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NOTE: If you see patient zero and you are with a group, only you can see it and it will only affect you. Patient Zero (also known as Subject Zero, Test Subject Zero, Subject 3, P-0 or Patient X) was the first infected citizen and the one who started the Apocalypse. There's no way to " find " Patient 0, he spawns randomly around the map, sometimes in Union Square, and it's a rare event. While people have said they have encountered Patient Zero in Union Square, and they might have, there appears to be a completely different event that occurs instead of P-0 spawning and rushing at you. When travelling into Union Square, turn on all the lights and wait, presumably with Iceyman's guide above. Strangely, Patient Zero was never stated or mentioned in Gusmanak's update log for the game, probably to keep it a surprise.
Shooting Patient Zero will result in losing health (as if the bullets are sent back to you).
Witnesses have described exploiters (hackers) to have both spawned multiple Patient Zeros and turning himself (the exploiter) into one. Sometimes, Patient Zero will become stuck in one place and will never despawn or move, even during the day.
There have been many reports that upon the collision with a vehicle and Patient Zero the game will force shut down.
Theory 1: This is the probably the most accurate and up to date theory since it includes all of the journal pages, papers, and books from every map ever. Trinity was experimenting with a new drug (purpose of drug is not known) and was injecting humans with it, the drug did NOT contain the virus, Subject 3, commonly known as Patient 0, was a civilian at the time, and was not yet how we know him currently.
I say Subject 3 a lot in this theory, but for confirmation, Subject 3 and Patient 0 are absolutely, 100% the same thing. Apart from keeping your awesomely awesome MK 17, if you encounter, P-0 you are teleported to Kin hospital, right? 3:When you have a personal radio you'll hear the "survival tip of the day" they say that in a quite funny style they have been hearing gunshots and growled every few minutes now as we all know ammunition is very rare even more if they are high graded military weapons like the SCAR-L and all the AK assault rifles now lets say that they've been hearing the SCAR-L MK14 and AK shots ok (I'll take the weapons in use because after killing the military zombies they drop ammunition for this weapon) only the military have the ammo to have a old-west style with zombies and survivors that would imply that the military is trying to secure the city or just as well just trying to get by and get to Kin mounts likely to what you ask? As of February 19, 2014, John Shedletsky announces a contest during a live Twitch broadcast in Apocalypse Rising. The Humvee is a military vehicle that is found in Apocalypse Rising (abbreviated in game as hummer).
The Humvee is a 4 seat vehicle that is known to many players as the best vehicle in the game.
17-year-old Gus Dubetz, or Gusmanak, started using ROBLOX in 2008, due primarily to a life-long fascination with physics.
That question lead to the birth of an idea—Dubetz and Witt didn’t just want to make another “generic shooter”, they wanted to make a full blown game—something with ambition, scope, replayability, and, most importantly, zombies. Dubetz was able to do this by organizing items into different types of “spawners”—general loot, general weapons, military general, military weapons, and medical were categories taken into consideration. ROBLOX Creative Director John Shedletsky got to spend some time playing Apocalypse Rising, and found the group aspect to be one of the most interesting parts of the game.
To address this danger, Dubetz came up with the “Bandit System”, which essentially marks people with bandanas who have killed three or more survivors intentionally. Dubetz was concerned that the ROBLOX engine wouldn’t be able to handle a game of such scope, and figured that if the ROBLOX engine wouldn’t be able to handle his vision, then that vision wasn’t worth pursuing. Eventually, Dubetz and Witt settled on a look and aesthetic they were happy with, and it’s a good look indeed.
Its a great game, but I honestly think that he should hold off the updates till rob lox makes the 500k update. Im addicted to Apoc rising, I keep having to play it, one reason it has so many plays so fast is that you usually ragequit the server once you die, then you go and join another server, A quick hint for some of you: Join the emptiest server, you will get less trouble and be able to grab loot quickly before it fills up. Cool game, but the problm with allys, is that sometimes just when you think that you have just made a new friend…BAM!!! Think about it, in real life if there was zombie apocolipse, you wouldnt get given a m16 would you? True, but I’ve NEVER seen a game where you can kill each other but it being so rare for people to kill each other. The thing is many newbies could make games as good as this if roblox studio wasn’t so bulky and hard to use. Hark's general store usually spawns food, utilities and often times backpacks (Fanny, Hiking, and sometimes Survival) along with civilian weapons. Also any bandit with a rifle can overlook most or all of the city which could put your whole life in danger. Hark's military camp consists of 2 military tents that spawn useful items like bloodbags, painkillers, food and water, utilitys, attachments and very rarely a military gun or pack.
