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I felt the 1999 release was also worth a mention, as it went further than just being a remake. Nevertheless, like a group of teenagers running towards a creepy abandoned shack in the middle of a forest, we’ve just blundered ahead with it, as if oblivious to all danger. By some distance the eeriest movie to come from the British Isles, The Wicker Man only becomes more unsettling with the passage of time.
A story which takes several familiar horror story ideas—a single event that all but destroys humanity overnight, a plague of zombies, the opening section from John Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids—and infuses them with relentless intensity and deep melancholy. Yet another trespassing allegory, only this time with claustrophobia and the constant threat of utter darkness to deal with too. In this adaptation of John Wyndham’s The Midwich Cuckoos, the inhabitants of the idyllic English village of Midwich are rendered temporarily unconscious, and when they awake, they soon discover that all of the women of child-bearing age are pregnant, and that all of the children born in this mini-baby boom share unsettling characteristics. A young middle class couple (portrayed brilliantly by Kelly Reilly and Michael Fassbender) take a trip to a lakeside location for a holiday, only to find themselves on the receiving end of the malicious intentions of a gang of insolent kids. A story of bluff, double-bluff, cross and double-cross as a squad of British Army soldiers attempt to complete a training mission in the Scottish Highlands, unaware of the fact that they’re deep in wolf country—werewolf country, that is.
The Exorcist, that released in 1973 remains one of the scariest films of all time till today. The story of a man and his wife being haunted by his dead student-lover, What Lies Beneath is one the scariest original horror films made in the 21st century. Jack Nicholson's The Shining was yet another super-scary film, especially since the protected circle of the family was broken with this film.
Horror was initially used as a way to subvert while avoiding censorship, and Night of the Living Dead too was made as an allegorical reference to the Vietnam war. Hollywood has a whole range of scary films, from straightout horror, to zombie films to slasher movies.
Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby is a horror film with a radical content - as this film supported the Feminist movement. Another Hollywood classic scary film was The Ring, which was based on a Japanese horror film. The Evil Dead was a horror film that courted controversy with its graphic violence and was initially rejected by distributors, only to be picked up at the Cannes Film Festival.
A teenager learns she is under a curse after she sleeps with her boyfriend, and the only way to remove the curse is to sleep with someone else.
Radius We've seen all the lists: Old stalwarts like "Psycho," "Rosemary's Baby" and "Halloween" always make the cut for scariest movies rankings. The Swedish vampire film, based on a novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist, tells of a withdrawn boy who befriends a new girl in the neighborhood (Lina Leandersson) whose appetite for blood is more than unusual. Magnet Yes, you'll have to read subtitles in Swedish film "Let the Right One In," but it's totally worth it in this dark, bloody film.The movie follows a young misfit named Oskar, who gets bullied at school.
Radius What's more scary than ghosts, witches and zombies combined?STDs, for some people. IFC Midnight What's scarier than kids in horror movies?In "The Babadook," mom Amelia has trouble keeping her hyperactive six-year-old, Samuel, under control.
Spanish horror flick "The Orphanage" follows a woman who discovers dark secrets at her childhood home.
Magnolia Instant ramen, nuclear labs and cell phones bring a modern twist to a classic monster theme in this South Korean movie.
Paramount Successful remakes of Japanese horror movies like "Dark Water" and "The Grudge" took the U.S. Lionsgate "The Descent" is not our ordinary chick flick -- don't expect "Clueless" or "Mean Girls."Six girlfriends meet in Appalachia for their annual caving trip, but when a rock falls and blocks their route, the women are trapped. Lionsgate Best friends Marie and Alex are supposed to take a relaxing trip to Alex's parents' house in the country so they can study, but a serial killer interrupts their plans, and it's up to Marie to save Alex and take on the killer.The movie follows Marie as she attempts to thwart the killer, but things may not be how they appear.
Halloween time, where we at Bloody Good Horror deliver some of your treats in the form of 'List O' Mania"! We all live in them, in one form or another (except Casey - he lives in a cardboard box behind a book store). The story was expanded (the ending of the 1959 flick is roughly the half way point in the new version) and made more creepy & disturbing.
