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At a briefing earlier today, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata explained that the company was now developing a device to monitor sleep and levels of fatigue. Zynga is rebooting one of its most well known and popular games, Words With Friends, with an update for the iPhone and iPad that not only adds some new features but also changes the name of the game slightly to New Words With Friends. Casio's team of smart-ish G-Shock watches is getting a new member next month that's fixated on finding new music.
With the traditional music industry floundering, some acts have embraced the rapidly changing musical landscape more than others.
In addition to opening doors, that set of keys in your pocket also serves as makeshift knives, prybars, and even ice scrapers. Harebrained Schemes has announced Shadowrun: Dragonfall, the follow-up to sir successful isometric action title Shadowrun Returns. Everybody who's familiar with her work knows that Dutch graphic designer Irma Boom is brilliant with books. Throughout the 2012 Presidential campaign, Republican contenders criticized the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a “federal take-over of health care” for its promotion of national uniformity in health coverage and access.
As implementation unfolds, however, the ACA’s impact on the roles of federal, state, and private actors is uncertain. The ACA seeks to preserve and even enhances the states’ traditional role in regulating health insurance through newly created state health insurance exchanges to assist individuals and small employers to obtain coverage. States had until mid-December 2012 to declare their preference and, contrary to initial assumptions about states wanting to maintain control, only 18 plus the District of Columbia decided to establish their own exchanges. The remaining 32 states that passed on running their own exchanges must decide by February 15, 2013 whether to partner with the federal government or delegate all exchange responsibilities to HHS. The ACA’s reliance on state-based exchanges was designed to maintain state influence over their insurance markets, as they have done under the McCarron-Ferguson Act and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). The state and federal balance is playing out quite differently in the story of essential health benefits. Traditionally, many states have required health insurance policies to cover certain benefits over and above standard offerings, although the additionally mandated benefits will vary from state to state. The ACA provides that small group and individual insurance policies, offered both inside and outside of the exchanges, must cover a core set of “essential health benefits” (EHBs). CMS’s proposed rule, however, abandons this quest for uniformity by directing each state to designate its own EHB “benchmark” plan from a range of HHS-identified plans offered within that state.
The rule provides that state benefits mandates enacted as of December 31, 2011 will be considered part of the EHB package for plans within the same market, at least during a transition period from 2014 through 2015.
In the private market, only individuals covered by insurance policies in the individual and small employer markets will benefit directly from this new requirement – at least initially.
And this impact is likely to grow if more plans are brought within EHB requirements as originally envisioned by the ACA.
Some large and small employers, however, choose to self-insure, paying the costs of employee health benefits as they are incurred (often relying on reinsurance once a certain payout level is reached). The absence of consistent coverage of benefits under the ACA is on full display with the law’s fractured regulation of employer sponsored small group plans. The federal government’s role in health care regulation has grown over time, especially since the inception of Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960s. The ACA continues this trend, but its approach is decidedly tempered in order to accommodate both states and the private sector. Yes,  Please see Medicare Publication 02179 for an explanation of how Medicare Co-Ordinates with Group Health Insurance, Workers Compensation, etc. You’re 65 or older and covered by a group health plan through your current employer or the current employer of a spouse of any age.
This web site is owned and maintained by Steve Shorr Insurance, which is solely responsible for its content. Citi is over 200 years old, an established global financial landmark with a great history but the rules of the game are changing!
ERR took two golds for Best Simulation or Virtual Environment and Best E-learning Project - Private Sector, as well as a collection of silver and bronze trophies for Team of the Year and Best Blended Learning.
Healthcare professionals at the front line are often unsure of their role in improving quality and how to influence change. The Worldmark Academy is a global eLearning initiative, bringing learning and development to employees in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
While the Wu-Tang Clan is hawking just a single copy of its upcoming double album, John Frusciante is letting anyone on Earth listen to his for free—at least for as long as the satellite it's riding stays aloft.
Great news for anyone who doesn't want to be saddled with 70 channels they're never watching. You can at least visit from the safety and convenience of your own computer because Google has mapped more than 44 different U.S.
She's crafted everything from a bite-sized biography to a rainbow-hued, 2,136-page corporate history. Yet long before passage, the architects of the ACA quickly rejected a federal single payor system, or even a federal public plan to complement the private sector plans due to forceful opposition to national reform. It was widely assumed that states would prefer to operate their exchanges for their own residents instead of having the federal government do it.
To date, HHS has conditionally approved 17 states plus the District of Columbia to operate a state-based exchange.
