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James Franco & Kim Jong-un Bond Over Katy Perry's 'Firework' in New 'The Interview' Trailer - Watch Now! Posted in James Franco & Kim Jong-un Bond Over Katy Perry's 'Firework' in New 'The Interview' Trailer - Watch Now! James Franco puts his arm around Kim Jong-un (actor Randall Park) while partying it up in the new trailer for his movie The Interview.
Puzzle pieces are just starting to come in about what caused the 57 year old, musical legend, Prince's untimely death.A  According to TMZ, percocet caused the emergency landing last Friday. I saw him on New Girl (GREAT EPISODE) BUT had no idea he had reached out to be on the show!
The question I have is, James why would you expect anything different when you're so focused on it. When answering the question, are you gay or straight, in a recent interview James responded he's "gay in my art and straight in my life." He also said that he's "a bit of a gay c**k tease.
Take the poll and find out where your favorite celeb sits as America's choice for president.
Kelly Clarkson has enjoyed a great deal of success as the first Idol champ, but isn't the top seller in terms of albums sold.
I'm not a huge fan of John Mayer's music, but I have seen him in concert and it ranks up there in my top 5 all-time. Join Mike and Matt each week as they discuss the latest episode of the Cartoon Network hit series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
That is the sound of a thousand terrible things headed this way. It’s time for an all-new Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast! Production Mixer Cameron Davis, Re-Recording Mixer David Acord, Foley Mixer Frank Rinella, and Scoring Mixer Mark Evans. This year’s awards will take place on Sunday, June 22nd 2014 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. It is pointless to resist this all-new episode of Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast, my son.
We finally landed on this big story, which in some ways is connected to the Mortis trilogy that we did. What you get out of this story arc is that you understand, finally, that Yoda in the Clone Wars period is not at all the same person that he is in The Empire Strikes Back. Dave gives some great insight in this interview about how Yoda goes through some big changes in this arc that not only affects him, but the future of the Jedi as well.
As of this morning, the Clone Wars have come to an end for some of us, and for others, they’re just beginning, but for many of us they have left a mark on our lives that will never leave us.
Matt and I continued on, covering everything Clone Wars, and a little bit of the regular Star Wars beat, and along the way we picked up Kyle Avery and Tim Geraci.
Celebration V is where I would meet Steve Glosson in person for the very first time, along with JC Cox, Riley and Bethany, Jason and Jimmy Mac, and many others. Over the next couple of years, we went from just a podcast to a legitimate news source for Clone Wars fans, all thanks to Tracy Cannobio and the awesome folks at Lucasfilm. At Star Wars Celebration VI, I hosted our 100th Episode Live Podcast, with Matt wired in on Skype, and Steve Glosson, Chris Smith and Kyle Avery on stage with me. If you’ve listened to the first episode of The Rebels Podcast, you know the answer to that question. Once you hear this audio excerpt, it will make you hope that this wont be the last time we hear Sam Witwer voicing these characters.
Your hosts, Star Wars enthusiasts Kyle and Tim, are back with the scoop on all the latest Star Wars news and rumors. It’s a new year, and Kyle and Tim already have a fresh new wave of Star Wars news and rumors to cover. Dave Filoni: Well, I didn’t know it would be the end of the series, per se, but I had a decent inkling that it would be the end of the show on Cartoon Network. That was the whole thing with Ahsoka, and giving that character some finality in that timeline. Dave Filoni: The finished episodes were the ones that were already pretty far down the track in terms of production. When you look at level of importance to wrap things up for fans, I think that two story arcs that fans will get to see are really, really important for the overall Clone Wars story.
It’s not like all of the bonus material that comes out was planned on really answering things for fans.
The stories coming out definitely will cause a lot of debate and discussion among fans, which is what good Star Wars stories always do, and I look forward to talking about the stories with them when the time is right.
And when George and I get together, when I go have lunch with him, he and I still talk about [The Clone Wars]. So there’s a lot of responsibility, and yet it’s exciting, too, when you work with new people from the outside. It is a different time, but you know, when Revenge of the Sith ended and I woke up and found myself tasked with moving Star Wars forward in an animated form, I don’t think anybody at Lucasfilm other than George understood what that meant, which was that that was going to be the main vehicle for Star Wars for practically the next decade.
Be sure to check out the full 3rd part interview with Dave Filoni over at the official Star Wars Blog. Disney has already announced several new Netflix original series for Marvel characters coming soon, so for them to do the same thing would Star Wars would make total sense. We have our first officially confirmed character for Episode VII, and it’s everyone’s favorite astromech, R2-D2! Certainly back on Kamino – were aiwhy, cadets in helmets, learners in front of computers, Shaak Ti also returns. Mother Talzin fired its green rays, and later fought with someone with a sword with a blue blade (perhaps it was Obi-Wan). Showing the new machine Separatist – a bit like aqua droids episode of inkwells, but painted with red paint. Count Dooku will fight with two species of blue swords – they were probably Skywalker and Kenobi.

