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The Center for School, Youth and Citizen Preparedness (the Center) is dedicated to providing emergency and disaster preparation training to schools and communities to strengthen future generations. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change.
MANILA, Philippines – Thousands of students in Batasan Hills National High School will learn about disaster preparedness on their first day in school Monday, June 1.
While the school does not have buildings transected by the West Valley Fault, data from Project Tremors showed that Batasan Hills National High School is roughly 0.95 km away from the fault.
The West Valley Fault, which traverses various parts of Metro Manila and surrounding provinces, is expected to greatly affect the country since the region is not only highly populated, but it also hosts the seat of government and the country's business capital.
Until engineers are done confirming and validating the structural integrity of select buildings in the said schools, those buildings will not be used for classes.

On Monday, over 46,624 public schools all over the country opened their doors to more than 21 million elementary and high school students. Batasan Hills National High School is one of the most congested schools in Metro Manila, with an enrollment of 13,128 students for school year 2015-2016. With a class size of up to 55 students, the school will have to implement double shifting to cater to its big student population. The good news is that according to Almeda, 25 schools in Metro Manila are back to single shifting from double shifting in 2014. The very early stages of the UDOT project to widen 2000 West from Antelope Drive (1700 South) to 300 north has begun.
Students hide under their desk while their teacher gives them proper instructions in case of an earthquake during the first day of classes at the President Corazon C.

Ngayon, it's really high time na mag-focus sa disaster preparedness dahil ang Batasan Hills ay nasa area na madadaanan ng West Valley Fault," Diego Amid, principal of Batasan Hills National High School, told Rappler.
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