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Even now, true San Franciscans call the debacle of 1906 the Great Earthquake and Fire, but in fact fires are part and parcel of any large earthquake. In the hours and days after the April 18, 1906, San Francisco earthquake, the BPOE considers it was among the first organizations to respond to distress and injuries that resulted.
A vibrant city saddled with a corrupt government was laid low by a colossal earthquake and subsequent fire. Separating the calamity into two lesser calamities is one way for people to take it in stride.
When news of the tragedy reach Honolulu by the ‘instant messaging’ of the day, the undersea telegraph cable, the city was shocked. Rising from the ruins a brand-new gleaming metropolis quickly regained its feet as the people, united, led by public-minded men of wealth, set San Francisco on a path to glory.

In Oakland, CA, the Elks equipped hospitals, established temporary shelters for nearly 2,000 displaced persons, and arranged for provisions to be delivered.
San Francisco was Honolulu’s financial anchor and disaster in San Francisco was sure to spell financial distress for Honolulu. The newspapers and civic leaders insisted that the earthquake had made central California safer. The meeting quickly voted to send a donation of $1500 [$38,921] to the “San Francisco sufferers” with $1000 to come from Lodge funds and the rest to be subscribed from members. In fact, more fill was created when the rubble was dumped in a topographic basin on the north side of town. The great Panama-Pacific Exhibition of 1915, which signaled Frisco's recovery to the world, was constructed on that fill.

Additionally, a unanimous vote suspended the Lodge’s Annual Banquet celebrating the Lodge’s founding and turned those funds over to the relief fund as an additional contribution. Shortly after the quake, the corrupt administration of Mayor Eugene Schmitz was dismantled, and a new San Francisco was built from the ground up. But the 1906 Earthquake Centennial Alliance, composed of many agencies, museums, corporations and educators, is at work on keeping awareness alive in this proud city. A commission was quickly named under the leadership of Andrew Lawson, of the University of California at Berkeley, and within two years it had compiled maps, photographs and personal accounts from the whole earthquake region.

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