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SMP, a level 77 legendary creator on Planet Minecraft, created an awesome texture pack that uses Randomobs mods and MCPatcher’s Connected Textures to create a wonderfully detailed texture pack. SMP has been working on various realistic looking texture packs for the last two years, starting with Sci Fi themed ones.
According to SMP’s PMC page you should backup your files before uploading one of his updates as he has received complaints in the past about changing certain aspects of the texture pack.
The overall player response to this texture back was lukewarm, mostly due to the limited interested in adventure fantasy games from Minecraft players, if the comments on SMP’s PMC page are to be believed. If you are looking to use his extensive mod support you will need MCPatcher and he notes that right now MCPatcher has a much better CTM than Optfine and will cause you to encounter less bugs.

The Revival Texture Pack is an adventure based texture pack that lets you play as various adventure characters such as dwarves, mages, elves, Halflings, rangers or a race of people called Steves.
Since the beginning SMP has made numerous changes to the Revival Texture Pack, including an overall change in style, better pixel art and added features. The players who enjoy this texture pack, however, are very impressed with SMP’s attention to detail and one look at any screen shot will tell you that a lot of love went into this pack. Select it (may take a few seconds for high-resolution packs), and click Done. The resource pack is now applied, you may now load your world and see the difference. This texture pack is reminiscent of adventure RPG games such as Final Fantasy or Lord of the Rings, with a Minecraft twist.

He plans to continue updating this texture pack in the future, though he admits that sometimes it can take a while to get new updates out.
I take no credit, all I did was smash the two zips together so they would play nice with 1.8.

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