In it, a troubled couple, heading towards divorce over issues about their dead child and their respective careers, blow off a counseling session and, after an accident, wind up in a strange house where they meet two other guests, as well as the slightly off-balanced proprietors, Pete (this horny SOB scares the crap out of me), his mother Betty & Stuart. Author Roger Cobb, recently divorced Vietnam vet, moves into his recently deceased aunt's house to work on his latest book - the home where he was raised, and also the site of the mysterious disappearance of his son years back. She slowly realizes her clients harbor a terrifying secret; they plan to use her in a satanic ritual. What caught me by surprise on this film was not how well it was done, but how SCARY it actually is! Yes, we'd all like to think that clowns are funny and wonderful, but sometimes they aren't.

So, in this spookiest of all weeks, here’s a roundup of British chillers, slashers and thrillers, all of which are currently available on streaming services near you. Essentially a film about the fear of trespassing in a closed society, it places a pious Christian police officer (Edward Woodward) into a community whose pagan rituals and strange customs were supposed to look a bit rustic, unsettling and antiquated at the time, albeit part of a broadly understood tradition that takes in such British customs as Beltane and May Day.
It is also responsible for the piece of music above, from John Murphy, which is the sound of someone realizing that civilization has eaten itself.
Six women take a spelunking trip that does not go well, leaving them trying to find their way out of an unknown cave system with unpleasant inhabitants and a great big pile of human bones. Not the least of these is their golden hair and unsettling ability to communicate without talking. What happens next is a tale of training and leadership set against feral nature and really sharp teeth, and it wouldn’t be unduly spoiling things to say that not everyone makes it with their humanity intact. Suffice to say that this Ben Wheatley movie begins with two former soldiers who have taken up work as hitmen. The story of a girl possessed by the devil, the film created headlines in its day for people in the audience fainting, screaming and even throwing up.
Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense bent the horror genre and made it to the proverbial horror hall of fame. The movie had such a successful run that a sequel was made in a few years of the original film. But the 21st century has brought in a slew of new horror classics, like "The Babadook" or "The Ring."Here are our modern horror picks to get you in the Halloween spirit, for whatever most instills fear in you -- whether you want to see zombies duke it out with humans, or possessed children terrorize their families. Scary.How about waking up in a hospital after being in a coma and learning that the world has been taken over by zombies?
Director Tomas Alfredson (who later filmed "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy") does a dandy job of balancing the shock effects and the tenderness of the young people's relationship. Later, he befriends his new next door neighbor, Eli, who is loyal to him, but is also a powerful vampire. Even worse -- sexually transmitted curses.After 19-year-old Jay has sex with a new boyfriend, she finds herself tied up as he explains to her, "This thing. Samuel has nightmares that a monster is coming after them, and soon, a creepy storybook called "The Babadook" shows up at their home.
In "The Host," Gang-du, a vendor, sees people gathered near the river, taking photos of a creature hanging from the bridge. The movie gets a little silly at times with nutty fight scenes and gross-out visuals, but you'll leave spooked and very entertained. Two young men wearing country club-style outfits enter the family's home and keep them hostage in their own lake house, torturing them in a set of sadistic games. The friends split up and try to get out, but they soon discover that this is no ordinary caving trip -- there are creatures hidden in the dark, and the women must fight for their lives against the lurking monsters with just their wits and headlamps. Expect zombies, monsters, a werewolf and all of the other general "bad things" that happen when friends stay at a cabin in the woods in a horror movie.
The gore, while increased, is used well and the film maintains the atmosphere of the original quite well. Two teenage couples, traveling across the backwoods of Texas, searching for urban legends of murder, only to end up as prisoners of a bizarre and sadistic backwater family of serial killers. Perhaps because it offered nothing new, or perhaps there's an argument for how de-sensitized we're becoming, the remake had little, if any, impact, and was quickly out of theaters. The House begins to let Roger know it resents his presence, and Roger uses clues left from his dead aunt to confront the house and his past. I find it neat that a film made in late 2007 takes place in the 1980's because (I'm guessing at this) of the plot.
Tom Brennan', Charles Bronson as 'Igor'The Skinny: Professor Henry Jarrod specializes in amazing wax figures of historical significance, but his business partner, Matthew Burke, isn't happy with the money being brought in - he thinks more macabre figures from horror movies or torture chambers that Henry refuses to do would bring in more money. You can almost imagine yourself being a kid again, and holding your breath to run past THAT one creepy house in your neighborhood.
