, NSA65-5, and MIL-STD-285 and have also been approved by all MRI manufacturers. Our reliability and the extraordinary scope and quality of our services have earned us a well- deserved reputation. Cell Type (S-81): This rugged RF system is very forgiving to those who are unfamiliar with RF shielding and the care required for proper installation and construction interface. ETS-Lindgren’s cell type RF shield utilizes a treated, wooden core that is sandwiched with two metals on either side. Pan Type (S-101): For those sites that require absolutely no wood content, the pan type shield is the solution. ETS-Lindgren's pan type RF shield is constructed of galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel, depending on the customer's need or preference. I have seen lots of talk about the noise that a GoPro produces and it’s potential effects on UHF radios. A post on FPVLab has discussed how others have measured the noise from a GoPro and how it can be drastically reduced by shielding the camera with copper foil.
I haven’t tested the before and after yet but might be purchasing the RFexplorer so I can measure the noise.

Thank you heaps for the template, When I couldn’t fly my 350QX due to gopro hero 3 interference I was feeling pretty down. I made an aluminum foil shield that covered the back and sides of the gopro, leaving the front open. We rely upon superior construction technique and quality materials to achieve owner, architect, and contractor satisfaction. ETS-Lindgren offers two primary types of RF floor systems: monolithic and modular cell type.
USC designs, manufactures, installs, and tests its enclosures nationally and internationally. Protecco offers ETS-Lingren's MRI Shielding products, a broad variety of both, allowing the customer the option to select what best suits his or her need. Copper RF shielding provides flexibility in design and, of all the available shielding systems, is the easiest to modify in the field.
This system can be installed quickly, and is ideal for situations where few field modifications are expected and all corners of the shield are “right or 90 degree angles.” This system can be varied to use other materials beside galvanized steel, such as aluminum or low carbon steel. Field modifications are not possible with this system; new panels must be made to address specific site variations. This shield is a pre-fabricated metal panel that is bolted together to form walls, a ceiling and a floor.
I didn’t think much of it until I got a RangeLink LRS recently and also had a crash on my tri that might have been related to a loss of signal. While this is cool, I don’t want to cover my cameras more or less permanently with copper foil.

Others have noted that in addition to the copper shield, a ground wire should be soldered somewhere on the shield. The quadcopter functioned perfectly fine, and the wifi from the camera still worked (barely).
The modular floor system is the quickest to install, while the monolithic floor system protects against non-catastrophic flood events and is the recommended floor system for all MRI applications. USC is proud to be the only company in the industry to have maintained its original ownership since its inception. Copper RF shielding is lightweight and has the greatest longevity of all the shielding materials, thus ensuring that the RF shield outlives the MRI system. I print the template, cut it out, cut the features I want access to and then trace it onto the copper foil. Thus, all shielded enclosure components can be custom-made to meet customer specifications and expedited to meet schedules. This way when I cover my GoPro with the shield, I can use a bit of tape to keep it all held together and the tape will come off without tearing the paper.

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