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ADR Mat for bed XL protects us from the biological damage of our body caused by the harmful EMF Radiation from cell phones, towers, high power tension lines, televisions, computers and other electrical equipments.
Poron foams provide sealing and cushioning in thin displays, medical devices, electronic enclosures, and automotive and industrial applications.
Poron foams die cut cleanly and are easy to fabricate into custom gaskets and cushioning pads. Poron’s excellent compression set resistance helps to prevent permanent material deformation that can cause custom gaskets to leak, or shock isolation pads to fail during impact. Poron AquaPro 37 foams for low-compression force sealing prevent the ingress of water and resist automotive fluids.
Poron ShockPad foams offer superior impact resistance in smartphones, tablets, and other mobile Internet devices (MIDs) that enclose electronic components in small packages. Poron ShockSeal foams are recommended for thinner, larger devices such as the liquid crystal displays (LCDs) used in ultra-high-definition television sets (UHDTV). Poron SlimGrip urethane foams are super-soft materials that have excellent rebound properties and can fill gaps smaller than 0.05mm. PoronThinStick foams feature a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) layer that supports greater compressibility than gasket materials with laminated adhesives. Poron Condux Plus provides reliable grounding and effective shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI).
Interstate Specialty Products uses precision die cutting to convert these and other types of Poron foam materials, including Poron DuraShape foams for fast, accurate die cut shapes.
To learn more about how Poron foam and precision die cutting can support your application, contact us on-line or call (800) 984-1811.

Shield out electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone masts, neighbourhood DECT and Wi-Fi, electricity pylons and many other EMF sources. Solving complex challenges requires expert leveraging of expert engineering, quality materials, and business savvy. These cellular urethanes range from super-soft to very firm, and support the use of a wide range of adhesives. These materials are inherently flame-retardant without the use of additives, and are free from plasticizers that can corrode metal or cause embrittlement. These microcellular urethane foams contain greater closed-cell content, and are recommended for applications that require vacuum sealing. Available in sheets as thin as 0.1mm, these urethane foams provide up to 7 times greater impact protection than other cushioning materials. Available in thicknesses as low as 0.5mm, Poron ShockSeal foams are also used in handheld devices to absorb energy from impacts. These Poron microcellular foams have a starting thickness of 0.5mm and require one-third the closure force of other gap-filling and cushioning materials. These microcellular Poron urethane foams fill tight gaps and promote optimal sealing in ultra-thin electronic devices that can challenge electronic designs.
With its low electrical resistance, this high-performance foam offers high electrical conductivity. Other types of specialty urethane foams include the Poron Soft Seal Series, which is designed for sealing at 6 pounds per cubic foot. Your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability.

Made by Rogers Corporation, Poron microcellular urethanes are recommended for long-term sealing and impact management .
They also provide chemical resistance and support engineering designs over a wide modulus range. Industrial grades of Poron ShockSeal urethanes meet the requirements of UL 50E (enclosures for electrical equipment) and UL 508 (industrial control panels).
Because Poron Condux Plus maintains its thickness over time, product designs can achieve more consistent electrical connections. Interstate also die cuts Poron V-0 foam, a polyurethane that’s designed to meet all UL 94 requirements for both the V-0 and HBF flammability ratings.
ADR Mat for bed protects from the most common negative effects of electromagnetic radiation like insomnia, feeling depressed, chronic tiredness, headache, disturbance of nervous system etc. Because they do not contain plasticizers, Poron Aqua Pro 37 foams are environmentally-friendly and have low outgassing. This cellular urethane foam also supports die cutting with clean, straight edges for optimum performance.
Retrofitting in the field is expensive so the initial installation must be done accurately the first time.

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