He goes to investigate a missing girl, and finds a community oddly untroubled by her absence, and that’s just the start of his troubles. This is the movie that emphasizes the terrifying and sexual charm of Count Dracula, with his imposing castle and immaculate breeding. To make matters worse, once under attack, the women discover that their friendships are not as rock solid as they may have previously thought. To say things do not go according to plan would be an understatement of extreme proportions. The film, first made in 1976 was such a success as a horror movie that it was remade in 2006 on the 6th of June. It is said that the sets of the film were cursed and as many as six people died during the filming of The Exorcist. When Eli moves into Oskar's building, there is a sudden uptick in bloody deaths and attacks.Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

But soon, the photo opp turns nightmarish when the beast climbs onto the riverbank and starts killing and eating people.
Rachel, a journalist, comes across the video and watches it, and soon, the clock is ticking.Rachel keeps seeing a girl with long, soaking wet hair coming toward her -- an image that has now become iconic in the horror genre. Perhaps seeing this at such a young age gave it a bigger impact on me than it did on older or more versed film watchers, but it's one that I always remember. I think the film was set in the '70s simply because much of the film recaptures the style of horror & thrillers in that era. In contrast, the original movie was much more shocking & had much more of an impact when it was released.
There's also a zombie fish, flying killer tools, a monster in the closet and Norm from Cheers. A totally new house, with new owners that get involved with the reanimated corpse of their long dead great, great, cowboy grandfather (He's a good guy!) to find an ancient Aztec skull with magic powers, in a house that has portals to different times & different dimensions. The 1980s were full of 'Satanic scares' - it was like the Red Scare of the 1950s, but in entertaining Satanic form!
I'm not sure - go see it, or keep an eye on BGH for the incoming review & podcast throwdown!
It takes him out of the still-forming tradition of gory movie horror and places him back in the tradition of Gothic fiction from which he first came. Jim finds a band of non-infected misfits and they navigate what's left of the world, all while fighting to stay alive amidst zombies.
Simon claims that Tomas has told him he is going to die, and then suddenly, Simon disappears.Laura tries to find her son and in the process, unravels the dark secrets of the orphanage. When the monster grabs Gang-du's daughter and disappears into the river, and Gang-du fears for the worst. Rachel investigates who the girl in the video is, and she races against the clock to save herself and her son, who has also seen the video. Yet houses have the ability to be some of the scariest & most unwelcoming places on Earth, either as a shell hiding a horrific past or becoming a living, breathing entity of pure malice - Movies have captured the gauntlet of these spooky houses. The strobe effects, hazy, nightmare-ish segments, cinematography that makes the viewer feel like he or she is being drawn into the insanity that the innocent couples must have felt.
That aside, while I felt the film started a bit slow & dragged at points, the ending was excellent and the overall movie was quite good. Wherever you are, it's somewhere, walking straight for you."Jay finds herself seeing someone following her out of the corner of her eye, and no matter what, she can't seem to escape it. Soon, the government announces that the monster is the host of an unidentified virus.Later, Gang-du gets a phone call from his daughter, who is still alive. He returns years later with his own museum, with a very interesting way of creating the figures.
Vote up the ones that freaked you out the most, and vote down any movies with clowns that just didn't do anything for you. He embarks on a journey to save his daughter from the host.Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.
You can also rerank this list and, by all means, add to it!!Some of the greatest horror films ever made have included terrifying clowns. This is a timeless Vincent Price movie, and we won't insult it by even mentioning the horrendous remake that starred Paris Hilton.
Take Pennywise the Dancing Clown from 'IT' -- doesn't the mere mention of his name send chills up your spine? And of course, you've got the brilliant Heath Ledger performance as one of the most evil clown-men in film history, The Joker in 'The Dark Knight.' It counts.
The best coulrophobia movies are designed to play on this often deep-seated, common phobia. And of course, you've got the movie 'Killer Clowns From Outer Space,' a campy romp that features a bevy of killer clowns.
Sometimes, all it takes to scare us half to death is a brief appearance by a scary clown in a film. And the Clown Zombie was only on the screen for a brief time in 'Zombieland,' but he sure made an impact.
Really, when you're already afraid of clowns, just a quick appearance can send you diving under your theater seat. This is a list list of some of the best comedy horror movies ever made, or horror comedies.
Great!Are you one of those people that doesn't like black Honeymoon or The Drunken Dead Guy?

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