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Every organization is aware of the importance of security – security of the building, security for employees and financial security are all a priority; however, an organization comprises many other assets that require security, most notably its IT infrastructure. Malware comprises a variety of malicious software types such as Trojans, worms and spyware which will infiltrate your machine without you even realizing. Networks, servers, workstations – they all need to work seamlessly together for an organization to run its day-to-day tasks. Vulnerability issues, patch management and network auditing are all security features that need to be addressed when dealing with networks. In the next segment of this article we’ll be taking a look at other security threats that can be present from within the organization and may not necessarily have a malicious intent, yet are still destructive to the business. Jesmond is a Marketing Manager at GFI Software, with a keen interest in Social Media, Product Marketing and anything to do with Online Marketing. Fortinet's flagship Network Security platform, FortiGate, consists of physical and virtual appliances that provide a broad array of security and networking functions, including firewall, VPN, anti-malware, intrusion prevention, application control, Web filtering, anti-spam, DLP, WAN acceleration, and WLAN control.
FortiGuard – Our large global threat research team discovers new threats and delivers protective services 24x365 across a rich array of consolidated security technologies, including application control, intrusion prevention, Web filtering, vulnerability management, anti-malware, anti-spam and more. FortiASICs – Our custom designed ASICs accelerate processing of security and networking functions, to radically boost performance and scalability and provide you with the fastest network security appliance performance available today. FortiOS – Our proprietary operating system provides the foundation for and integration of all security and networking functions.
The McAfee Labs Threat Report: February 2015 analyzes security level of mobile apps and the evolution of principal cyber threats. One year later a team of researchers at the McAfee has conducted an interesting study starting from the analysis made in September 2014 by experts at the Carnegie Mellon University.
Unfortunately, nothing is really changed, according to the researchers from McAfee Labs, nearly three-quarters of the 25 most downloaded apps listed in the CERT spreadsheet are still unpatched. The report cites as an example a mobile photo editor, with a number of downloads between 100 million and 500 million, that is still vulnerable to MITM attacks despite the CERT reported the security issues to its development team. McAfee highlights that mobile devices are wide adopted also in the workplace so their security is an important component of the security policy of any enterprise. The McAfee Labs Threat Report also confirmed a significant increase in the number of mobile malware samples, which increased 14 percent during the fourth quarter of 2014. The Threat Report also identified in the Angler exploit kit, the primary vector used by criminal ecosystem to deliver malicious payloads. Let’s close this rapid reading of the McAfee Labs Threat Report with a mention to Potentially Unwanted Programs(PUPs), which are applications that could be used for both legitimate and malicious uses. Pierluigi Paganini is Chief Information Security Officer at Bit4Id, firm leader in identity management, member of the ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security)Treat Landscape Stakeholder Group, he is also a Security Evangelist, Security Analyst and Freelance Writer. Editor-in-Chief at "Cyber Defense Magazine", Pierluigi is a cyber security expert with over 20 years experience in the field, he is Certified Ethical Hacker at EC Council in London. Pierluigi is a member of the "The Hacker News" team and he is a writer for some major publications in the field such as Cyber War Zone, ICTTF, Infosec Island, Infosec Institute, The Hacker News Magazine and for many other Security magazines. Pierluigi Paganini is Chief Information Security Officer at Bit4Id, firm leader in identity management, member of the ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) Threat Landscape Stakeholder Group, he is also a Security Evangelist, Security Analyst and Freelance Writer.
The NSA Director Rogers urges the creation of an independent legal framework to regulate the operations conducted US authorities.
85 percent of enterprises have already adopted some form of threat hunting to aggressively track and eliminate cyber adversaries as early as possible. About UsOur mission is to help users and also IT security enthusiast to give all information related to IT or computer security.

This blog contains many information or guidance for how to better protect your computer or mobile device from malware or spyware and also how to surf safely on Internet. We look forward to hearing from you about computer and online safety, and will post comments that may be useful to other readers. Enterprise organisations are constantly being asked to do more work with fewer people, as the size and complexity of infrastructure and applications continue to grow unabated.
BROADBAND BOTHERER BT is on the hunt for 900 cyber security professionals over the in what the firm says is a drive to protect consumers, businesses and governments from the growing threat of cyber crime.
BT said that it already employs more than 2,500 security professionals but will hire 170 graduates and apprentices as part of the recruitment intake to meet the growing demand for cyber security services. The new recruits, which it will hire over the next 12 months, will work across range of cyber security and related support roles.