If the information reported from this trailer is true, I couldn’t be more excited to see these episodes, as they sound like some great stories to close out the series! Kyle and Tim are back with a new episode to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the announcement of Star Wars Episode VII and the birth of The Saga Continues, and to celebrate, we’ve finally got a confirmed release date for the movie! This week, Kyle and Tim bring you the latest scoop on Star Wars Episode VII, including some rumored conditions for Harrison Ford’s return, a shakeup in the writer’s room, and some talented new additions to the production crew.
Not only is it terrifying that people have been ‘abducted’, but what happens when they return?
Naked pictures, sexting with fans, mentioning in interviews that he spends hours alone in hotel rooms enjoying himself.
Case in pointA James Franco's younger brother Dave Franco responds to James' weird acts of a couple of years ago. Deadpool finally gave him a blockbuster hit movie AND he is adding another baby to his family!! Mike and Matt are back to talk the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode, “The Disappeared Part 1!” Plus we hear from you guys in the mailbag! Not only was it one of the best arcs of the entire series, but one of the best Star Wars stories ever told. Can you talk about how this story came to be, and what it was like working with George on the Yoda arc? Yoda is such an important character that we would be evolving the story and go, “You know, Yoda being in this, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s kind of the other side of that coin, where Yoda gets directly involved in the bigger questions about the Force.
People, I think, have always wondered, “Why [in The Clone Wars] isn’t he like he was in Empire? At first it was just a request for a listener to write recaps for me, as I was running low on time, and recaps had often held up recording.
It was the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, and we were right in the thick of it with The Clone Wars. New Star Wars and the acquisition by Disney disrupted every last bit of status quo we had at Frontlines. The final season, along with the rest of Dave Filoni’s masterpiece, is now available to stream on Netflix, and the Clone Wars are finally at an end.
Matt and I will be back with more episodes of Frontlines, covering every episode of The Lost Missions in just as much detail and scrutiny as ever. We cover the latest rumors pertaining to Episode VII and the Clone Wars bonus content, speculate on a possible big shift for Boba Fett, and talk Rebels, Old Republic, and more on our longest episode yet! We’ve got our first Episode VII casting rumors of 2014, possible confirmation of a Boba Fett standalone movie, some big news regarding Star Wars comics, and much more on the latest installment of The Saga Continues!
As we approach the end of 2013, Kyle and Tim look forward to Star Wars in the new year and round up some news on Episode VII, Rebels, and the newly announced Star Wars Attack Squadrons online game. It’s more, “This is where we were headed,” and the Yoda story arc [announced on Twitter] definitely gives a sense of closure.
And that’s a very important part of Star Wars, is to have new ideas, and new things come into it, and to be open to new ideas. There were other things — The Force Unleashed came along, The Old Republic came along, but a gaming experience and any kind of theatrical television experience is different. This’ll be nice to have some flanking support with [executive producers] Simon [Kinberg] and Greg [Weisman]. Movies UK, where they are hearing that Disney and Lucasfilm may be venturing into creating some original Netflix content with Star Wars in the future, and the rumor is that the character who may get his own Netflix series first, is Cade Bane from Clone Wars. We know there will be standalone movies focusing on the bigger characters in the Star Wars universe, but I think getting some Netflix series about some of the characters who we know would probably never get their own movie would be a great idea, with tons of great possibilities for some cool stories.
Kyle and Tim discuss the big announcement in this fun new episode of the show, but that’s not the half of it. Below is the report from The Star Wars Underworld, including details from the trailer that was shown, which contains massive spoilers for the episodes. Other than a few clips here and there little has been know about these episodes, until now. And as always, we’ve got all the latest news, interviews, and casting rumors to go along with it. We also talk Darth Vader on TV, Lego Star Wars in your pocket, and we continue to wait for official casting news as the one-year anniversary of Disney’s Lucasfilm acquisition approaches.
A And despite his reputation, he has a knack for doing some pretty cool stuff with and for his fans. Stretch out with your feelings for this all-new episode of Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast! Mike and Matt are back to talk the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode, “Crisis at the Heart!” Plus we hear from you guys in the mailbag! Mike and Matt are back to talk the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode, “Orders!” Plus they talk This is Madness, Amy Hennig joining the latest Star Wars video game project, and Netflix ratings!
Well to give us a little more insight on how this story came about, the Official Star Wars Blog has posted a short interview with Dave Filoni, where he talks about developing this story about Yoda with George Lucas.
