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The Sun Rocket Solar Kettle is designed formaximum portability and flexibility giving you freedom to roam.
This Solar Kettle is BPA Free and high grade glassleaves water tasting just like it should.
START A FIRE – This wristband has eleven different survival essentials inside including a scraper, flint rod and tinder.
Durable, Light Weight & Practical That Literally Fits Even In The Glove Compartment Of Your Car.
Being prepared with a back up power system in the event of a major disaster or prolonged power outage is another important step in disaster planning. Backup power generator is a great product to help maintain electricity in your home during eletrical power failures, disasters, as well as blackouts and rolling brownouts.
There are a variety of alternative power sources out there to choose from such as portable generators that will allow you to operator a few select items and the standby whole house generators that will switch on automacially when there is a power outage. The most commonly used backup power sources are portable gas and propane generators; however, there are other alternative types such as wind and solar power generators.
Generators can keep the whole house powered or just certain appliances like refrigerators, freezers and emergency medical equipment.
Create a list of the items you want to run off the generator and the wattage requirement of each item (note any differences for start-up and usage).
Do you want a permanent or portable generator - one that will kick on automatically when the power shuts off and switches off when the power returns or one that you will hook up as needed. Determine the type of fuel source you will use; gas, diesel, propane or do you want to go the wind or solar route. When comparing prices within your wattage requirements the average unit ranges from $500 to $3,000 depending upon brand, size, wattage, fuel source, warranty and maintenance requirements. Figure on $500 to $1,000 for installing stationary generators and, for all types, at least $500 for a power-transfer switch to power hardwired circuits, which avoids having to run extension cords. If you are using gas or diesel you will need to have plenty of fuel on hand, since filling stations often shut down during blackouts and most home-sized models use 12 to 18 gallons of gasoline per day. Gasoline can’t be stored for a long time and diesel is not readily available so it would best to use propane. Also, be aware that manufacturers often overstate run time for gasoline models by basing it on 50 percent load. Prevent carbon-monoxide poisoning by always running your generator outdoors and at least 15 feet away from the house.

One portable, is the new NorthStar 8000 Watt Generator packs more power, greater fuel efficiency and quieter operation into a new, space-saving design. This portable generator by Honeywell is designed to provide a reliable source of portable power ideal for a variety of uses. Of course, they are more expensive than portables and require professional installation, which are their main disadvantages. Stationary, outside-mounted generators are a growing alternative back up power supply, since they run on propane or natural gas and supply more power.
Kohler generators are known throughout the industry for extraordinary reliability and performance, incorporating a premium level of excellence in design that lets you enjoy unsurpassed performance in the generator size that is right for you. Avoid any generators which come with built-in inverters as these can become easily damaged and will cost quite a bit to replace.
There are many ways to collect solar energy including solar panels, parabolic troughs, solar dishes, and solar power towers with reflecting mirrors. The solar panels utilize amorphous solar cells capable of producing power in cloudy, low-light conditions and in temperatures down to -40 F.
The Sunforce 50048 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit gives you several more reasons to love the sun.
This kit is ideal for cabins, recreational vehicles, remote power, back-up power, and 12-volt battery charging. Special Note - Install a transfer switch to connect the unit to your home's wiring system - never connect a generator directly to your home. The emergency unit will be deployed to provide a means of temporary housing for victims of natural disasters and refugees. The shelters are also mostly composed of lightweight plastic parts, and will be flat packed for transportation.
The solar panels mounted on the roof allow the users to generate their own electricity for lighting.
For large volume orders, feel free to contact us for possible discounts or better shipping rates! This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
The Glacier 3.75 has a high-efficiency DC compressor allows for reliable, worry-free performance when coupled with a Grape Solar 12V PV solar kit. Integratedstand angles open reflectors into the suns beam and also secures doors whenclosed.

That makes this one small bracelet potentially all you need to maintain a food source in an emergency. Many are better and safer than before, but one important thing to consider - refueling some generators could be a challenge during a power outage. You'll also need to preserve that fuel with stabilizer and store it in a well-vented shed or other area, away from the house and any ignition source.
The Honeywell 7500E-6039 gas-powered generator is ideal for home emergency, events, power tools, and more.
Without any buttons to push or cords to plug in, an automatic standby generator starts up by itself even when you're away! This is also a good indicator that the manufacturers have confidence in what they are producing because they know they would not make a profit using sub standard equipment backed with a long warranty. You will also want to install an inverter to convert your stored DC energy into an AC supply for powering appliances in the home. Hire a qualified electrician to install a transfer switch if you are connecting the generator directly to your home's electrical system. The IKEA Foundation worked alongside the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) to produce the solar-powered shelter.
The roof is also designed to reflect up to 70% solar radiation, helping to create a cooler interior during the day, and a warmer one at night. For more emergency shelters, or similar dwellings, have a look at the Liina Transitional Shelter by Aalto University, or Kristofer Nonn’s Eco Cabanas in Venezuela. With a separate freezer compartment, that cools down to 5 degrees F (-10 degrees C), and crisper compartment, you can store all of your perishables in ideal conditions. Having a strong cordage like this is a necessity for building a lean-to or similar shelter.
Its Generac OHV (overhead valve) engine delivers a 7,500-watt power supply wherever you need it and a maximum starting power output of 9,375 watts. A single shelter comprises of 188-square-feet (twice the size of a regulation refugee tent) and is capable of comfortably accommodating 5 people. And this model features a push-button electric start with included battery for hassle-free start-up.

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