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Somone please fixed the links, I looked all over to find this update and now the url’s are broken. I must admit strategy games are not exactly my cup of tea, but I do appreciate good strategy titles when I find any. This adventure will please strategy fans for sure, as it includes all the typical elements you can find in this game genre: resource management, merciless battles and smart planning to take your empire to the highest level.
Sins of a Solar Empire features single player and multiplayer gaming modes (though the demo only lets you play the first one). Even if you're not a big strategy fan, you'll appreciate Sins of a Solar Empire for its original gaming environment. Take control of one of three space-faring races as you work to establish your dominance of the galaxy in Sins of a Solar Empire.
Explore and conquer neighboring planets and distant solar systems in a massively scaled, fully 3D galaxy featuring planets, clusters of asteroids, rare comets and radiant stars.

As battle hardened capital ships advance in level, their core offensive and defensive systems are improved and their unique abilities are unlocked.
Transition between the roles of emperor and fleet commander as you zoom-in seamlessly to direct a crucial battle while managing the rest of your empire effortlessly on the same screen. Diplomatic and economic strategies can exercise a variety of options including forging and breaking alliances, trading resources, placing bounties on backstabbing ex-allies and over-powered tyrants, blockading enemy planets, establishing trade routes and manipulating the commodities market. A stand-alone release that also contains all of the previous Solar Empire content, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion serves as both a sequel and a reinvention of the acclaimed 4X space strategy game. But don't be fooled by this apparently traditional scheme: being set in outer space, Sins of a Solar Empire is quite original for a strategy adventure. So, instead of using regular soldiers, horses, combat units or even tanks, you manage spaceships. Solo gaming presents you with a series of scenarios and various challenges, including typical strategy elements such as diplomacy alliances, research and development of new strategies and a rather unconventional black market where you can trade crystal and metal without following the legal procedures.

Through a combination of diplomacy, economic savvy, the spread of culture and of course sheer brute force and victory on the battlefield you will establish order over your corner of the galaxy. As you can see, there are many elements to be taken care of, which means that the game may feel a bit overwhelming at the beginning. Graphics are just fine, certainly not as detailed as other strategy games that are set in historical environments though. This confusion is particularly noticeable when moving around the playing area, because maps are quite large and you can easily get lost.

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