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August 19, 2014 by Samantha at Five Heart Home 15 Comments This Back-to-School Teacher Survival Kit is full of what teachers need to get through that first week of school — Sharpies, hand sanitizer, caffeine, and chocolate! This shop is part of a social marketer shopping insight campaign with Pollinate Media GroupĀ® and Sharpie, but all opinions are my own. Yesterday was the first day back to school for my eldest (now 2nd grader!), and I have to say that it appears to have been his best first day yet. Many of you already know that I’m speaking from the perspective of a former first grade teacher as well as that of a parent.
Last year I came up with a gift idea and corresponding free printable for a First Week of School Teacher Survival Kit.
And then, if there’s a bit of extra room in your Mason jar (which there will be), feel free to fill it with chocolate! Every teacher deserves a little caffeine (or hot cocoa…or a thick slab of iced lemon pound cake) to get through those first few days of school, so a coffee shop gift card is sure to be a hit! As a self-proclaimed germophobe (in no small part thanks to my years in the classroom), I can never have enough hand sanitizer.
Finally, I happen to have a slight obsession with Sharpie markers and have found that just about all of my teacher friends and former co-workers share the same love. Happy back-to-school to all, and here’s wishing everyone your best, most successful school year yet! This Back-to-School Teacher Survival Kit printable is a high-resolution PDF (tags for two gifts per sheet). This post may be linked up to House of Rose, 4 Little Fergusons, and these fabulous parties! We finished it all off by adding colored tissue paper to the basket (like a gift bag), wrapping pencils, pens, and highlighters in ribbon, and stuffing the basket full of goodies.
Moze Was A GiftHere's why Moze was awesome: Sure, she mostly hung out with guys and wasn't stereotypically girly, but she didn't reject femininity either. Yesterday he came bounding into the house after his Daddy picked him up from school, barely able to contain his joy.

Teachers are critically important, y’all, not only for the knowledge and learning that they impart, but also for the fact that their care and attention help shape our children, both socially and emotionally. This is also the component of the Teacher Survival Kit that allows you the flexibility to spend a bit more, should you so desire. And who needs hand sanitizer more than nose-wiping, lost tooth handling, band-aid adhering, hand holding teachers? So a bundle of shiny new Sharpies just might end up being the most popular Teacher Survival Kit component of all! At this very moment, Sharpie Fine and Ultra Fine assortment packs, as well as Sharpie Neon Marker packs, are on sale at Staples through August 24th (while supplies last)!
The round printable is sized slightly larger than the Mason jar lid (I wanted to provide a little extra space in case you find yourself using a different type of jar), so simply trace your lid and trim accordingly.
Print it on cardstock, trim the round printable to fit the lid of a wide-mouth, quart-size Mason jar, and cut out the rectangular printable. But I totally agree that it would make a great teacher gift year-round…or there’s always next year! Thanks so much for the sweet comment, and congratulations to your daughter for embarking upon her teaching career! Let them help you choose inexpensive items (ours came from Target and the Dollar Tree) to purchase and then assemble the kit together. She was a jock and also a brain, she wasn't prissy but definitely wasn't afraid to wear pink either.
He was full of useful advice and even when he wasn't he still had the kids' backs when push came to shove.
Did any of you have a weird attraction to Coconut Head’s haircut or was that just me? So it should come as no surprise that my family takes every opportunity possible throughout the year to show appreciation to our teachers. This simple gift is full of goodies that any teacher would love to receive that first day or week of school! Five dollars would be a perfectly sweet gesture to score your teacher a little treat one morning or afternoon, but you can add more value to your gift card if you like. I found that two mini hand sanitizers fit quite nicely in this particular Mason jar gift…because if one is good, two are better.

I had four gifts to put together for my boys’ teachers this year, so the last time I was at Staples, I picked up two different 12-packs of brightly-colored Sharpies and put a half dozen in each jar, tied together with cute twine.
I had my 2nd grader write a personal note to his teacher on the back of the rectangular printable, and I did the same for my PreK-er’s gift.
To celebrate a new school and a new teacher, Natalie helped me put together a Teacher Survival Kit for her first grade teacher. When he got out, he created the School Survival Guide, a journal with tips on how to survive school. He is friends with Simon-Nelson Cook, Jennifer Mosely, Gordy, Suzie Crabgrass, Coconut Head, Lisa Zemo, Martin Qwerly, and Claire Sawyer. Probably the fact that its weirdness was a great throwback to the brand of weirdness that Nickelodeon was so well known for in the ’90s. He was downright jubilant, right through bathtime, when he asked me if he could write a note to his teacher before going to bed. The teacher, who had only just met Natalie, seemed delighted by the surprise and spent a couple of minutes going over all the goodies with my oldest. My boys are so used to spending time together, the fact they are in separate rooms I know makes them uneasy. They were all across the board, from her friend Ned to the idiotic basketball star, Seth Powers.
But if you make sure that your printer is set to color instead of black and white printing, any hint of blue should come through when you print.
Something like this should help with those back to school jitters as well as help their teacher.
When I was teaching, I was always so grateful for gifts from my students.ReplyDeletebeccawAugust 21, 2012 at 9:57 AMGreat idea Amanda, thanks for sharing!
My daughter just started her first year of school and I hope to put together baskets like this for the winter holidays- I love how practical these items are! I love the details that you can personalize this with :-) I need to make one for my sister, she teaches 4th grade.

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