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Over the last year, the solar industry added jobs twelve times faster than the rest of the economy, even more than the jobs created by the oil and gas extraction and pipeline sectors combined.
The Solar Foundation released its annual Solar Jobs Census Tuesday, and found that for the third straight year, the solar workforce grew 20 percent in the United States. Most of these jobs (83 percent) were new positions, and 65 percent were in the installation sector. The census measures employment in the time period preceding November 2015, and uses company surveys, growth trends, and extrapolations similar to those used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to arrive at its totals. Rive said that SolarCity added over 6,000 jobs over the last year, bringing the total to around 15,000. Regional data is not available in the census released Tuesday; Luecke said that data would be available in February.
2016 looks to be a big year for the solar industry after Congress extended the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). However some states, such as Nevada, enacted policies that would make electricity for solar households more expensive, which cannot help but influence solar industry hiring.

As demand for solar rises, and these companies get more efficient at production and installation, what does that mean for job numbers?
Luecke said that the industry used to see a more direct relationship between installed capacity and jobs even as companies were getting more efficient. With thousands already enjoying the benefits of clean, renewable energy, sales at Solar City are booming.
According to the census, the industry added 35,052 jobs, elevating its grand total to 208,859. Solar ranked third behind wind and gas power capacity in 2015, with over two gigawatts being added to the grid across several states. Solar businesses are employing more women than in previous years — 49,775 workers over the last year, which is up from 37,500 the year before.
Luecke said that the number of veterans in the industry did rise in an absolute sense to 16,835, but they just did not grow as quickly as the rest of the workforce.
In 2012, it took 19 people to install a megawatt of solar power; that number is now 15, and Luecke expects the trend to continue as crews get more and more efficient and competent.

SolarCity’s mission to transform the way America produces and uses energy by making solar affordable to homeowners, businesses, government agencies, schools. That builds on the 31,000 jobs added the year before, and 23,600 added the year before that. Installers have reported the most job growth by far, with project development, sales, and distribution also rising. Companies expect this trend to continue as costs keep declining — over two dollars per watt over the last five years.
Help make America energy independent by taking a solar sales job at Solar City!  Apply now or join our Talent Network to learn about solar sales career opportunities. Outside sales reps are needed to help homeowners and businesses cut their utility bills and shrink their carbon footprints.

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