Residents of these (predominantly Red) states will therefore be consigned to federal or federal-state hybrid exchanges. Here, too, a power shift has occurred, but this time, it is the federal government that has punted. For example, fertility treatments, substance abuse treatments, and acupuncture have been mandated in certain states and not others. States that continue to mandate benefits in addition to EHBs must pay an additional amount toward the subsidy provided to individuals on the exchanges (which could discourage states from requiring anything more than EHBs). Twenty-two states failed to designate an EHB benchmark by the December 26 deadline and those states will be required to use the largest selling plan in the small-group market as their benchmark EHB plan. This would relieve states from having to pay additional subsidies for their mandated benefits.
Presently, large fully insured employer plans are exempt from EHB requirements but must comply with state benefits mandates and the modest coverage requirements of ERISA. Due to the complexities of ERISA preemption, self-insured plans are “saved” from state benefit mandates although they are subject to the handful of benefits required under ERISA.
By leaving ERISA largely intact, the ACA excludes self-funded employment-based ERISA plans from state exchanges and EHB requirements.
The result is a dizzying array of plan types (self-insured, fully insured, small market, individual market, large market, grandfathered) subject to an equally dizzying array of ACA, ERISA, and individual state requirements. The ACA is being defined as it is implemented, with unexpected twists and turns along the way.
This site is not maintained by or affiliated with Covered California, and Covered California bears no responsibility for its content.
In exploring how the organisation needed to change, innovate and grow, it was clear that the bank faced the need to change its mindset, ethical decision-making and culture.
In this case study, we explore how they did it and what we can learn from them.ERR (Engineering Real Results) are market leaders in vocational education, training over 6,000 students each year in a variety of trade skills. We have been keeping track of performance and staff engagement throughout the project and have been delighted with the results. Today, over 40,000 aid workers from 190 countries have accessed the learning portal to enhance their preparedness for whatever assignment comes next.
Quality improvement is now becoming part of the training and on-going assessment for healthcare professionals. That is the challenge for the NHS Leadership Academy and its Head of Professional Development, Chris Lake. Faced with rapid growth on three continents, Worldmark needed to improve individual performance and identify future leaders.
But the very system it had in place to deliver such excellence for customer enquiries was leading to delays, falling efficiency and frustrated customers and staff. We can help you compare the outputs of your modernised learning strategy with your peers but perhaps more importantly the benchmark helps you compare your tactics for achieving those outcomes against the top performers.The Towards Maturity Index is the lead indicator at the heart of the Towards Maturity Benchmark Process.
In recent years, trust in the conduct of the major UK public service broadcasters has been eroded by some well-publicised lapses. It provides new recruits with technical training needed for an engineering career across multiple disciplines including maritime, mechanical, aeronautical communication and information systems.
Including the new campaign, there are a number of additions and improvements from Shadowrun Returns. Instead, they traveled the only politically viable road to reform:  maintaining the fragmented and complex system of health care coverage, where federal and state governments as well as the private sector play pivotal roles.
Nevertheless, recent developments demonstrate that implementation may bring surprising results which, at least in some instances, are both unintended and problematic.
Consequently, the ACA contemplates states running most of the exchanges, with the federal government stepping in only when a state is unable or unwilling to do so. Of that group, only 3 would qualify as politically “Red” states (Idaho, Kentucky and Utah). Two early applicants, Arkansas and Delaware, received conditional approval to run a state and federal partnership exchange. What is immediately apparent is that with regard to state-based expectations, by yielding control of exchanges to the federal government, states punted.

The ACA was designed to improve uniformity of the content of health care coverage among the states and different markets.
One study finds that prescription drug coverage may be broad enough to cover virtually all drugs approved by the FDA in some states, while other states only require coverage of less than half of such drugs.
All plans that cover EHBs must offer benefits that are substantially equal to the benefits offered by the benchmark plan. Nevertheless, permitting states to determine EHBs and preserving additional pre-2012 state benefit mandates causes considerable interstate variability in covered benefits for the individual and small group policies subject to the EHB requirement. Accordingly, for the immediate future, the proposed EHB rule will extend to a relatively small segment of the American public. Preserving broad ERISA preemption of state law also continues to exempt such plans from state mandated benefits entirely. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1973 and the insurance reforms of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, for example, took a patchwork approach to allocating oversight responsibilities among federal and state regulators, while respecting the role of private players in health care insurance and delivery systems. Such fragmentation may confound those who criticized the ACA as a federal-takeover of health care. How this story will unfold, and what effect the ACA will ultimately have, cannot be known until it reaches the final chapter of full implementation and its impact in the years to come. The e-mail addresses and telephone numbers that appear throughout this site belong to Steve Shorr Insurance, and cannot be used to contact Covered California, directly, unless specifically stated. They are known for providing high quality training, leading to nationally recognised qualifications. This means that increasingly doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals worldwide will be required to engage with activities and projects that improve healthcare quality and safety which in turn make a real difference to patients. This included office-based staff as well as hospital-based functions encompassing cleaners, caterers, porters, maintenance, engineers and surveyors.
