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Got four eyes and nowhere to keep those frames while you’re on the go at the hospital? This gorgeous and lightweight lanyard is handmade and will hold your glasses safely around your neck. Stash this adorable vintage RN clay figure on your desk or in your locker, and you can rest your glasses against him when you don’t need them! Isn’t it funny how in the beginning of our profession, the uniform was designed to signify and separate us from the un-trained? How about a nursing uniform that doubles as a protective gown (for all those patients in precautions)? How about gloves that go up to our elbows sort of like the “calfing” gloves a vet would use?
I wear white dresses or white scrub top and skirt with white shoes and hose every day at work on my med-surg floor.
I was just telling a friend the other day that when I graduated from nursing school in 1973, we had on all white-from our cap, dress, hose and shoes.
I’m from the age of white polyester, white support hose and that horrendous hat that made me look like a French chamber maid. She comes with her needle chained to her hand and a transparent x-ray tile dangling from the keychain.
It even has a breakaway clasp in case the lanyard gets caught on something (or pulled by little hands in peds!).
I, for one, would like to see the ‘fit and function’ part of our scrubs taken to a new level.

Could you imagine the amount of time and energy we could save if something was devised that eliminated the ‘gowning up’ procedure?? What if we had a pair of scrubs that worked as a protective gown for our ‘precaution’ patients, but then somehow had a built-in set of ‘gloves’??? That’s why we thought these etched nurse wine glasses by Wulf Creek Designs were just too perfect not to share with you! Centuries later the uniform still does that very thing — with the added flare of controversy (the debate of color coded care). But I firmly believe RN’s should have some sort of uniform designation that separates us from other ancillary professions.
If you can’t find the professional yet comfortable work clothes you desire I suggest finding a good seamstress and have them made.
Before that, he had hands-on experience in sales, marketing, training, operations, human resources, and general management. With the million and one things we do every day I need my uniform to ‘stand the test’ so to say. I had to make all of my own scrub tops because I required a collar-my neck would break out from my stethoscope touching it. I wasn’t prepared for the positive community, patient, ancillary staff, and other support I received being seen in an all white uniform.
I was resistant at first, then had the experience of being in the ED with a family member at another facility. We think the RX is nurse cartoons – the perfect way to poke fun at the lighter side of nursing (yes, there is one!)!

He has worked in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, banking, consulting, and computer software.
People approCh me first because they think I look like what a nurse should look like ( I work mostly with the senior crowd). He was graduated cum laude from Princeton University with a BA degree in history; he received his MBA from Columbia Business School, Beta Gamma Sigma honor society. Despite predictions by his parents, teachers, and classmates, he has not yet spent any time behind bars. My final truth word-Since I have been doing homecare my #1 complaint from patients is they DON’T KNOW WHO IS A NURSE ANYMORE!!! I had no idea just wearing this color would make such a difference to me and those around me in a profession I hold so dear everyday. It identifies you and yes, even though you wear a giant badge some people can’t read it. Sometimes it works against you to identify yourself as a critical care nurse other times, such as this, it helps to get a timely CT scan for a head injured teenager. Grant also is married to an RN, who is a great source of inspiration for his cartoons about life in the hospital setting.

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