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The ER™ Search and Rescue Kit is a 4 person emergency kit containing the recommended emergency tools and supplies in the event of a partial or complete collapse of a structure.
This emergency kit is an emergency response solution for any disaster or emergency situation. Hard hats, Safety Goggles, Dust Masks, Safety Vests, and Work Gloves are some of the items included for the protection of rescuers. Supplies are included to provide medical assistance to injured victims and rescuers including Triage Tags to prioritize the level of medical care required by victims. Tarps and Duct Tape can be used to construct emergency shelter and ground cover, providing an area to treat injured victims. Aides in Search & Rescue following earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, winter storms, terrorist attacks, floods, etc. Cospas-Sarsat type approval is conducted with manufacturer installed battery packs in a beacon.

One module contains equipment known as "first strike," which includes scene survey equipment, lighting, power, search cameras and shoring-up equipment. You can always depend on these to work endless hours without the need to continue to replace batteries. The second module holds equipment used in heavy transport incidents, usually involving aircraft, hangars and railways.
It contains items such as stretchers, rescue tripods for confined space rescues, chainsaws and cutting equipment. After an emergency strikes, batteries can be difficult to find plus you must remember to replace them on a regular basis since their shelf life is limited. Having training sessions such as this gives both on- and off-base firefighters an awareness of the equipment each has, and how it's used, so in the event both departments work together on a large incident, it will enable operations to run smoothly. The NUSR team also have searchcams, used to locate people or animals trapped in voids (collapsed spaces where people can survive, such as when a building collapses).

They also have electronic listening devices specifically for search and rescue, to locate missing people or animals, which pick up sound and seismic movement and vibration.
The NUSR team are specialist firefighters who respond to technical rescue-based incidents, such as a building collapse, water rescue or confined-space rescue. John Linden, NUSR watch manager who was part of a team visiting RAF Mildenhall March 30, 2011, said training such as this promotes a good working relationship between the two teams (on- and off-base firefighters) and they plan on doing training exercises together in the future.

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