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After preparing for her role as a teenager yearning to live the high-life of Hollywood celebrities, Emma Watson recently spoke about the keen difference between actors and celebrities on television. Monica Brown has shared a cryptic comment amid Beyonce and Jay Z's alleged cheating scandal while she and her husband, Shannon, go through similiar reports.
Tammy Rivera of VH1's 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' has revealed that while a life with a famous rapper might be glamorous, it includes lots of alone time.
Even Mayte Garcia of VH1's 'Hollywood Exes' couldn't deny Prince's talent after the two called it quits.
Even if unprofessional body art doesn't become infected, the results are often a long way from the desired result, with poor colouring (left) and bad drawing (right) commonly seen Currently there are very limited regulations on the industry. Kevin says: a‚ā¨?Members of the public assume that a tattoo studio is going to be run by professionals as it has been allowed to be opened, but the problem is that the council will currently allow anyone to open up a studio. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Up until the dinosaurs died, a 50-foot long lizard was patrolling the seas for 27 million years. Descended from a major group of reptiles that returned to the sea, Mosasaurs were ferocious¬†oceanic and freshwater predators that quickly diversified and dominated the oceans during the Late Cretaceous period.
During the last age of the dinosaurs, mosasaurs burst onto the aquatic scene as other dominant ocean lizards, Ichthyosaurs and Plesiosaurs (laparas for you pokemaniacs), met their demise.
These marine lizards were more closely related to, well, modern lizards than dinosaurs (very simplified).
Unlike what we see in the Jurassic World trailer, these predators likely had forked tongues like modern snakes and lizards do.

Don’t miss our breakdown of the Jurassic World trailer from yesterday’s Nerdist News!
I agree they made it too big to be accurate, but from what I know in this movie they genetically alter a lot of the dinosaurs, so maybe the scientists made it bigger on purpose? I thought it was a Liopleurodon, an enormous pliosaur which grew upwards of eighty feet long and was the largest predator ever to have lived. The wikipedia article on Liopleurodon says that scientists currently think the 20-25 meter size shown in Walking With Dinosaurs is dubious (resulting from fragmentary skeletons) and they now generally think they grew to a maximum of 21 feet.
I thought so too at first, but upon closer inspection(yes I’m that nerd) I think they are right about it being a mosasaur.
Bcadren, I’m tired of people pretending the first one tried to stick to the known science and this one is getting away from it.
Let’s just hope that thing can’t breed or cruise lines will have more to worry about than rampant diarrhea!
She talked about London’s obsession with Hollywood and said that her view of acting is different than typical Hollywood stars. It’s all in the flippers, Mosasaurs generally had small flippers, like the one in this trailer. But velociraptors were actually very tiny and the dinosaurs they created were giant compared to the actual thing. Still, my inner six year old will disregard all scientific inaccuracies and plot holes because DINOSAURS!!!! Gateroid on Sy-Fi, what we’re seeing is forced perspective, that shark is actually only 2 feet long.

The Pop-Ups trick, known as a kind of trick that when you are watching video, looking at picture or playing (maze) games, scary. The council are actually licensing these people to work from their homes which is outrageous, but only a small number of them even bother obtaining a license to carry out their work. Mosasaurs had double-jointed jaws with flexible, snake-like heads, and they propelled their sometimes gigantic bodies with side-to-side motions like an anaconda or sea snake slipping through the water.
They are believed to be descended from within a family of semi-aquatic lizards called Aigialosauridae, though the fossil record is a bit spotty on the precise transition. Some were the size of a large dog, but with gigantic teeth and a flexible head and it would eat your dog. How would you get off the island that is now the soul territory of a creature that eats a great white in one bite?
Mosasaurs did probably eat sharks too, even though prehistoric sharks could often turn the tables.
Also I think they basically took this water tank thing from the telltale game, which featured and it was a mosasaur there too. 50 feet is around how long most of these monsters would have gotten, including Hainosaurus, Tylosaurus, and Mosasaurus.

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