The majority of the roles will be based in the UK, many at BT's security operations centres in London, Sevenoaks and Cardiff. Mark Hughes, president of BT Security, explained that the move was required as the risks from cyber attacks proliferate.
To hear more about security challenges, the threats they pose and how to combat them, sign up for The INQUIRER sister site Computing's Enterprise Security and Risk Management conference, taking place on 24 November.
An organization’s network is the lifeline that employees rely on to do their jobs and subsequently make money for the organization. Having your inbox fill up with useless messages that promote fake designer goods, bogus get-rich quick schemes and insinuate that you need to improve your love skills is not fun and is definitely not the reason for which you signed up for an email account. A virus can copy itself and infect other machines without the user even knowing that the machine has been infected until disaster strikes. Once your machine is infected it could easily spread to executable files on other machines that are connected to the network thus causing an IT epidemic.
If a server crashes, then the workstations are affected and people can’t carry on with their work. Leaving ports open is one of the most common security liabilities and attackers are aware of this.
He is an avid tech enthusiast who is always up-to-date with the latest tech, consumer electronics and mobile operating systems, particularly Android. The CERT discovered that more than 20,000 Android apps failed to validate SSL certificates, exposing users vulnerable to MITM attacks. The list of vulnerable applications is reported in a spreadsheet shared by the experts.
Another element of interest is the geographic distribution of infections, the highest rates were observed in Asia and Africa. After the arrest of the Blacole exploit kit’s author in 2013, criminal crews started to use the Angler exploit kit. Very quickly after the arrest of the Blacole exploit kit’s creator in 2013, cybercriminals migrated to the Angler exploit kit to deliver their payloads. The passion for writing and a strong belief that security is founded on sharing and awareness led Pierluigi to find the security blog "Security Affairs" recently named a Top National Security Resource for US. This proactive model leverages existing tools combined with human intervention to strengthen the security posture of the organization.
This guide is intended for companies, organisations, and IT professionals who are looking for a network and application monitoring tool that provides a holistic view of application performance, including performance monitoring, from the end user perspective. They will undergo training in BT's Security Academy in a range of areas, including physical security, penetration testing, threat intelligence, risk management, security operations and sales. BT is also looking to hire security specialists from across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Therefore it’s important to recognize that your IT infrastructure is an asset that requires top security. Unfortunately spam is a growing problem with research claiming that up to 94% of all emails that are sent are actually spam! If a virus hits the network then it’s likely to propagate to files on other machines that are connected to the network.
Whilst some malware is created simply to disrupt a system, other malware is used for financial gain. If the network fails the repercussions will affect the entire organization, and in turn affect production levels.
Scanning your network for open ports, machines that are vulnerable to infection is the first step to security. The experts at McAfee revealed that at least eight percent of all McAfee-monitored mobile systems reported an infection in the fourth quarter of 2014.
Because Angler is simple to use and widely available through online dark markets, it has become a preferred method to transport malware” states the report.
Viruses can also spread via email, instant messaging, an intranet and other shared networks causing networks and machines to overload or crash.
Spyware, botnets and keystroke loggers all have malicious intentions as they take control of infected machines and use them to continue proliferating the attack; they also track user’s login details for the sites that they use thus violating their privacy, as well as taking note of credit card details if the user buys something over the Internet. So monitoring the network and servers regularly is a main task for any IT administrator; using network and server monitoring software this task can be automated with reports being generated on a regular basis. Once the scan is complete, patches must be deployed on all machines that are at risk of infection.
They can also capture keystrokes which is where the problem of security lies because passwords and banking details can be revealed in this manner. Furthermore if the user has an online banking account, those login details are also tracked and reported back to the host of the malware.
Server downtime equals business downtime which leads to a loss of profits – which all organizations want to avoid.
By assessing your network and keeping up-to-date with all patches you greatly reduce the risk of security attacks occurring. Whilst some spammers do nothing more than direct you to websites to try and sell you things that you don’t need, there are spammers of the more spiteful variety who will include malicious links in their emails that when clicked on will download spyware, malware or other harmful files onto your machine.
Malware encompasses more than just viruses; however, an anti-virus solution is the solution to this ever-growing problem. Therefore one of the first security solutions that you want to have on your server or workstation is anti-spam software. Implementing an anti-virus solution can save your network and all your files and emails that could easily be lost and corrupted. Keeping your anti-virus up-to-date is key to keeping your machine clean and malware-free; failure to do so will leave you open to attack.

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