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Shielding box or shielding equipment by metal shielding electromagnetic wave, has excellent electromagnetic wave shielding properties.
Shielding box can be widely used in wireless communication modules, such as Bluetooth, GSM, WCDMA, WLAN, WiMAX, RFID, car remote control, or wireless communications products such as mobile phones, wireless LAN, wireless router, wireless headsets, Bluetooth headsets, data card, walkie-talkie during board test and final test. Shielding box opened and closed is controlled by manual button or through RS232 interface communication command. Can prevent inside the box electromagnetic leaking out and external electromagnetic waves into the box.
The Shielding chamber requires a large space and the price is higher, is not conducive to mass production of the production units, so the shielding box is a good replacement.
Its plating is Gold over brass and the impedance is 50 ohm.MMCX connector is small size in RF connector.

Strip the RG174 into center conductor, insulator, shielding three parts per recommended stripping dimension shown in connector spec.Step3.
Besides, MMCX jack crimp series still have Right angle jack , straight bulkhead crimp jack, PCB mount jack, edge mount jack and SMT jack .
Put the center conductor into the contact pin of MMCX plug and then solder through the hole. Put the contact pin into main body until it stops and then spread out the shielding onto the knurled part and then Step6.
Slide the ferrule over the shielding, and proceed the first open-short test to make sure signal can transmit well.
Strip the cable into center conductor, insulator, shielding three parts per recommended stripping dimension shown in connector spec.

Slide the ferrule, insulator, spacer onto cable conductor and then spread out the shielding.
Solder the cable inner conductor into the connector contact pin, and solder through the side hole to fix it. Push the contact pin and other parts into the connector main body until it stops and then cover the shielding onto the knurled part.

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