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Setting your Club will show you Product availability and pick up options while you are shopping. On Wednesday morning 17 December a Major Incident Exercise took place at the top of Ladder Hill. The area was well cordoned off at both ends of the road between the RE Yard and Police Club. The Fire crew at the scene were put under increased pressure when the tanker caught fire which they were able to extinguish. The police appeared to have their hands full restraining some people; there was a lot of anger.
The full extent of the numbers of people who were injured or how many had died as a result of the collision could not be obtained at the accident scene.

Following the incident a car ran into the back of the tanker and the driver suffered a broken back.
Both the driver and passenger in the tanker died and there were fatalities in the bus as well.
They said there was a lot of blood about, some of them were in shock and it seemed a long time before any assistance came. However several trips by Public Health and Basil Read ambulances were made to the hospital. There had been a staged head-on collision between an SHG transit bus, registration number SHG 47, apparently travelling from Jamestown and a fuel tanker, registration number SHG 280, travelling in the opposite direction. Eye witnesses reported that the bus was being driven dangerously and the driver was drunk.

We tried to obtain this information at the hospital but could only be told that there had been a number of deaths and injuries and any further details could be sourced from SHG Public Relations. They were treated by paramedics put onto stretchers and taken off to the General Hospital in Jamestown. At the hospital we overheard a man who seemed to be saying that his sister had been on the bus and he was trying to find out about her condition.

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