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PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field, the earth’s magnetic field and Schumann frequencies. The underground bunker study by Dr Rutger Wever showed that without exposure to the Schumann resonance, those inside the bunker fell sick – depression, headaches, and emotional problems. The ability to bounce back gives us courage to face the difficult, the shadow, and the unknown. Research does show that a tight network of support is a crucial ingredient in boosting your happiness quotient but no matter how epic your crew is, it is still your life. Thankfully Singapore’s urban planning has kept this city-state green and air quality decent.
EARTHING Living in Singapore means most of us are living, eating, playing + working high above ground floor.
SAFE Singapore may not be on the Top 10 Most Connected Cities in the world but we sure like our mobile phones + gadgets.
So to help parents and other primary caretakers, here are some tips from different wellness practitioners in Singapore.
Illness is a symptom of an underlying imbalance – take advantage of it to find out the true cause and help your child enjoy well-being.
Always treat children with natural medicine and safe herbs as the first defense as we need to build their immunity and not suppress with medication.
New research shows that simply being in contact with the earth, and its negative electrons can help people reduce free radicals in the body. Safe Space II EMF Protection DeviceItem # 78602$49.95ENJOY 10% off + FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $229. Helps prevent EMF energy drain during work hours and commutesThe SafeSpace II contains a framed 1.75" holographic grid that is permanently encoded with vibrational information designed to interact with and influence EMFs in small spaces. Since my son uses headphones extensively, I wanted the lowest emitting headset for him.  He has been using the Grado GS1000i and RS1 for most of his music work. Just as a point of fact so that you don't unknowingly allow your son to harm his hearing, Ultrasone offers NO hearing protection of any kind over and above any other headphone.
There is no known health benefit to be derived from the Mu metal baffles used in the Ultrasone headphone construction. Hearing damage is from sound pressure level as said above, if I am going to worry about EMF and other radiation, I am more scared about microwave and comic radiation bombarding us all the time.
Originally Posted by DaBomb77766 Hm, have you tried taking measurements from a cellphone during a call?
And its all non-ionizing radiation anyway, so unless there's enough to actually heat something up like in a microwave it doesn't matter at all. SPL levels can damage one's hearing if too loud.  We are concern about that, so we set the Grace amps for his work to not exceed certain levels. As for the EMF concerns, that's not for hearing loss but possible cancer risk from headphone use. The fact that the EMF levels of the Ultrasone ED 10 measured was noticeably lower than others was a nice find.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The inverse square law states that the magnitude of one's exposure drops dramatically, proportionally to the square of one's distance from the source. The following tables tell you the approximate distances required to reach the Salzburg Precautionary Limit of 2001 and 2002. The purpose of the calculations below is to demonstrate that the inverse square law (defined at right) is not as helpful as you may think, when the level at which health effects occur is far below the transmit power of the devices (and international standards). After performing the calculations, one realizes that having a cordless phone station using DECT non-stop radiation, or a Wi-Fi router in the same room provides similar (or greater) power densities to living near a cell tower. The following presentation by Graham Philips shows that a Wi-Fi enabled laptop at 50 cm can provide more radiation than a mobile phone mast (cell tower) at 100 meters (See slide 13). The following table shows the minimal distances required to satisfy the Salzburg 2001 Limit and 2002 Outdoor Limit based upon the assumption of an isotropic antenna.
Note that very early cordless phones were by comparison only ~1mW, but now the FCC allows a higher transmitter power of 1W. While the average output power is ~10mW, it is in the form of 100 bursts per second of 250 mW power, each for ~0.4 ms, according to HPA on Cordless Phones. To reduce the duration of exposure, turn off or increase auto-sync intervals, turn off internet wi-fi modes, and avoid use where signal reception is weak. Although speaker mode or a wired headset at 1 meter's distance greatly reduces the power density, it may not be enough to achieve the precautionary limit. By adaptive power control, a cell phone may adjust to a lower power level based on proximity to the nearest base station. In practice, the cell tower radiation is not usually isotropic but is directional with main lobe and side lobes. Note that a directional antenna focuses the power in certain directions, resulting in higher required distances.
If we assume a directional antenna with gain of 17 dB = 50, then the distances required in certain directions could require a multiplication factor of sqrt(50)=7.
Weaker cell tower1 W31.6 m316 mPower levels can be adjusted based upon time of day, in order to conserve energy.
Strong Cell Tower50 W446m4.46 km Many surveys find cancer or other health effects within 300-400 meters.
Note that power line (AC) magnetic fields drop much more quickly down to levels thought to be safe. Method of Calculation: Taking the CRT monitor as an example, I measured the approximate magnetic field at 1 foot using the TriField Meter, and then extrapolated based on that measurement using the inverse square law. We are not connected to the health-promoting natural frequencies of the earth as much as we need. Adults can replicate this by wrapping themselves in a blanket, or lying in a fetal position under one (tented for easy breathing).
However, children’s liver metabolism is slower and absorption is high so precaution is necessary for the safe use of herbs.

Effective in clearing, reenergizing and balancing energies for EMF protection in up to a seven–foot radius.
For directional antennae, we must factor in gain to calculate the maximum required distance. Schumann frequencies are named after Dr Winifred Otto Schumann, who discovered that the earth has its own frequency, initially calculated at 10 Hz and later found to be 7.83 Hz. Resilience is an inner battery that you can recharge to deal with challenging situations after the fact, and also to prepare for them beforehand and to adapt to them.
That, despite poverty, GMO, Ebola, rising rates of this or that, and countless of other things going on, we are on the right track. It is too easy to divert your attention elsewhere, satisfying and placating with external distractions and pleasures. The key is to nurture ourselves and always know that, regardless of the outer storm, we are always well + good. Singapore seems to measure surprisingly high for ground radiation, according to Nixon of EMF-Safety.
Because it addresses a limited area, the clearing starts immediately.The SafeSpace II is designed to be kept on or close to the body. Living far off the ground means being disconnected from the earth whose negative ions are health-promoting. Walk barefoot on grass, sand, and concrete to soak up the goodness like neutralizing free radicals.
Ideal for work situations and other wi-fi saturated environments, as well as for travel Excellent for anybody who has a mobile lifestyle. The attractive wooden balls by Geo-Safe-E® from Germany work on both natural + man-made radiation. Barefoot Therapy Earthing mats available at MediTherapie S$320 for a boxed set with the Earthing book by Clint Ober, Dr Stephen Sinatra, and Martin Zucker, cable to connect to earth directly , tester, and plug. 6 Tips on Minimizing your EMF Exposure GeoSafe is available in Singapore from Nixon at EMF-Safety. Highly disruptive energy fields from high tension wires, industrial radar, microwave beams, electric current, computers, televisions, cell phones, fluorescent lights and other electrical appliances can numb or dull our sense perceptions and adversely impact brain wave activity.
Studies have also shown EMFs can induce mild depression in many subjects through the disruption of melatonin, dopamine, and serotonin levels.
It is scary to follow the “familiar” milestones as a disease “takes its course.” For many, it is also terrifying to walk their own path, having no recognizable signposts, guided only by their inner compass. Listening to that stillness within requires we are quiet and silence is not something many people have time for or are comfortable with.

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