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HOME PAGE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME We need to communicate without being blocked, edited, and filtered Window shielding Shielding Paints Shielding Absorbers Shielded Bedding Screen Link to out side page. Brief of Michigan's Electromagnetic Weapon Law Michigan Law 4513 Paragraph k addresses electronic and electromagnetic weapons Act 256 2003, effective 2004.
100 Patents Inventions that effect thoughts, emotions, memory, and thinking from external sources.

Special powder washing detergent for the care of our shielding textiles with silver-and steel threads.
As we made extensive washing tests with many different laundry detergens, we found out that some laundry detergents are bad for the shielding attenuation. In this article they would only present, the first few sentences to distract and derail you from the information, which is stating something humorous, conveying the future is here today.

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