An urgent solution was needed.The existing knowledge portal called Evolution, introduced in 2012, was designed to provide answers in real time, but it was proving difficult to use and had a limited search function. Trust is critical for Channel 4, because its relationship with viewers directly affects advertising sales revenues. The team are also embracing how they can maximise the use of technology and new T&D approaches to facilitate learning in a challenging context. Their services help the abused, the most vulnerable, the forgotten and the neglected children across the UK. The resulting campaign called Learning Leap has helped to transform compliance training at Tesco delivering unprecedented levels of engagement. In Dragonfall, you lead a small team of shadowrunners, each with their own weaknesses and strengths that play vital roles during missions.
The ACA’s expansion of coverage is accomplished by continuing and even increasing state oversight, reinforcing the private market, and involving both employers and individuals.
We address two that pose particular challenges to achieving the ACA’s goals of expanding and harmonizing coverage among and between states: 1) the establishment of state exchanges, and 2) the determination of essential health benefits. The hybrid approach envisions federal transitional assistance during the early years of the exchange, after which the exchange will be run exclusively by the state.
The result is an unexpected power shift away from the states and to the federal government.
It does so by requiring the federal government to determine mandated “essential health benefits” (EHBs). Vesting primary control over the content of health insurance policies in federal regulators would, in theory, replace the patchwork of varying state-by-state benefits with a more uniform federal requirement. Even with this limited impact, it boldly upends early predictions of a more uniform “national benefits package” with a diminished role for the states. At that point, presumably such plans would be required to offer the EHBs as well as any additional ERISA mandated benefits, but future guidance from HHS is needed on this point. ACA supporters who anticipated that federal reform would simplify the complex blend of federal and state regulation may be equally bewildered by the ongoing confusion. Workers also have to evidence their understanding of how information security is managed within their job roles, to meet Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) requirements. However, there are massive gaps and inconsistencies in standards, training, activity levels and outcomes. Hesketh’s role included setting up training, management development, commercial training and appraisals across this new organisation.However, with 3,200 staff from 161 NHS organisations, where do you start?
Worldmark International has grown rapidly from a single site UK organisation into a global one with 12 manufacturing sites and six Design Centres. The information on the site was written by the process team so the language was technical and difficult for front-line staff to relay to customers. Chief Executive David Abraham made awareness and adherence to the Channel 4 Code of Conduct a key priority for all colleagues. Quick tipsIt is higly beneficial for senior members of the training & development dept' to have an active service delivery role. The academy builds blended learning skills, alongside how to consult, build relationships and have challenging conversations.
The organisation employs 30,000 people across 40 countries worldwide, and sells toys in more than 150 countries. You and your team will get pulled into a conspiracy in the Free City of Berlin, the Flux-State. As enacted, therefore, the ACA’s fragmented approach to health reform is clearly not a federal take-over.
We will leave the related topic of legal challenges to the so-called “employer mandate” for future discussion. In contrast, solely federal exchanges are not transitional and are expected to operate indefinitely, until a state applies to run its own exchange. By ceding this authority to the states, HHS has made the law as implemented look more like a federal retreat than a take-over. The ACA also exempts certain individual, small group and large group insured “grandfathered plans” from EHB rules. Thus, even after 2017, the reach of the EHB requirement into the large group market will be limited. Consequently, instead of bringing order to a system that had become synonymous with fragmentation, the ACA follows tradition by adding to the crazy quilt of U.S. Analysis by the Royal Academy of Engineering suggests Britain will need more than a million new engineers and technicians by 2020 – which will require double the current number of annual engineering graduates and apprentices. Many managers are primarily concerned with efficiencies, providing value and reducing costs. Indeed, every enquiry into the NHS, both its failings and its successes, highlights some aspect of leadership. As a result, customer service representatives (CSR’s) struggled to understand the technical explanations which led to delays and unresolved customer queries. We have to have the critical capabilities in place to run, transform and drive the company forward.
