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To make the chocolate spoons (this is fun to do with your kids!), melt a few blocks of chocolate in the microwave, and dip the tops of some chocolate spoons into it (we made four per gift basket). For the hot chocolate jar, fill the small mason jar with hot chocolate mix and a handful of mini marshmallows.
Christina is a crafty mommy to three little girls, a wife to one handsome hubby, and they all live in a home they built themselves in rural Alberta, Canada. I just landed on these adorable gift tin ideas and I am so excited now for upcoming holidays.
While whales rarely mean to cause harm to us humans, the sad fact is that they are just too hungry (and stupid) for their own good.
Like most animals, the whale’s stomach contains a noxious concoction of highly acidic bile. Some people think that all those noxious fumes in the stomach might be poisonous if inhaled.
Every year, hundreds of people are lost at sea thanks to such catastrophes as plane crashes, capsized boats and vengeful ex-girlfriends. Glanton helped his family survive by immediately starting a fire, and then transporting heated rocks into their vehicle. Besides desert climates, winter is the worst to endure, and the military has whole courses designed to teach its people how to survive.
Here are a few tips and some items the Marine Corps considers essential to combating the cold. Considering you probably won't be "caught behind enemy lines," we can dispense with the war time survival tips and get right to survival.
Prep a platform of dry interlocking green limbs to be set ablaze at a moment's notice, and bright pieces of clothing or material could be placed in visible places. November 09 2015 By Crystal 10 Comments This is a sponsored post for Jack’s Pizza through The Motherhood. Winter is on it’s way and with it comes snow, at least in my neck of the woods here in the midwest.
Craft Supplies – While I always make sure to keep a stash of craft supplies on hand anyway, they’re especially handy on long, snowy afternoons.
Warm Blankets and Pajamas – Nothing is better than spending a cold day in your comfiest pajamas and, to go with our time watching movies on the couch together, we need comfy blankets big enough for us all to cuddle under together. Jack’s Pizza – Made in the Midwest with pride, Jack’s Pizza is made with 100 percent real Wisconsin cheese and a preservative-free crust, making it a great option that you can feel good about serving. There really isn’t much more on my list for a snow day after the pj’s and warm blanket!
Also… not sure if you knew or not but you have a spelling error on step # 4 of the cookie printable.
It seems us land mammals can’t swim more than three feet in the ocean without encountering one of these giant, gentle beasts. What with the constant skimming for krill, it’s no wonder those bumbling sacks of blubber swallow an estimated 5 million people each year. Suffering a lost limb, open gash or decapitated head upon entry will certainly make survival a bit more difficult.

Let the bile come in contact with your body for too long, and oops, you’ve been digested (and later, turned into poop!).
Use a fishnet to skim these little crustaceans out of the bile and into your makeshift life raft. If you planned ahead, hopefully you brought along some coloring books or something to keep you busy.
And while the majority of these unfortunate souls will inevitably be eaten by a shark or drowned by a mermaid, a scant few will be lucky enough to survive by washing up on the shore of some deserted island. Rather, you were undoubtedly chosen to survive thanks to the benevolence and kindness of some higher form of being. No one wants to spend the rest of his life marooned on an island talking to a beach ball (that’s no way to live). If a plane flies over Sandtopia (that’s what you will probably name your island), then a simple message on the beach may alert the crew to your presence.
However, by combining several of these tactics, you will almost certainly be back home within a few hours. They come from the Winter Survival Course Handbook, which draws reference from the UK's SAS Survival Handbook. Conserve food:A Given that you told people where you were going, they'll be out looking for you within a day or so. Improve survival conditions:A This doesn't just mean upgrade your shelter with new additions. While the kids love the idea of snow, because that means the possibility for snow days, there’s then the question of what to do. We could make a Winter Paint Splatter Pine Cone Scene or some Snowman Bottle Lid Photo Ornaments or create a craft that’s entirely new. We have a selection of some of our favorites available, but I’ll need to pick up a few new releases before winter strikes. And it’s easy to keep Jack’s Pizza stocked in your freezer for quick and easy meal-solutions, even on the coldest days. CT as we’re teaming up with Jack’s Pizza for this Twitter party to share an easy way moms can win the day. I’m used to rarely getting snow days in Michigan but the whole system shuts down when it snows in North Carolina. I also share fun things on Instagram and my new YouTube channel and I'd love to connect with you there. Any chance you have a printable template for the snowflake that is on the lid of the Christmas Hot Chocolate jar?
But others, such as Jonah from the Bible or Pinocchio from the Koran, survive comfortably and live to tell the tale.
Because of this, when encountering a whale, experts agree that curling up into a tight ball is the best course of action. By which, of course, I mean the pod of dolphins that happened upon your unconscious body and swam you to safety. So don’t get lazy out there on the beach – do at least two of these things before resigning yourself to working on your tan or building sand castles on the beach.

If you're on foot, build a shelter, or find one: Finding shelter is the paramount consideration when stuck in extreme weather. Because while playing in the snow is fun for about 5 minutes, how do we pass the rest of an afternoon while we’re huddled inside out of the cold? Thanks so much for stopping by!We have had far too many Snow Days here for my liking lately. Thanks so much for putting all of these ideas online with clickable links to make the project so easy. While these heroes only survived in a whale for a few days, long-term survival is also possible (example: I once successfully dodged the draft by living in a whale for two years straight). That way, when swallowed, you will minimize the surface area of your body that might become crushed or caught on one of the whale’s many giant, jagged teeth. Or, try using a wooden plank to see how fast you can row around the circumference of the stomach. This is extraordinarily helpful, because it means you can directly contact someone for help! We will be giving away four prizes to randomly selected participants who answer the trivia questions correctly. A couple of weeks ago, the temperature dropped to -44 degrees (celcius) with the windchill! Punch a hole in the top of the instructions, and thread a piece of ribbon or twine (long enough to go around the jar) through the tag and a cookie cutter.
So, if you ever find yourself eye-to-eye with a whale, take a few tips from the expert (i.e. If you still have a bunch of dead corpses lying around from the plane crash, then they’re easy enough to twist and bend into letters. If it is eventually found, you’ll want to be sure that the alerted party will be able to locate you. Possible avenues for rescue include ordering a boat and having it shipped to your island or, if you’re low on cash, lobbying the government to raise funds and resources to build an oceanic land bridge that connects your island directly to the United States.
We’ve also had several feet of snow recently, plus some freezing rain to top it all off.
As such, be sure to include the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of your island in the message.
If possible, add other helpful features such as a sail, overhang for protection from the sun and a harness and reins that you can attach to that pod of dolphins in case they show up again. Needless to say, we’ve spend a lot of time inside doing crafts, Christmas baking and watching movies.

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