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Large selection of options with three different levels of wrapping enable you to personalize your Sea-Doo SPARK even more. The Sea-Doo Spark watercraft is playful and easy to ride, so everyone in your family will have a blast. Most fuel-efficient watercraft available and the material in its hull and deck is recyclable.
It reduces the weight while creating a strong, modern and cutting-edge design that defines the unique and playful nature of the Sea-Doo® SPARK.

It was designed for hull and deck applications to maintain the structural integrity of the watercraft under stress while providing light yet durable parts to support the construction of the product. It’s a more responsive and precise throttle control that generates better engine calibration and fuel consumption.
Plus, with so many color and customization options, creating the perfect watercraft is now easier than ever. It also allows for different riding modes like the sport mode that’s available with the Rotax® 900 H.O.

It boasts the most fuel-efficient engine available and is light enough for many popular compact sedans to tow.
Plus, with so many colour and customization options, creating the perfect watercraft for your family is now easier than ever.

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