The L&D team also have dedicated research arm, so they can continually scan the horizon for new developments. Their focus has shifted from learning delivery to increased use of learning technologies and embedded performance support. Community Match provides players with a personalized way to find more opponents and opportunities to play more games.
Dragonfall also feaures new weapons, like a long-range sniper rifle and grenade launcher, as well as new cyberware. For more details, please read the site's Disclaimer, Visitor Agreement, and Privacy Statement.
Without them, any chance of riding on the coat-tails of an infrastructure-led economic revival appears to be wishful thinking. Clinicians and other healthcare professionals have very little knowledge or expertise in this field which makes quality improvement a complex challenge for healthcare internationally. On top of that, the NHS is under massive pressure to deliver more with less, in ways not previously part of its DNA. The aim of the academy was clear: to retain staff, improve performance in the workplace, change behaviour linked to company values, identify future leaders and provide a consistent approach to management development. This resulted in customers getting frustrated, staff having to make unnecessary call-backs and customers receiving inconsistent information. Our employees have to be confident, engaged and knowledgeable whilst delivering the personal touch to our customers as the retail landscape evolves and shopping habits change through the latest digital developments.
Mattel has created regional centres of excellence for organisation development designed to build OD and L&D capability, facilitate connections and drive change across the international business. The specific idea was to marry informal and formal learning with great learning conversations for social learning. To what extent grandfathered plans will lose their grandfathered status over time is not yet known. But they needed to get the dynamics right - not just to create a top-down push but a pull to bring about an employee-owned and manager-supported learning culture. It is about relationships between the relief organisations and between these organisations and local operatives. Frontline staff, such as hospital porters or catering managers, and even patients themselves can often have the biggest impact on quality improvement, but have seldom been influential before this innovative approach from the BMJ. The Worldmark Academy has now made rapid inroads in to aligning learning to the needs of employees and to the corporate values and key goals.

High levels of calls to the technical support line in 2012 highlighted that a new approach to improving employee’s ongoing product knowledge on the job was desperately needed.
The team are focusing on outcomes and impact, not inputs, and are celebrating success as they go.
You can now save your progress at any time in the game, and this feature is also coming to the Shadowrun Returns "Dead Man's Switch" campaign. Increasing the number of qualified individuals in the field is tougher than it looks.Many individuals are looking to retrain for the construction industry.
The most junior Edward Jenner programme, aimed at those beginning their leadership journey, is free to all users. In addition to Community Match, players can still enjoy the Smart Match feature to find new opponents. They are often working full time, or have family commitments and needed a training programme that was flexible and accessible. They were eager to create the best possible learning experience for their people and it was this enthusiasm that made them great to work with.
The learning solutionTo address this issue, the BMJ developed a flexible and comprehensive programme to support those undertaking healthcare quality improvement projects – often for the first time. This means that IT teams can quickly spot trends and the issues that people need support with. Dictionary and Word of the Day – Build your vocabulary and learn the meaning of more than 170,000 words in the Words With Friends lexicon using the new Dictionary feature including definitions, audio pronunciation, and a word's frequency of play. A scripting system for better lighting control, tracking mission objectives in the primary game interface, and letting players use keypad passwords and custom text strings in conversations. Traditionally, when supporting the implementation of a new initiative the team would have pushed content to staff but this campaign encouraged everyday learning through a series of micro actions embedded into their work. Project teams are helped to select a project, guided through the process, and encouraged to complete and write up their project. This article was first published in Training Journal.Registered users can download the case study for free by clicking on the link in the related downloads below. Today, they tend to turn to Google, YouTube or contact their peers for quick answers rather than plough through detailed instruction manuals.
We’re looking at not building these massive, great tanker ships, but building little assets, mini-ships, that we can deploy really quickly and that you can put together in a different format. Not only from the leaders, the general managers and the functional leads, but also from the existing generalists.
A  Also, she has made it clear to me she has no desire to visit you there.A  As you and I agreed years ago, we would only have Claire visit you outside of Juneau if she wanted to. Word of the Day presents a new word each day directly on the main screen to expand players' vocabularies and word savviness. The Berlin environment art, items, and characters will all be available for use in custom creations.
Learners were taken through real life scenarios provided by staff and asked to make choices, they explored a virtual office to discover the possible dangers and they even had a go at cracking a password!
