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Make and practice a fire escape plan with two ways out of each room and a meeting place outside. Participation in sports offers tremendous social, emotional and physical benefits for children. In the sixth installment of our Sports Safety 101 series, we discuss the rise of overuse injuries being discovered in youth level sports. In the fifth installment of our Sports Safety 101 series, we discuss the idea of changing the culture of sports into a safer environment for athletes at all levels.
In the fourth video of our Sports Safety 101 series, we discuss the importance of emergency response for youth sports by interviewing leading experts. Here are some quick tips to help you locate an AED to ensure the proper equipment is available when your child is participating in sports.
Print this card out for the person whose turn it is to watch children playing in the water. In the second video of our Sports Safety 101 series, we examine the issue of hydration in youth sports by interviewing leading experts. Cuando se trata de la seguridad de nuestros ninos, usted conoce los principios basicos: que se abrochen el cinturon de seguridad, que se pongan un casco, que aprendan a nadar, que miren a ambos lados al cruzar la calle. Did You Know?The My High 5 campaign provides simple checklists of safety actions that can be performed quickly, but make a lasting impression.
Spring is here, and many of us are drawn outside for some well deserved fresh air and exercise. Blockage of exhaust outlets can cause carbon monoxide to accumulate in the cabin and cockpit area - even when hatches, windows, portholes, and doors are closed.
Exhaust from another vessel that is docked, beached, or anchored alongside your boat can emit poisonous carbon monoxide gas into the cabin and cockpit of your boat.
Slow speeds or idling in the water can cause carbon monoxide gas to accumulate in the cabin, cockpit, bridge, and aft deck, even in an open area. This effect can also cause carbon monoxide to accumulate inside the cabin, cockpit, aft deck, and bridge when protective coverings are used and the boat is underway.
Teak surfing, dragging and water-skiing within 20 feet of a moving watercraft can be fatal.
Educate family and friends about carbon monoxide so they are aware of what the early poisoning signs are. If your boat has rear-vented generator exhaust, check with the boat manufacturer for possible recall or reroute the exhaust to a safe area.
Schedule regular engine and exhaust system maintenance inspections by experienced and trained technicians. Keep forward-facing hatches open, even in inclement weather, to allow fresh air circulation in living spaces. Carbon monoxide is a potentially deadly gas produced any time a carbon-based fuel, such as gasoline, propane, charcoal, or oil, burns.
Confirm that water flows from the exhaust outlet when the engines and generator are started.

Inspect each of the metallic exhaust components for cracking, rusting, leaking, or loosening.
Clean, inspect, and confirm proper operation of the generator cooling water anti-siphon valve (if equipped).
Swine Flu is the short form for the term Swine Influenza, the disease which is caused due to the H1N1 influenza virus, and the disease is also called as Hog Flu or Pig Flu.
It is said that people who are more in contacts to pigs, or in a locality where the occurrence of pigs is common, are more prone to Swine flu. Apart from the above symptoms, there is difficulty in breathing and irregular breathing process.
One has to take several measures to protect themselves and even others from the Influenza A or the H1N1 disease. If you have fever, it is better to stay indoors so that you don’t get more susceptible to other infections due to low immunity, and this would even prevent others from getting infected. If there are any symptoms related to flu, get it checked immediately and seek proper medical advice so as to prevent the disease from getting severe.
If you have or someone has flu-like symptoms, it is better to keep a distance of at least a meter from each other.
Avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands, as the hands may carry the infective organisms.
Avoid using belongings such as laptops, mobile phones when you are not feeling well and have got the symptoms of flu.
These are the vaccines against Swine Flu, which were known to prevent the disease although the Govt. Once infected with Swine Flu and if diagnosed by the doctor that the person is suffering from Swine Flu, it is necessary to go through a correct antiviral drug course, and these drugs include Zanamivir (Relenza) and Oseltamivir (Tamiflu). These above drugs should not be taken directly by anyone, and they will need to get the condition checked first and then use these drugs only based on the prescription of the doctor, and if there is any severe case of Swine Flu infection, it is better to get isolated and hospitalized for the correct treatment.
We had smoke detectors installed and we checked the batteries, so I thought we were good to go. Aqui tiene unos consejos menos conocidos, en 7 pasos faciles, para que su familia este incluso mas segura. Carbon monoxide from exhaust pipes of inboard engines, outboard engines and generators build up inside and outside the boat in areas near exhaust vents. Even with properly vented exhaust, your boat should be a minimum of 20 feet from the nearest boat that is running a generator or engine. A tailwind (force of wind entering from aft section of the motorboat) can also increase accumulation. If someone on board complains of irritated eyes, headache, nausea, weakness, or dizziness, immediately move the person to fresh air, investigate the cause and take corrective action. Sources on your boat include gasoline engines, generators, cooking ranges, and space and water heaters.
Make sure cooling systems are in proper working condition to prevent overheating and burn through the exhaust system.

Pay particular attention to the cylinder head, exhaust manifold, water injection elbow, and the threaded adapter nipple between the manifold and the elbow. The disease is not transmitted through the Pigs or swines, but it is the people who are the agents for transmission of the disease.
The symptoms are typically the same as that of the normal flu or cold, and one might not easily know about it as there are no specific other symptoms than the normal flu, but if the high temperature doesn’t reduce, and there is sudden breathlessness then it’s better to contact a doctor immediately. One suffering from Swine Flu might take it as normal flu and would not take proper care to protect others from the disease. Then, shortly after we moved into our house a few years ago, the house right down from us burned to the ground.
STAY AWAY from these exhaust vent areas and DO NOT swim in these areas when the motor or generator is operating. Cold or poorly tuned engines produce more carbon monoxide than warm, properly tuned engines. Early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning - irritated eyes, headache, nausea, weakness, and dizziness - are often confused with seasickness or intoxication. Exhaust leaks, the leading cause of death by carbon monoxide, can allow carbon monoxide to migrate throughout the boat and into enclosed areas.
A person who has good immunity and immune system in the body is not prone to the Swine flu disease.
No one was hurt thank goodness, but that was what I needed to really see the importance of taking fire safety seriously, because sometimes, just having those smoke alarms is not enough.
Whomever performs the exam, the same practices should be followed including the need for a medical history.Bring a water bottle to practice and games. On calm days, wait at least 15 minutes after the motor or generator has been shut off before entering these areas.
Prolonged exposure to low concentrations or very short exposure to high concentrations can lead to death.
New areas of concern are the rear deck near the swim platform with the generator or engines running and teak surfing or dragging behind a slow moving boat. That is why I am partnering with The Home Depot during October to bring you Fire Safety Month tips, reviews and even a great giveaway to help keep your family safe. NEVER enter an enclosed area under a swim platform where exhaust is vented, not even for a second. Regular maintenance and proper boat operation can reduce the risk of injury from carbon monoxide. Make sure there is time set aside before every practice and game for athletes to warm up properly.Take time off from one sport to prevent overuse injuries.

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