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Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500 - The Remembrance of a War Era, My Bullet!This is a discussion on Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500 - The Remembrance of a War Era, My Bullet! The Classic Desert with its sand paint scheme reminiscent of the war era, a time when Royal Enfield motorcycles proved their capabilities and battle worthiness by impeccable service to soldiers in harsh conditions of the desert. This is my first thread in Team BHP, so kindly bear with me and your suggestions are highly appreciated. After selling my i10 within 18 months of it?s purchase (with no major reason), I did buy a Volkswagen Vento Diesel in 2012.
So, I was sure that it is going to be a clear cut NO NO from her if I talk about buying a bullet.
Me: Hey look at this bike (by showing the picture of DS 500 from RE website)?Stunning isn?t it? Wifey: Don?t even joke about buying another bike? You already have your freddy (freddy is my trustworthy pulsar 150)right?
In the very next week, I went and booked a DS 500 from RE jayanagar branch(I did already took test ride many times) without informing her.
The days passed quickly and I made sure she is convinced fully, end of the day we men are good at convincing right?
After the first 5 months of booking, I have slowly started doing followup?s with Royal Enfield and was told that they will get my bike in September. It is the time for some photos before I start penning down my initial riding experience?Enjoy! Though not a biker now, I did have my share of riding days few years back and I know what it is to own a thumping machine called Bullet. PS: So far I have only managed to crank your Desert Storm and wish to take a proper ride in coming days.
Originally Posted by paragsachania There you go with your ownership review of something that you waited for more than 6 months while we talked about it every other day before it arrived and I could see it in flesh.
Model: Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500 Congratulations and best wishes, Mighty_Lothar. Right after the delivery from RE Jayanagar branch, I have ridden the DS to the nearest petrol pump in BTM and filled petrol for 500RS.
The very next day, as planned with my friends, we went to Anchatti, a good destination for bikers which is located on the way to Hogenakkal. Turn on the ignition, wait for the red injection light to get disappear, press the electric start button and the motor turns over. The most difficult thing was to ride this motorcycle below 50KM speed during the Running-in period. View My Garage re: Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500 - The Remembrance of a War Era, My Bullet! I am sure most of us will be able to correlate with the conversation that you had with your better half.
Now that you have materialized your childhood dream, i will advise please invest some more to get good quality riding gears , a crash jacket and may be a DOT certified helmet should be on the top of the shopping list now. I am sure most of us will be able to correlate the same type of conversation that you had with your better half. Now that you have materialized your childhood dream, i will advise please invest some more to get good quality riding gears , a crash jacket and helmet should be on the top of the shopping list now. Originally Posted by VW2010 The gears you needs is an aviator, may be a half helmet, and a nice leather jacket. A few points I agree with you on, the lack of fuel meter is a drag and the mileage is hovering around 20-25 for me as well.
Being 6 foot 2 inches and the bike being so low does add extra stress on my arms as the riding position is too upright and mostly leaned forwards.

