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This image, obtained outside of the RuneScape java client, is classified as a non-free image.The image depicted here is subject to Jagex's copyright and is displayed here under the conditions of fair use.
In an island in the middle of the sea is an island home to the void knights, called the Void Knight's Outpost. Come along and slay some beasts but pair up with a fellow adventurer to take down your assignment in double the time! Animated Black Armour can be summoned in the Warriors' Guild by placing a Black platebody, Black platelegs and a Black full helm on the Magical Animator on the ground floor. The Animated Black Armour is weak against crush attacks, though any melee weapon will suffice due to its relatively low level. The Animated Black Armour has an attacking speed of a scimitar, despite wielding a longsword.

Even though the Animated Black Armour has a longsword, a longsword is not required to animate the set. The Animated Black Armour was not graphically updated with the player-worn armour sets on 6 March 2012. Prior to an update on 18 August 2014, Animated Black Armour was weak to water spells, even though players could not use magic against it.
These knights worship Guthix, the God of balance, and want to keep the balance around them. A large, powerful over-sized bug named the Kalphite King is exactly our target during this Bonus Xp Weekend.
Social Slayer is a way you can pair up with a like minded adventurer and get through your assignment a lot faster with the bonus of faster slayer points which can be used to buy juicy rewards like the Slayer helm and unique to Social Slayer you will get co-op points for each task you complete that can be spent on pets and abilities to aid you and your partner in future assignments!

Occasionally, your armour will not be dropped and instead will be destroyed in the fight, but you will get your armour back most of the time after fighting. Upon being harvested, it will transform into a sparkling spring from which sparkling memories and sparkling energy may be gathered. Join me and the rest of RuneHQ'S Events Team this Saturday, as we get together, to kill this feared dragon, in hopes of claiming his head as our own! This upset the Void Knight's and they have taken the battle to where the pests have been entering this world.

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