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Regardless of where you are in life, we all face challenges, we are all stressed, and many of us do not want to face the problems we see coming around the corner. In Griffin’s book “First Look at Communication Theory” (2008) he talks about relational dialectics and how the strain from personal relationships can cause challenges for all parties. Based off of statistics, the number of adolescents who run away from home range in the thousands. This entry was posted in Relational Dialetics and tagged comm200 on December 29, 2013 by Laura Marioneaux.
The mother doesn’t go after her, thinking that the child just needs to let off steam. I originally started this blog due to my own stress; however, this week I found out that the younger sister of a friend of mine is missing, she has run away. Many times these youths have poor personal relationships and poor communication with their family members and they either want to run away from a problem or they feel like they are forced out.

I found it to be somewhat relatable because I know my parents are constantly putting stress and pressure on me to get the best grades I can and be extremely involved in extra curricular activities at school. However, the daughter doesn’t come home for hours, and so the mother starts to worry and calls the police. I never knew this girl very well, however she has always come up in our conversations and because of that I care for her safety.
In the story above the mother wants the child to succeed and the adolescent feels too pressured, this is a tug-of-war in their relationship that seems to fall under the internal dialectic tension expressed through ‘connectedness and separateness”.
The relational dialectics that these youth have with their families affects their decision to run away. According to a study done by Pergamit, Erns, Benoit-Bryan, and Kesse in 2012, many adolescents find themselves running away from home due to an argument with another family member or feeling forced out of the house and, in the end, the youth’s idea of the situation is fuzzy. The mother feels like she and her daughter are “connected” in this issue, that “they” want the daughter to succeed. I think that every relationship goes through struggles but communication can help bring people together!

The daughter is “separating” from this idea; she no longer wants all this pressure and just desires to be a normal teenager. This blog helps understand the issue and can help us understand what to do to deal with it too. Therefore the daughter feels the only way to prove to her mother, and get through to her that she no longer wants the stress of perfection, is to run away.
Griffin also discusses in his book (2008) the concept of critical sensibility, the fact that people, in this case a teenager, feel the need to critique those in authority especially those with opposing viewpoints. The child does not agree that perfection is the only way to success, and she attempts to communicate this to her mother, but the mother does not seem to listen.

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