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Avalias is an international provider of solutions for organisational preparedness, helping clients to be more effectively prepared for managing critical situations through simulation technologies. Avalias technologies are being successfully used for aviation security, emergency alerting, network operations, command, control and co-ordination and by first responder organisations. National Incident Management System (NIMS) National Response Framework (NRF) Incident Command System (ICS) Independent Study – FEMA Courses The University.
Adoption: Element 1 - Adoption of NIMS…throughout the healthcare organization including all appropriate departments and business units. Adoption: Element 2 – Federal Preparedness awards support NIMS Implementation…in accordance with the eligibility and allowable use of the awards.
Preparedness: Planning Element 3 – Revise and Update EOPs, SOPs and SOGs to incorporate NIMS components. Communication and Information Management: Element 8 – Processes, Equipment, Communication and Data interoperability Facilitate collection and distribution of consistent & accurate information Situational awareness of logistical resources Equipment purchased through the HPP is standardized The EMP documentation includes emphasis on the interoperability of response equipment and communications and data systems with external agencies Systems such as AIMS, ALERT, Web-EOC, etc. Communication and Information Management: Element 9 – Common and consistent terminology The EMP includes emphasis on the use of plain English by staff during emergencies. Specific Command Issues Transfer of Command: Follow EOP guidelines after “Initiation of Command” Upon arrival, the higher ranking individual will assume command, maintain command or reassign to a third party. Command and Management: Element 11 – Adopt Public Information (PI) principles by using both JIS and JIC during events (Examples) The EOP explains the management and coordination of public information with external entities Indentify a PIO who is responsible for medial and public information as it pertains to an event.

Applications are invited for the following posts in National Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Network.
The active ingredient in this powerful self-defense Pepper Spay is oleoresin capsicum, processed from the hottest peppers in the world. Streetwise pepper spray is so potent that it can incapacitate an attacker for up to 45 minutes without causing any permanent harm. We are committed to ensure that our world-class products reach our customers in a timely, efficient, and safe manner. We comply with stringent safety and environmental standards in transporting our products from our Port Dickson Refinery all the way to our service stations. Our 88,000 barrel-per-day capacity Port Dickson Refinery converts crude into various petroleum products and Petrochemical feedstock. Petron fuels essential industries such as power generation, manufacturing, transport, agriculture, etc.
With the widest service station network, we ensure your fuel needs wherever you are, anytime you need them. Avalias support a range of organisations in security and emergency management, compliance, change management and business continuity by providing a mix of simulation products and services which bring greater confidence and resilience to their preparedness initiatives. Our clients span a wide range of industry sectors, including telecommunications, policing, homeland security, aviation, energy, emergency management, transport and health.

Streetwise 18 Pepper Spray comes encased in a leather pouch with attached key ring making it convenient to take with you anywhere. The devastating effects of this spray will stop the most pain-insensitive attackers including those under the influence of alcohol and drugs or psychotic individuals. It is the buyers responsibility to know their local and state laws concerning the use and carrying of self-defense pepper spray. They found the average heat rating to be 123,000 SHU, making Streetwise 18 over 46% hotter than the competition! Communities can be rest assured knowing that our haulers adhere to the highest safety and security standards and are equipped with the latest technologies and procedures to maintain product integrity and safety.
Our extensive experience of organisational preparedness across both government and industry sectors gives Avalias the unique insight necessary to make complex projects successful.
These slides are a part of the ARRTC program and cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes.

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