Hark's tansformer unit turns on all the lights in Hark, which allows you to see better, but also allows zombies to detect you easily.
The M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) is a LMG (Light Machine Gun) and one of rarest obtainable weapons in Apocalypse Rising. Its range, damage, high clip size and rapid firing rate makes it one of the best weapons in Apocalypse Rising, although it can be difficult to handle when laying down heavy automatic fire or hip-fire can be essential when using such a tactic.

Most semi-advanced players and beginner bandits will generally have this pack.  It is only surpassed by the Military Pack. If you find one at a Helicopter Crash, or Military Tent, someone found a Military Pack and dropped their Survival Pack.
They stay for the same amount of time though, until you hear (a rather quiet noise compared to the whispers) a scream and all four will charge at you. He had been injected by a drug at trinity and was being monitored by them, along with other people.
One message writes " THEY LIED" and in Gusmanak Mansion there is a message saying "WHY ME?" In original Apocalypse Rising, there is a poem written on a wall in Kin Hospital saying "One simple man was all it took, I write my story now in this nook, his family followed in his step, the virus slowly and painfully crept, he became the dreaded Patient Zero, it was clear to me he was no hero." From this three messages we can conclude that Trinity Corp experimented on someone without the person knowing and that person became Patient Zero. Well, why here of all places, and it just happens to be the EXACT place that   P-0's story is written. The Humvee is very rare and is normally found at times in military camps and small settlements. There are different perks, people to play with, places to explore—half the game is randomized,” says Dubetz. Bullets are scarce, so lining up headshots is extremely important, especially after surviving a few “days,” when zombies begin attacking more frequently and in larger groups. There is an important distinction between bandits and those forced to kill in defense, so the basic rule is this: if you come under fire and kill your attacker, you won’t become a bandit. My 120 GB computer can handle it just fine with the bar at full, but my team-mates get overrun with zombies because of massive lag. I have ideas, good ideas for over 10 games, but not the ability to make them without excessive use of free models. When you have a machine gun with 5 clips and an m9 Suppresed with 6 clips, best backpack, all utilities, (watch, map, etc) and an enormous assortment of food, the game is more interesting with being able to shoot an actual player. I think its part of what makes the game so awsome, that you have to collect stuff to survive, and you dont get given it. Iv been killed randomly, but thats only if the guy saw i had no good wepeons but i had good food and ammo and things like that that he could take.
Some of whats on the front page your just thinking, – How on earth did this get here??? The general store is very useful to a new survivor who has just begun his or her adventure. This place has been known to spawn military packs, AK's, utilitys,MREs and ammo for multiple guns. The Transformer Unit is off by default, and it commonly spawns supplies like weapons, food, and sometimes crowbars. If you collect the diary pages, you will find out that Subject 3(More explanation later) escaped, contaminated half of the Trinity Corp scientists, and escaped into the Forest. Many users believe the "event" Shedletsky was referring to was Patient Zero (as he thought to recall it as Slenderman) , but it will only remain a mystery until the next live Twitch broadcast announces the winner.
The vehicle provides excellent speed and durability in use and a decent storage capacity will be fond within the users as well. You also have the option of joining up with fellow players to face the undead as a team, but keep in mind, not all players will see you as an ally and may even kill you to take your items. When day turns to night, an unsettling fog blankets the bleak environment, obscuring your vision. Bandits usually use entrenchers and multiple types of building materials to fortify the building. It uses a 100 round box magazine, similar to the Mk 48, as it takes light green ammo boxes compared to the Mk 48's dark green ones. It's actually quite surprising for a gun like this, so with a good hand, it is a definite killing machine. Subject 3 was continuing his life not knowing what was going on, and all of a sudden people began turning into "animals", which we know to be zombies. From the poem, we can conclude that Patient Zero tried to go back to his family, but he spread the virus onto his family and they started the Apocalypse Rising. Like all vehicles, the Humvee needs repairs to get back up and running to driving conditions. You’ll want to see as far ahead as you can, so playing in first-person mode is the way to go.
However, if you can team up with some allies, you can turn one large zombie infested city, into an inhabital base that’s a safe haven for travelers. It should be important to note that the ammo is nearly as rare as the weapon. It is found in military tents, police stations, military barricades, helicopter crash sites, and fire stations, and any other military spawn areas.
