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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Upon arrival, program leaders should have an on-site orientation meeting centering on health and safety information. Distribute the wallet-sized Emergency Card you received from OSA as part of your travel advance meeting.
Students needing immediate emergency assistance should attempt to reach local contacts first, as this will lead to a quicker response.
Many of the critical emergencies you face will be the result of a student being alone, either on purpose, or most often by accident. As discussed in the program planning section, this is the time to share your Emergency Action Plan with students. Remind students that HTH Worldwide can usually arrange for direct-billing of hospital expenses when a student is admitted to a facility for long-term care. Students should be prepared to pay for non-emergency care out-of-pocket and seek reimbursement upon return to the United States. Tell students they are required to inform you about any real or perceived emergency or critical incident. If a student requires medical attention on site, but does not warrant emergency treatment (i.e.
Inform students that you, as a program leader, cannot make direct, initial contact with their parents or family members about an emergency or critical incident without student permission.
Communicate to students the applicable codes of conduct and consequences of noncompliance (which can include dismissal from the program). In addition, strongly encourage students to register their personal travel (before or after the program) with the U.S. Advise students to avoid travel to or through any location where tensions exist and travel may be dangerous. Also discuss preventable accidents with students, emphasizing such things as traffic patterns, pub and drinking culture, drug laws, unsafe swimming, and the types of things that can happen when walking down a street alone at night in a foreign city.

World War 2 Posters from Private Companies to Boost War Materials Production, Worker Morale and Safety:"Tojo like careless worker! Ask students to record your cell phone number and, if applicable, the number of the resident director or another trusted local contact. While students are often inclined to call their parents, particularly in a medical emergency, parents are not generally in a position to guide a response given their lack of local knowledge. Strongly encourage your students to employ the buddy system, especially when going out at night. For students who use pay phones or have rented an international phone on-site, help them figure out how to call the United States. Most often, students just need advice on making an appointment with a local physician for non-emergency care. To obtain a full reimbursement, students must retain all receipts and the care must have occurred during program dates. Even if the incident is not life-threatening, it is important to notify OSA because exaggerated rumors of the seriousness of the incident may reach parents, who will contact OSA for details.
Refer to the Statement of Responsibility, which students agree to as part of the application process. Embassy or consulate in each location on your itinerary in case a student should lose their passport during the program. Experience has shown that students may benefit from a security briefing provided by an embassy or consulate employee. Be very specific about safe and unsafe behaviors such as certain types of sexual behavior and how to dress and behave to avoid unwanted attention. Be careful!" Industrial Worker Safety Poster from 1942 World War II; Tojo like careless worker! Government were often works of art by notable artists of the 1940s to inspire, inform, and educate the American people about the war efforts and requirements of the United States and the Allied Countries. Also provide all students in your group with the local telephone number(s) that they should use to contact emergency services (i.e.

In special circumstances, OSA may choose, in consultation with the program leaders or on-site representatives, to inform emergency contacts about a potential emergency abroad without the student's permission.
Also mention that you will follow OSA’s guidelines for minor behavioral problems such as tardiness, to major behavioral problems such as disruptive behavior.
Such briefings help to reinforce your message to students that travel to dangerous areas should be avoided. Roosevelt called for companies to voluntarily establish joint labor-management committees to help increase productivity and boost morale.
These historic Patriotic WWII poster artworks are public domain images because are vintage posters they are copyright free images, works of art in the public domain, download and use them free and freely. Note there is also space for students to record their individual Certificate number located on their HTH insurance card that they received by email prior to departure. These committees utilized the art departments of their own companies to create posters like this Rosie the Riveter, We Can Do It! God Bless America, may it's patriotic ideas and ideals survive forever against any and all enemies; prey for the United States of America and it's protectors which are in harms way.
Howard Miller for the Westinghouse War Production Co-ordinating Committee under the Office for Emergency Management, War Production Board; poster titled Tojo like careless worker! Poster" and worker safety poster featured on this page titled : "Tojo like careless worker! Be Careful!" from the Westinghouse Company War Production Co-ordinating Committee under the Office for Emergency Management, War Production Board .
Howard Miller effectively and artistically demonizes the infamous general from the Imperial Japanese Army, General Hideki Tojo as he fiendishly takes pleasure in an American industrial employee being transported from the factory in an ambulance because of an accident.
Howard Miller is one and the same now for famous for creating a truly gorgeous poster image that would become a popular modern day feminist icon "Rosie the Riveter" from another poster also commissioned by the Westinghouse War Production in Co-ordinating Committee under the Office for Emergency Management, War Production Board."We Can Do It!".

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