The need for rapid, on the ground innovation is always a potential stress point in the face of organisational hierarchies. Learning, mentoring and opportunities for collaboration and publication are all combined in the BMJ programme, with over 200 projects completed to date in hospitals and healthcare centres up and down the country, raising the quality of patient care and hospital practice. Like other charities we have been impacted by the recession and by a reduction in government spending. Develop a culture that embraces to be adaptable, a willingness to aquire & learn new skills and continually develop, through formal training or attending conferences, will resource your ability to adapt to changes. For the humanitarian organisation, each environment in which they work is about developing people for growth (their own and locals) but at the same time development for redundancy in that situation. The BMJ Quality Improvement Reports journal aims to publish a high volume of quality improvement reports to help healthcare professionals document and share innovations and excellence in care.
As of today, 2,500 aspirant leaders, managers and clinicians use this programme to bolster their leadership skills. In addition the very nature of our core business of conducting research has seen massive changes due to technology. Profile and Stats – Present your game face and show-off your victories with new Profiles and Stats. A version for iPad and Android tablets is expected to follow shortly after the desktop release. It was critical to shift to new learning principles, principles, and pivot our role as Learning professionals.
This ensured that people knew that it was coming, and explained why the eLearning and the audit were important to CRI. Players can now track their all-time playing history including high score, number of games completed, and their average word score. An email campaign, together with banners on the CRI intranet, helped to push these messages. The portal has not only provided an opportunity for speed and scale but also for assurance of quality through the use of accreditation, badges and the other tools available through technology. Player Profiles also enable players to compare their stats with friends and recent opponents in a fun, animated format. An estimate and quote applicationThe resultsResearch with individuals after they completed the programme showed that 98% of the students who achieved their qualification using this method secured employment within 6 weeks of qualifying.
Delivering and supporting learning that is applied consistently at the territory level to busy professionals is essential for our continued success. Staff commented in feedback that they really liked the way the course felt like it was targeted at them. Increasingly those communities are becoming self-sustaining communities of practice supporting workers in the difficult field conditions of tented communities and relief camps. They appreciated the pictures of CRI posters and branded mugs in the eLearning scenes and said they could recognise real life scenarios from experience. Volunteers, often from outside the direct humanitarian field, provide material to fill gaps in the provision. During this call the online password was reset, he submitted a Removal of Non-maketable Security Form ,and placed an order to sell Ultra Short S&P 500 ProShares (SDS). The communication language is currently mostly English but materials are now also becoming available in French and Arabic.
A steady campaign before the course was even created, with visual teasers, helped to raise awareness of why the learning was important – not just for the organisation but for all staff and service users. Disaster response needs workers who have technical and soft skills, are emotionally well prepared and responsive to situations they find. Again, designed and delivered in partnership with the KPMG-led consortium and the NHS Leadership Academy, the programme has unique elements designed to ensure its powerful development is landed and integrated across the health and care. It is important that workers have the means to share, seek advice and support one another regardless of their affiliations. In addition to four face-to-face highly experiential residentials and seven challenging learning set meetings, there’s also a state of the art virtual campus.
Traditionally this has been a challenge, but for example using webinar speakers from a range of client organisations, making the content available to everyone, is breaking down those barriers and encouraging collaboration and sharing.
Performance on the programme is peer-assessed by other participants – and it is real: there is an 8% failure rate! A I am still waiting to hear your detailed explanation as to why you have knowingly, willingly, and repeatedly been uncooperative in scheduling past and future visitation for Claire with me.
Chris Lake believes a major element to the success of the programmes lays in the decision to co-create with expert partners, including National Voices. 500 pieces of material used voluntarily by 40,000 workers in over 190 countries suggests that in stressful, deadline driven situations people are finding the portal to provide real help. The rigorous procurement process prioritised culture and values as well as capability and cost, considered essential for achieving the quality needed to address NHS challenges.
The ultimate test is whether the increased leadership skills and the organisational and cultural shifts they are bringing about in relief work are being felt by the ultimate customer – the victim of the disaster.
The initiative is characterised by simple technology to enable its accessibility, ensuring its reliability when needed. Engagement is an emerging key need, harnessing the technology power of gamification, badges, excellent visuals and the other features it brings.Where next? A programme participant cannot pass the course without delivering measured service improvement – and it has to be written up. For most programmes this is posted globally online (on the publicly available NHSX site) to enable others to learn from it. Ultimately the vision is to move into enhancing the self-preparedness of potential victims. In the light of the recent terrible events in Nepal, the American Red Cross interest in this in relation to California is of note! This case study has been independently investigated and developed by Towards Maturity.

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