This is the exact same event as what happens with Patient Zero so far, but you'll notice two things: your heartbeat and screen shaking is not present. The zombies start killing everyone in the area and the military is trying to control all the zombies, but as more and more people get infected, Subject 3's aunt and brother become infected, which causes Subject 3 to move far west (To the Amend Map) to let trinity test him..
The massive level makes you feel like one of the few remaining humans on earth, and finding scattered journals adds small, creepy bits to the story. Upon waiting a bit more, the whispering and buzzing will suddenly get louder and four figures will appear beside you for only a split second.

He allows trinity to perform tests on him inside their bunker to see if they are able to find a vaccine or possibly cure. Why only kill half? I theories that P-0 isn't actually completely zombie. Perhaps there's a part of his brain that's still human.
Hark has been known to spawn items of decent quality, though the fire station is a military spawn area. But as the military flew planes containing survivors out of the first map into the Amend map, a survivor onboard a plane was infected and brought the virus to the area. So we can finally conclude that Patient Zero and Trinity Corp were the cause of the zombies.
This is just enough, Just enough to stop him from killing you (And half a science lab, at that.) Also, Enter Subject 3. The real reason Hark would make a good base is, for one, is because it has a fire station, many barricades, two warehouses and lights that come on at night, while it is stuck up in the Northwest corner of the map, and because most players dont go that far up north, so it could be considered secluded.
When encountered, he will send you to the Kin Hospital with 1 Health left whether you had full health or not when you encountered him.
They don't have the glue textures on them, the tentacles on their backs are completely missing and they're somewhat see-through like some type of ghost. Subject 3 is so badly messed up from the virus once he arrives at the bunker in an armored car, that it is stated in Dr. It is also within a half days journey to either the Abandon Mine or the Mansion, which should not be populated in the long run, but could be part of a daily looting routine. It should be noticed that upon shooting Patient Zero, these same figures appear and do a slight bit of damage to you. Each of those locations sometimes spawn high-yield military loot, including assault rifles, LMGs and Military Backpacks. We can presume that half of the scientists are still alive and are developing a cure hence the locked area in the forest. That's right Subject 3. I believe the reason that half of the work force of the scientists were still alive and that the Union Square 4-figures-that-do-little-to-no-damage is that the scientists almost succeeded in curing Subject 3. Though not seen on the Map, the small hospital refered to above is one of the two military tents on the Eastern side of the city, the one with the red cross on the top indicating a medical tent. Trinity scientists had discovered the virus inside of Subject 3 and the other subjects during testing.
Remember how I said I believed part of P-0 was enough normal human to not kill half a science lab and leave you near dead? The Military guarding the bunker are known to have shot at humans as well as zombies, as stated in one mans journal;"Guess I'm not only one to be shot at by the military. The scientists probably experimented in growing this part through the brain, cleaning out the infected and replacing it with human. There is a writing saying "Subject 3." What's more, in the underground bunker in the forest, there are 3 cells. The cells are presumably there to contain Patient Zero and the other subjects as they got aggressive because of the virus. So we can presume again that Trinity tried to create a cure and brought in two zombie subjects.
What could they possibly be protecting in that forest?!" The thought behind this is that they are trying to prevent anyone from breaking in any becoming infected, or freeing subject 3. Patient Zero being the 1st subject, we can imagine that the second subject died, so we are left with Patient Zero and Subject 3. As Subject 3 is preparing to escape from the bunker, a horde of zombies breaks inside and kills half of the researchers and security team, breaking out all of the test subjects. We can conclude that the cure didn't work because both Subject 3 and Patient Zero developed murderous intent. And soon, they got so aggressive, they escaped their cells and wiped out half the scientists. That crazy, instinctual beast is now wandering the outside world, unfettered by our walls and restrictions. The writing in kin hospital is the very last moments that Subject 3 had a human state of mind, as his writings continue, the more and more noticeable his state of being is. One idea is that there are still trinity scientists alive and working to create a cure for the virus, and as their work continues, the damage done is less and less.
Another idea is that since patient 0 spared half of the security team and scientists at the bunker in the Amend map, he does not kill you since you have not harmed him, the scientists and security team that died in the bunker are possibly have been thought to have made subject 3 angry or upset. And it is also known that if you shoot at Subject 3 you take damage, this cannot be confirmed since no one has landed a direct hit on him, this is due to the amount of shaking that is done to your screen.
With major help from Arceus3317, who has recorded 2 out of his 3 attacks, done research on Subject 3's actions from the first map, and has continued researching Subject 3 since the start of the game, along with various other people's recordings and first hand accounts, the information gathered has helped people expand their knowledge on how the apocalypse began, and the story behind subject 3.

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