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The HCJ carbon had less low frequency noise as it covers your neck a little lower than the Shark RSI thus producing less wind turbulence.
I also got a deal recently on a Medium Shark RSR2 helmet which I can't wait to try out. Check it out over at the Hell For Leather Website which is one of my favorite websites around.
The padding is so soft and smooth (like the Arai) that I don't mind it being so small taking it off and on. This thing fits nice and tight on me and will surely stay in place when warp speed kicks in.
I have had some time to really put some miles on the ol Shark RSR2 helmet and I love everything about it.
At one point we were spaced maybe 2 bike lengths between riders at the most and we all found our tires kicking gravel right up into each others faces. Here is a GREAT review showing all sorts of details of this helmet that you wouldn't otherwise see.
Ok after trying on LOTS of helmets and riding around with them on here and there I can say that Arai is still my favorite. Well I've ridden a few times with the Medium RSR2 on and it still fits tight, tighter than my Arai Medium.
So I removed the padding and started figuring how I would modify it to allow more room for my ears. Then I can differentiate another type of noise which is the lower frequency waffs of noise that come from the lower opening of the helmet near your neck.
But it has more higher frequency wind noise from the number of vents that it has compared to the Shark RSI which only has a couple.

Mine is breaking in really nicely and I can take it on and off my head all day long and it doesn't hurt my face or ears.
It fits tight and secure on me and I once it's on I don't have to adjust it one bit for as long as I ride for which is really nice.
These few seconds I got showered with more rocks at high speed than I have ever seen in all my life.
The face sheild being the thickest one that you can buy on a streetbike helmet was nicked in a few places but not severely scratched to the point that I would need to replace it. The obvious one and then another one on top of the Shark logo and another just above the mouth piece. I had to tell myself that the shield is rated for F1 helmet thickness and to put my eyes back on the road even though it was raining debris.
I don't want the super air cooled venting ninja style RX-7, I just want one of the regular models. When I left a friends house I picked up the helmet to walk out the door and it surprised me again how light it is. In the next coupe days I'll take the HJC out on the Aprilia to get the whole helmet out in the wind so see how it sounds on a sportbike. I'm just really bummed because the Large is just a little too big to ride at fast speeds. I'm predicting that the Medium size will fit just as good as the RSI model and be perfect for more high speed situations than the HJC AC-12. I am so impressed by my Shark RSI I had to bump it up a notch and order up a Shark RSR2 Fugiwara Replica helmet. We did a lot of miles that day and that instance was the most dangerous instance the whole day. But the one big shot that I took to my dome really put a dent in the left temple area of the helmet. For all you cheapos out there I have also found the unknown answer to your fogging problems.

I actually took out the earpadding and removed some material which helped a great deal (more on this later).
My ears were hurting a bit but I just toughed it out and didn't think about it all that much. It's always fun to watch Jay make some wisecracks along the way so it's not too painful to watch at all. The RF-1000 also utilizes a version of the EPS two layer technology, allowing air to travel through internal ducts to the rear exhaust port. This is my most used helmet now as it's quiet and fits perfect for casual riding and is just barely tight enough for faster riding without pressing too hard against my nose. Seeing rocks fly right at your face makes you flinch your head down and that half of a second looking away from the road almost had me riding off the hillside.
It's not that bad but considering the force it takes to chip the plastic that much that one particular rock was a doozy. The thing that looks like a tooth turns once the shield is placed on the helmet, in order to hold the shield in place. But for now I would just like to point out to people that the sizing on these RSR2 helmets run small. Then the next day the top of my left ear puffed up and I seriously thought that I was bitten by a small spider while I was sleeping or something. But at this point the Arai RX-7 Medium fits on me the best and is more stable on my head at speed. It was like some evil elves had jumped out from the bushes in front of you and started shooting you up rocks.
I don't even know if it works in helmets but I tried it in my truck once and it was a mistake.

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