Originally Posted by Fullrevs Congratulations Lothar, Despite you booking after me, you got your bull well before mine. After seeing the sand schemed Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm you're to yell Aah's and Ooh's. The Classic Desert Storm, Royal Enfield breed hardly needs any adjectives or expletives for an introduction, should I say see it, to believe it could not have been more apt for this new "ship of the desert". Riders who already own a variant of the Royal Enfield would surely know what it means by the adrenalin rush because they would experience it every time they turn on the ignition, and the new Classic Desert Storm is no different.
Looks to have come straight from the battlefield, the Desert Storm looks like a warrior-a warrior amongst common men; feel and no doubts about that. The matte-finish paint job with desert sand color storm is simply the outstanding feature of the bike, and the war-inspired design makes it as a meaningful relevance to the history of the RE bikes overall. The RE owners might already be familiar with the leisurely performance of the bike but what I am tremendously impressed was that the bullet has loads of torque, so no complaints when it comes to its pulling. What's making news is the 5-speed mesh gearbox, and this is huge contributing factor towards the performance.
The front fork suspensions have been modified and that enables refined handling and not only that efficient braking system with enhanced riding comfort the Desert Strom is sure to offer a pleasant surprise to the rider.
Talking of the mileage, the RE Classic Desert Storm will give around 20-23 kmpl and road conditions certainly make difference to its fuel economy. As the name suggests the Desert Storm is totally stirred by the desert sand color and obviously comes only in that color, which hardly anyone would complain about. Wake up your neighbors to the envious opening of the new Classic Desert Storm's throttle because here is a new surround sound system that will enliven the 'deserted area' and you can cruise along the roads with great aplomb and pride. Treten Sie unverbindlich mit uns in Kontakt und wir konnen personlich alle Details besprechen.Hier gelangen Sie zu unseren Kontaktdaten.
My wife was not at all happy on my decisions but somehow I have convinced her by praising Vento and it?s advantages over i10 (Built,safety, power, mileage, space & comfort, brand, social status and so on?hehe). But?See, We are talking about a bike now?our freddy(Pulsar) is almost nearing 60000KM and you know, it is very difficult to maintain it now a days. Anyway, the waiting period is close to 8 months and I thought by that time I will pay some more amount towards loan so that she will be more happy and then I can tell about bullet. Due to the false neutral between gear changes, the first 2 to 3 KM?s I just couldn't get it right.
I ride my DS maybe once or twice every week and I barely need to give it a full kick to get it started.
But if you own this you must be getting some serious wowing and envious gazing from the on-lookers and neighbors that own small plastic machine. The classic color usage is an inspiration drawn from the desert sand and thus the nomenclature of this war-motivated vintage motorcycle.
In fact this one would just give double the fun and adventure if you should be ready for more. The sheer masculinity and ruggedness the overall design of the bike exudes can add a lot to the drool worthiness of the bike. And keeping in mind to add a classic touch to the Desert Storm there is a spring saddle, rubber thigh pads fitted on the fuel tank and the traditional stickers and RE emblem. Well, it is hard to ignore the fact that the 499cc engine is definitely improved and refined although maintaining a single cylinder and an air-cooled push rod unit. However, the bike has higher center of gravity which is contrast to what the bike maker say, so the handling wont be neutral, placement of the engine and the front forks reiterate this. And as regards top speed don't be fooled by its retro looks for the bike can touch 130 kmph with a lot of ease and can any day challenge its contemporary rivals. And the bigger surprise will be in heavy traffics, earlier cruising through traffic snarls was quite a problem with the old bullet but the new Classic is a smoothie with buttery gearshifts and almost non-existent false neutrals.
Own this desert cruiser and quench your ever-lasting thirst for RE bikes with the new bullet in town.

Therefore, my friends decided to help me out and every weekend they have planned some short bike trips just for me. Similar to other studs from the RE stable the Classic Desert Storm too is a neat blend of classic design & modern technology that could be some turn-on factors for the bike.
The architects of this war hero are from the Royal Enfield factory that is close to Chennai in Tiruvottiyur and hats off to the design engineers for sculpting a beauty out of raw metal. Furthermore you will love the vintage tail lamp, the small silencer of the 1950s, wide mud guards & tool box, chrome finish, tiger-eye lamps reminiscent of the typical bullet-look. But stay warned that it is basically old wine in new bottle - the same Classic with new front forks and of course all new paint job.
But this was delayed again and again and finally they manage to deliver the bike in the evening on 26th of October. Mighty 500CC engine and it?s sheer torque Nice color - Less cleaning required Well-mannered ride and handling Decent brakes and nice horn. I recommend 500 to anyone who wants the new gen bullets and convince them one or another to go grab the 500. The speedometer features a classic English font, and it overall completes the classic look I was talking of the Desert Storm bike. The passion for the Royal Enfield still rages in the hearts of motorbike enthusiasts, worldwide. When the legendary ?thump? is heard by us, we make way for them as if in the presence of royalty. DISLIKESFuel consumption display is missing ? easy to be cheated in petrol bunks One neutral between every gear Waiting period - It is like a long gap between an engagement and marriage. Habitual visits to Petrol bunks ? Car like Mileage I was more than happy riding my loyal Freddy. I have my 500 but after few test rides told my friends my 500 cannot stand a chance on long roads.
I somehow managed to reach my home at Anand Nagar, Huskur Gate and by that time I was completely wet.
Which of the positives or the negatives do not apply to the Classic 500 and Classic Chrome 500? Randhawa from Team-BHP told me that there are no changes to the swing arm so I took his word for it. If you have read the entire thread you must know that a lot has changed after the review on first page and most the the niggles have been sorted out.
Now a days I see lot of people cursing new bullets because they have never ridden old bullets which had lot of issues but people loved them too (In fact the greatest haters miss them now ). I would suggest that you contact Royal Enfield on customerservice(at)royalenfield(dot)com for speedy redressal of your grievances. It not only me how is facing this issues, there are couple of more people who are facing almost similar issues. One of my friend Mr.navneet had even sold his desert strom within a month as no solution was provided and he had to leave for North east ride.
You also know where to get the Lb What is the fuel effiency, just wanted to know although it is really not a requirement!PS: Why did you sell your Lb?Roll Safe!
In any case as far as crowded cities are concerned, a gear-less scooter is always more convenient than the most-efficient geared motorcycle. I badly wan’t to change out the unforgiving spring mounted seat with low profile spring less.

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