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The third novel in Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole series finds the detective playing catchup with the reader Turning detective fiction on its head … Jo Nesbo. Tomas Alfredson is to direct The Snowman, an adaptation of the seventh book in Norwegian author Jo Nesbo's series of crime novels about hardboiled Oslo detective Harry Hole. The 2-minute, 40-second trailer opens with Daniels' Harry Dunne making his daily visit to his best pal, Lloyd Christmas (Carey), who has seemingly been in a catatonic state at a mental institution for two decades.
No, that’s not the subject of a new fan theory, but it is the route a new fan-made trailer takes, recutting Harry Potter’s cinematic exploits — most notably in Prisoner of Azkaban — to make the Boy Who Lived look like he’s the one looking to cause trouble. Harry’s angrier or more impassioned moments are cleverly reshuffled in the new clip for a much darker take on the titular star.
If you can’t wait until November for Dumb and Dumber To, the international trailer has a few extra scenes that might hold you over for a little while longer.

The American trailer showed some of the first footage we’ve seen Harry and Lloyd in almost 20 years but it still left us wanting a little more.
What if Draco Malfoy was right all this time, and Harry was secretly the villain all along? Maybe it isn’t Voldemort, the dementors, and the several dozen other threats popping up on a daily basis that everyone needs to watch out for at Hogwarts.
We want to see as much footage and scenes from the new movie as possible but we also don’t want them to spoil any of the great bits that are best enjoyed with an audience in a big movie theater. A previous prequel a€” which featured neither of the original stars a€” tanked in theaters in 2003. It features some great throwbacks to the first film such as the pair’s search for the most annoying sound in the world and their failure to ogle at hot ladies.

He wants to hold his breath, do his job and get on the first, not necessarily best, plane back to Oslo. Can we just make a verbal agreement with the studio that we’ll promise to see the movie on November 14th if  they won’t release any more spoiler footage?

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