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For years summer in Australia has had a reputation as a time for backyard barbeques, beaches and holidays but recently, businesses have begun to view our hottest months in a new light. For these reasons, just as every business should have in place an emergency management plan, so too should every IT department.
Out of all of IT’s responsibilities during an emergency, disaster recovery (DR) is perhaps the most critical.
While there are plenty of expensive and complex approaches to DR, such as handing over DR management to another organisation or replicating your systems in real time to a fully redundant off site data centre, there are also some very effective and simple ways to ensure data and systems remain safe.
When an emergency makes it impossible to continue to work on site, one approach is to pay for access to an off-site disaster recovery facility. The only real downside of this solution is that access to these DR facilities is often on a first come, first served approach.
Another way to provide controlled access to your systems is by physically taking them with you. Inexpensive and fast to deploy, the Windows To Go drives provide a fast backup resource for any organisation at a time when they need to pack up and go quickly. Coupled with a cloud solution for back end services, this USB-based approach provides total portability of data and ensures managers and employees can continue to work with corporate systems from any device and any location, despite the uncertainty and upheaval occurring around them. Making sure your IT department is prepared for whatever summer may bring is an important part of business planning.
A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a documented process or set of procedures to recover and protect a business IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. This Disaster Recovery Plan template describes the IT framework and procedures to be activated in the event of a disaster occurring.
The following free templates for disaster recovery and business continuity planning are not one-size-fits-all, but they do offer frameworks to follow in order to reach your ideal DR and BC strategic goals.
Once the business defines the significance of all of their data, they can begin to develop their disaster recovery it takes is one small instance to ruin a company.
TOIGO: Disaster planning and recovery is not an issue where the size of your business matters.
In the first part of this series, we looked at the meaning of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) as a cloud-based service offering. Description Contingency Plan template suite for enterprise can be used for Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Risk Assessment, Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP Any organization, large or small, can use this template and adapt to their environment.
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The agency had $4.2 billion on hand for the program at the start of its fiscal year in October 2011, said an SBA spokesperson. The SBA responded to the critical report saying it is exempt from rules requiring it to refer delinquent borrowers to the Treasury Department. When those who borrow from the SBA's disaster loan program fall behind, they are legally allowed to work out a deal with the agency. In the worst case scenario, in which nothing is paid for 180 days, the SBA must pass along the responsibility of collecting to the Treasury.

Why It’s Critical That Small Businesses Test Their Disaster Recovery Plans You are using an outdated browser.
June 2013 saw the entire country shocked and mourning the loss of thousands of lives to the floods in Uttarakhand. Terms and conditions, features, support, pricing, and service options subject to change without notice.
The increasing severity of storms and cyclones, devastating floods, unexpected power outages, plus the long dry spells that can lead to devastating bushfires have made the lead-up to summer a time of disaster preparation for many IT departments. Equipped with rooms filled with PCs, these facilities provide the infrastructure that allows businesses to run their systems and access their data via the cloud or using backup storage devices. If your city or suburb has been affected by flood and numerous companies are affected, you may find your organisation stuck in a queue, waiting to get in to the facility. Since 2011 it has been possible to purchase a fully functioning portable version of Windows on a specially developed Windows To Go USB flash drive.
The low price of the drives compared to traditional alternatives and their ease of use make them particularly appealing to small and medium businesses. To do this you need to determine the value of an application when it’s running, and understand the impact when it stops. If you have to abandon your workplace, even for a short time, users are still going to need access to hardware and enterprise systems.
Recovery strategies should be developed for Information technology (IT) systems, applications and data. You can use any number of free templates available online or find an actual plan published by an organization similar to yours and modify it as needed.
Whether you have a small business or large corporation, the tactical considerations are the same.
Every business needs a disaster recovery plan, from small startups to massive government safe no matter what happens.
But as that program expands, an audit reveals the agency hasn't properly handled $171 million in delinquent loans. But the SBA hasn't followed collection rules, allowing millions of dollars to stay in limbo, the inspector general audit found. Heat and arduous conditions are ruining crops across the country, and the drought is hurting small businesses that rely on spending by farmers. The SBA had identified nearly half of those as having collateral and being ready for foreclosure, but it hadn't yet started moving on those either. Sometimes it is an earthquake somewhere, cyclones and cloud bursts somewhere else that cripples normal life, affecting livelihoods.
Identify those employees in your business who can carry on the critical functions without much supervision in case of an emergency.
Try doing a mock drill every once in a while, say once in a quarter or 6 months, in order to check the efficacy of the disaster recovery plan you have charted out. Write to us to tell us what more you think is important in the preparation of a disaster management plan.
While no-one wants to believe in the worst, understanding the risks to the business and taking appropriate precautions are prudent steps for any organisation. Similar in look and size to any other USB stick, the Windows To Go drive contains a bootable, workable version of Windows. Industry tests have shown that deploying Windows To Go drives can produce cost savings of up to 59 per cent compared to VDI or laptop installations.
If you have to pack up and leave immediately, know what you must take with you and what isn’t important.
For more security conscious organisations, there are also hardware encrypted devices which may also wipe or self-destruct after a set number of incorrect password attempts.

This can be difficult to achieve, but with a USB-based solution, users can take their data with them. Be it for tangible or intangible property, getting some of the basic insurances in place is a must for every business.
After all, every business information, intellectual property resides in your computers, laptops, servers and hard drives. A complete strategy to safeguarding your business premises by installing data security, using good methods of storage, informing and educating employees, unplugging unnecessary appliances and by being alert. Empower them with the necessary resources such as laptops, mobile phones, data cards, so that they can carry on these functions even without having to come to the office.
And one of the most important of these is to put in place a fast, easy and affordable disaster recovery solution for client systems. When users plug the USB drive into their laptop or home PC, they are presented with the familiarity of their normal enterprise desktop environment, complete with any corporate policies and security. And for those organisations, usually government bodies that must have a certified device, look for devices which can offer FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification. They can continue to work using any Windows-compatible device, no matter where they find themselves.
Unless you make it a habit of keeping a regular back-up of your business data, you run the risk of losing them to system crashes, man-made or natural disasters. Things To Keep In Mind For Office Security is a good guide on how to go about ensuring the security of your office premises. As Brisbane-based businesses learned in 2011 and again in 2013, floods don’t discriminate between urban and rural areas. This is a requirement for civilian and military US federal agencies, and is considered a benchmark for security and reliability for enterprises requiring the highest level of security.
And in the event of a major emergency, this may be an essential first step towards keeping the business running.
Here is a bird’s eye view of some of the insurances that may be applicable to your business – Types of Insurances for Small Businesses. Further, it is extremely important that you keep this data back-up at a place other than your office.
Bushfires may pose a lesser risk to those in the city, but for many regional, rural and remote businesses, they are a real threat.
Just as you take steps to safeguard your own life and your belongings in times of both natural and man-made disasters, you need to do the same for your business. When they do test, 81 percent of respondents report problems, and 11 percent encounter major problems or “complete failure.”The survey by IT continuity firm Neverfail polled 252 IT professionals.
And while it is true that beyond a point, you cannot do much, it is imperative that you ensure that the basic safety and recovery strategies are in place.
Should there be a disaster, you should be able to recover your lost data at the earliest and get back to business as usual. One common weakness it reveals is that many businesses use a hodge-podge of physical servers and virtual, cloud-based servers.
Virtual servers present a safer choice when it comes to disaster planning, but 44 percent of businesses have critical business applications split between physical and virtual servers.

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