George and I would discuss this story all the time, because it’s Yoda, and it’s very important to him, and I wanted to make sure we got it right. But for me, success would mean having some folks listen to what I had to say about the Galaxy Far Far Away. I interviewed James Arnold Taylor, Matt Lanter, Ashley Eckstein, Tome Kane, and Catherine Taber. A couple dozen folks showed up (what could we expect when we were scheduled opposite Ian McDiarmid?), but the people who did show up were some of our longest listeners, from as far away as Australia! Kyle and Tim decided to start their own podcast, The Saga Continues, and the future of The Clone Wars was up in the air. The next few months were full of sketchy details and little to no new information from Lucasfilm regarding either the Clone Wars Bonus Content or Star Wars Rebels.

It has been an incredible journey from start to finish, and I want to thank everyone at Lucasfilm from the bottom of my heart for not only making the best animated series on television, but for also fostering this great community and it’s leaders. We also read some email, speculate on the future of Indiana Jones, and Kyle gets really excited about some Star Wars mobile games.
I directed that as if it was this big goodbye, kind of knowingly that it might be a goodbye to at least the way Clone Wars was broadcast, if not the show itself. One of the story arcs, which is very short, is not essential to the overall story but it is a nice final showcase for one of the prequel characters.
I never thought in my lifetime there would be a [Star Wars: Episode] VII, VIII, and IX, and here they come. It’s not just about telling the stories; it’s how the stories get made, it’s the quality of the stories that we’re telling.
It’s where that meets that you get the real creativity in Star Wars, and I think it’s meeting well. But now I am wondering what that short arc will be about, and what prequel character it will deal with?
We of course have to wait to get official confirmation from Lucasfilm and Disney to get fully excited about this news, but the possibility of some original Netflix series would definitely be a great new way to get Star Wars content in the future!
We also imitate Jar Jar, wax nostalgic about the Clone Wars, wander off on a couple tangents, and of course bring you all the latest Star Wars news and rumors!
So if you want to be totally surprised when watching these episodes for the first time, you may want to skip the trailer description. A wealth of new information has been revealed via a Polish fan site that reported on a Star Wars children’s event held in Warsaw, Poland.
We’ve had plenty of new Star Wars to talk about over the past year, and the fun has only just begun!
If he’s there, I don’t believe this is as much of a problem.” So that’s why he’s relegated to the Council a lot, unfortunately. So I was always asking George things about Yoda, how he would behave, what he would do and what he would question.
Why is he so much more serious in the Clone War and where’s the fun little Yoda who was wise?” Well, he’s not there yet, you see. This was an opportunity to meet the cast and crew of The Clone Wars in person, and I couldn’t pass that up. I asked Dave Filoni a question at the press conference, and I saw The Maker himself, George Lucas, on stage. When Celebration VI rolled around, we didn’t just apply for media badges, we also applied to host a panel. Without the support of Lucasfilm, all of these websites, podcasts and fans would have had a much harder time meeting each other, and changing one another’s lives. So I thought, if this is the last season on Cartoon Network, then I want to have a proper ending for the people that have watched it.
So it’s just good to keep talking about these things and figure out as much about them as possible, because who knows. I’m excited by the people I’m working with now, and I’m excited by the results that we’re getting on Rebels. Join Mike and Matt, along with special guests, Tim and Kyle, for the very last episode of Frontlines, where they talk Season 6 and their favorite episodes of all time! The story that we tell goes a very long way toward explaining who Yoda is prior to the Clone War and who he becomes after the Clone War. I’ve gotten more than I could ever ask out of these two, as they have served Frontlines tirelessly over the last few years. What I didn’t realize was that I was headed to Orlando not to meet celebrities, but to forge some of the strongest friendships of my life.
I’m not ashamed to admit I shed a couple tears, and it was hard to say goodbye to all my new friends.
But then, all at once, we found out all about the heroes of Star Wars Rebels, and that we were but a few short weeks away from finally getting to see the Bonus Content, in the form of The Lost Missions, a sixth and final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, to be released on Netflix. I was very glad that it ended with Ahsoka, because it very much began with Ahsoka in the movie.
I could be a very old man and some kid that was raised on Clone Wars will want to continue the story, so I better know that story when they come for it.
It was on this trip that I met Jason Hunt, Karl Laclair and Chris Smith, and for the first time, I got to meet Kyle in person. Matt and I had a decision to make; would we close up shop with the end of Clone Wars, or was this just the beginning of a new adventure?
Everyone pointed out from the beginning — we know what happens to Anakin, we know what happens to Obi-Wan, and to Padme. Two trailers were shown, the first recapped season five and the second showed several scenes from the bonus content. By the time we were headed into the Season One finale, I decided that I needed a co-host, so I put out the call to the listeners. Video and pictures were prohibited at the event but the site offers a description of what was shown.
I have a hard time thinking of a Saturday night more fun than the one my wife, Crystal, and I spent with these people. And while every episode definitely was not about her, her thread shows you the way the Jedi are looked at in the war, how they’re fighting the war, what they’re questioning.

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