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Residents of Quezon City clean up fallen branches and leaves that were caused by Typhoon Glenda’s strong winds.
8.    If safe drinking water is NOT available, boil water for at least 20 minutes, then place it in a container with cover. 11.  Stay away from low-lying beaches or other locations which may be swept away by tides or waves. 3.    Watch out for live wires or outlet immersed in water and report damaged electrical cables and fallen electric posts to authorities.
Secure your hot-water heater, icebox, chamber and gas appliances by buirdly them to the wall studs and bolting to the ground.
Anchor serious appliances and article of furniture like water heaters, refrigerators and bookcases. Store flamable liquids aloof from potential ignition sources like water heaters, stoves and furnaces. Bear in mind that the electricity could withdraw or the mechanical device systems or hearth alarms could activate. If you moving automotive that you simply cat will, move aloof from buildings, streetlights, and utility wires. Check for injuries, attend to injuries if required, facilitate make sure the safety of individuals around you. When it involves disaster, there square measure straightforward belongings you will do to create yourself safer. If you are in an exceedingly automobile, stop the automobile and keep within the automobile till the earthquake stops. If you are looking for best Science Fiction movie then you are on right place here is the best Sci-Fi movies of all time.
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This week marks the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area. California faces unique challenges when it comes to earthquakes, with several fault lines running under the land beneath our feet. The Southern California Earthquake Data Center keeps track of all seismic activity in California and Nevada and posts a daily map. Although the death and injury toll was much lower, with one dead and 200 injured, the quake’s destruction threw the Napa community into chaos. Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency due to the damage and possibility of aftershocks.

This entry was posted in Injury Prevention, Safety, Technology and tagged bay area, california, disaster, earthquakes, environment, first aid, preparedness, safety on October 15, 2014 by Chris Martinez. Here are some safety tips to prepare for rising water—and what to do once a flood has begun.
DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH A FLOODED AREA—More people drown in their cars than anywhere else. STAY AWAY FROM POWER LINES AND ELECTRICAL WIRES-–Electrocution is also a major killer in floods. TURN OFF YOUR ELECTRICITY WHEN YOU RETURN HOME—Some appliances, such as television sets, can shock you even after they have been unplugged. WATCH FOR ANIMALS, ESPECIALLY SNAKES—Small wild animals that have been flooded out of their homes may seek shelter in yours. LOOK BEFORE YOU STEP-–After a flood, the ground and floors are covered with debris, including broken bottles and nails. CARBON MONOXIDE EXHAUST KILLS—Use generators or other gasoline-powered machines outdoors only.
CLEAN EVERYTHING THAT GOT WET—Floodwaters have picked up sewage and chemicals from roads, farms, factories, and storage buildings. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. If counseled by your public utility, have Associate in Nursing automatic gas shut-off valve put in that’s triggered by robust vibrations. These secondary shockwaves square measure typically less violent than the most quake however will be robust enough to try to to extra injury to weakened structures and might occur within the 1st hours, days, weeks, or maybe months when the quake. If your building is badly broken you ought to leave it till it’s been inspected by a security skilled.
That earthquake was one of the largest and most destructive earthquakes in American history, at magnitude 6.9 and an estimated $6 billion in damages. Prior to the Loma Prieta quake, several moderate foreshocks (smaller, less severe earthquakes that occur before a main earthquake event) occurred in June 1988 and August 1989.
At least 15,000 customers in and around Sonoma, Napa and Santa Rosa lost power, according to Pacific Gas and Electric Company.
You’ll need a disaster kit and a safety plan for you and your family, plus knowledge of first aid and CPR goes a long way. If you are in an area that may experience tsunamis, when the shaking stops, walk inland or to higher ground immediately.
Text SHELTER + your ZIP code to 43362 (4FEMA) to find the nearest shelter in your area (example: shelter 95051).

Stay away unless your assistance has been specifically requested by police, fire, or relief organizations.
As little as 6 inches (15 centimeters) of moving water can make you fall.If you have to walk in water, wherever possible, walk where the water is not moving. Don’t use appliances or motors that have gotten wet until they have been taken apart, cleaned, and dried.
Don’t smoke or use candles, lanterns, or open flames unless you are sure that the gas has been turned off and the area has been aired out. One of the foremost horrifying and harmful phenomena of nature may be a severe earthquake and its terrible aftereffects.
President Barack Obama declared the quake a major federal disaster on September 11 and rebuilding efforts are still underway for the areas impacted by the quake. Remember our post on disaster preparedness? Other safety measures apply to earthquake readiness and response.
It’s a worldwide response to educate and inform people on earthquake drills and safety to avoid injury. Use a stick to check the firmness of the ground in front of you.Do not drive into flooded areas. And use a pole or stick to make sure that the ground is still there while walking through a flooded area, even where the water is not flowing. Associate in Nursing earthquake is that the unforeseen, fast shaking of the world, caused by the breaking and shifting of subterranean rock because it releases strain that has accumulated over a protracted Earthquake time.
Their website has a ton of information on drills and other earthquake safety issues, include, how to help people with disabilities during a disaster.
If floodwaters rise around your car, abandon the car and move to higher ground if you can do so safely.Do not touch electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water. Damaged sewage systems are serious health hazards.Clean and disinfect everything that got wet. Consult a health professional on how to recognize and care for anxiety, stress and fatigue.

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