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Our enclosures meet tempest and hemp specifications such as NSA65-6, NSA65-5, and MIL-STD-285 and have also been approved by all MRI manufacturers.
Our reliability and the extraordinary scope and quality of our services have earned us a well- deserved reputation. Since the day we opened our doors, our goal was to create functional and healthy indoor environments with low EMF & RF levels through a practical and reasonable approach that integrates advanced technology along with a strong passion to improve the quality of life for everybody we serve. From Pomona, Pasadena and Burbank to Long Beach, Hollywood, Mailbu and all points in between, at some point in our lives, we’ll be exposed to some levels of RF Radiation. Bluetooth, Cell towers, Wi-Fi, wireless speakers, entertainment centers and gadgets are now present abundantly in our daily lives – especially in the Southern California region. Exposure to high electromagnetic fields has recently become a concern due to several issues including potential health effects and interference Issues with sensitive analytical and research equipment. EMF and Radio Frequency Shielding in Los Angeles County (or Mitigation) is the process of reducing the EMF and RF radiation exposure to employees, personnel or anybody that visits the location. Since there are many variables involved, completing an accurate site assessment is essential to identify the causative factors (field sources), frequencies and directions for a successful EMF and RF mitigation plan. Our company depends on state-of-the-art EMF testing equipment such as the Narda Selective Radiation Meter SRM 3006, combined with experienced field investigators to determine the cause and source of EMF and RF frequencies. Click Here or Call Us at 760 942-9400 to Take Advantage of Your Initial, Free Consultation Today. EMF and RF radiation can be present in commercial buildings, schools and residential building throughout the Southern California region.
It’s the primary mission of our team to reduce your exposure to EMF and RF radiation. Contact us today to learn how our team can help you reduce your exposure to EMF and RF Radiation through our advanced Mitigation or RF and EMF Shielding services in Los Angeles County . AboutOur mission is to provide scientific and unbiased information on electromagnetic fields and radio frequency (RF) radiation, its sources, measurement and evaluation criteria. Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin the EMF & RF Solutions mailing list by adding your email here to stay up-to-date about important EMF & RF news!
I have seen lots of talk about the noise that a GoPro produces and it’s potential effects on UHF radios. A post on FPVLab has discussed how others have measured the noise from a GoPro and how it can be drastically reduced by shielding the camera with copper foil.

I haven’t tested the before and after yet but might be purchasing the RFexplorer so I can measure the noise. Thank you heaps for the template, When I couldn’t fly my 350QX due to gopro hero 3 interference I was feeling pretty down. I made an aluminum foil shield that covered the back and sides of the gopro, leaving the front open. ETS-Lindgren's Series 81 shielding system is a time-proven design with more than 10,000 installations. The Series 71 Copper Screen Room is designed to provide a radio-silent environment to perform electronic product trouble-shooting as well as conducted emissions and radiated emissions EMC testing. Welded fabrication has traditionally been considered by experts the most reliable and highest performing shielding method compared to mechanically clamped shielded enclosure designs.
The Series 101 RF shielded construction system meets and substantially exceeds all RF shielding requirements. The Series 83 RF Shielding is a fully custom shielding option for specialized applications such as electron microscopes and physiological studies.
ETS-Lindgren’s SOUNDoff Series of Secure Shielded Rooms create an RF and acoustically isolated environment to protect confidential conversations, sensitive communications, databases, and testing.
USC designs, manufactures, installs, and tests its enclosures nationally and internationally.
From being able to surf in Malibu in the morning then drive to Snow Summit in Big Bear for some skiing the same afternoon – people have many choices for entertainment. EMF & RF Solutions was built to provide scientific and unbiased testing, evaluation, measurement and solutions for electro-magnetic frequency and radio frequency radiation.
High frequency radiation is defined as a wireless signal transmission – which is commonly referred to as (RF) radio frequency or microwave radiation. As such, these new technologies are exposing us to unknown quantities of RF radiation; which can lead to potential health risks.
Electro-Magnetic Radiation fields are produced by electrical current that flows through electrical systems. Field level reductions can be achieved by reducing the emissions at the source or by shielding the EMF or RF radiation levels from entering the indoor environment. Whether this is through our advanced testing and documentation process or through EMF and RF shielding services we offer in Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills or Santa Monica, we offer an affordable and proactive solution for all that live, work and enjoy living in Los Angeles County.

Our goal is to create healthy and functional indoor environments with low EMF and RF levels through a reasonable and practical approach. I didn’t think much of it until I got a RangeLink LRS recently and also had a crash on my tri that might have been related to a loss of signal. While this is cool, I don’t want to cover my cameras more or less permanently with copper foil. Others have noted that in addition to the copper shield, a ground wire should be soldered somewhere on the shield. The quadcopter functioned perfectly fine, and the wifi from the camera still worked (barely). USC is proud to be the only company in the industry to have maintained its original ownership since its inception. People in LA have just as many choices when it comes to improving the quality of their lives.
According to research completed by the California Department of Health Services, flaws or breakdown in a building’s wiring system are the leading sources of elevated magnetic fields. Whether it’s due to old age, or improper wiring, flaws in the electrical wiring system of any building can cause significantly elevated magnetic field levels. I print the template, cut it out, cut the features I want access to and then trace it onto the copper foil. However, communications (and other essential services) to and from the room can be maintained without compromising security. A growing concern for businesses, hospitals, schools and public entities is the potential risks present with the exposure to EMF and RF Radiation in LA. Thus, all shielded enclosure components can be custom-made to meet customer specifications and expedited to meet schedules. Our team offers a proactive solution to reduce and remove this risk through our advanced Mitigation process or EMF and RF Shielding in Los Angeles County. This way when I cover my GoPro with the shield, I can use a bit of tape to keep it all held together and the tape will come off without tearing the paper.

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