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Educators know the early childhood years set the stage and pace for lifelong success in school and life.
Identify a sequential, grade-to-grade overview of developmental learning progressions appropriate for Pre–K through grade 3 in ELA and mathematics. Identify the knowledge and skills students need to reach a targeted step—or ascend beyond a step already achieved in ELA or mathematics. Determine how the Tennessee Early Learning Standards for 3–5 year olds interface with and provide a scaffold for the Common Core State Standards. Guide teachers in planning learning experiences that combine language and literacy development with cognition and general knowledge of mathematics, science, and social studies.
Enhance differentiated instruction to account for disparity in children’s development by addressing common developmental benchmarks and individual variation to develop appropriate accommodations for children with special needs. Vertically align concepts to support formative instructional practices and suggest opportunities for assessment.
I have talked to many principals about the Vertical Progression Guide for K-3 and each one has been impressed and has plans to order more of the Vertical Progressions for other faculty members. The Vertical Progression Guide for K-3 is a wonderful resource for teachers and administrators!
This webinar  provided an introduction to ILPs and to engage in conversation around the design and implementation of ILP programming school and district-wide.
Overview of the kindergarten and first grade curriculum, and a Q and A with head of school and kindergarten and first grade teachers at 9:00.
At Glen Urquhart, learning isn’t confined to a book, a classroom, or even our 23-acre campus.

When we look into the faces of our students, from the tiniest kindergartner to the most familiar 8th grader, we see individuals who  have a unique path before them, and we see the opportunity, responsibility, and privilege of helping those children dream, achieve, and succeed.
At Glen Urquhart, world-class academics and a world-wise curriculum help young minds that are open to everything develop into?exceptional global citizens who are ready for anything. Glen Urquhart School, originally the North Shore Middle School, was founded in 1977 by Lynne Warren. Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in their child's education at DaySpring Academy. Our early childhood education program provides a warm, nurturing environment where your child makes healthy choices, independently explores a growing awareness of the world and develops social skills while interacting with others. DaySpring Academy was born in 1996 out of the genuine desire of the Director & Administrator to create a school that allows every child to feel successful in school.
Our comprehensive play-based curriculum provides the optimal environment for your childa€™s development and school readiness.
DaySpring Academy teachers and staff come from a variety of educational backgrounds, but they all have a few things in common: a love for children, a passion for teaching and a dedication to providing the best possible educational experience for your child.
DaySpring Academy teachers give individual attention to each child to help plan a child care curriculum that meets each childa€™s specific developmental needs.
Our goal is to be a resource to you and your family, while creating a community where parents can share information and learn from each other every day.A  JOIN US! Every child is entitled to a firm foundation in language and literacy development, cognition and general knowledge, and physical well-being and motor development. Battelle for Kids engaged many Tennessee educators to inform the development of this guide as a valuable resource for teachers.

Learning plans have been linked to a variety of developmental outcomes, including improved academic motivation, engagement, decision-making and personal accountability—characteristics that are increasingly seen as essential for success in postsecondary education and work. The webinar was designed for a wide range of audiences including local and state education agencies, school district representatives, workforce development staff, and community-based organizations.
The impetus for the founding of the school was a desire to provide an educational program that goes beyond traditional schooling and aims at integration of intellectual, creative, and aesthetic learning.
They use a variety of methods to compliment the learning styles of all the children in the class.
Pre-K Learning Standards are particularly important, as they articulate what a high-quality program must teach to achieve school readiness for children. In Massachusetts, the need is great for innovative practices to support students as they strive to meet more rigorous academic standards in high school, engage in postsecondary education on training, and find gainful employment. Learn more about Glen Urquhart School at the Kindergarten and First Grade Open House on Wednesday, December 5, 9-11 a.m.
When children leave GUS, they go as original thinkers with the academic readiness to meet the demands of the most rigorous high schools and colleges, and the global perspective to succeed in the new world.

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