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Solar Power The sun is actually the basis for almost every form of energy we use from wind to hydropower. Why pay more for the electricity you need anyway?  The cost of electricity produced by solar is actually less than the electricity you buy from your utility-especially considering how much electric rates are going to continue increasing. Not only does it cost less, but with SRECs, you will pay your system off quickly and then make money! Your home will actually increase in value with solar because new home buyers will have a lower energy bill than a comparable home without solar. The cost of extracting the fossil fuels to power America is going up considerably.  When environmental, transportation, exploration, and political factors are accounted for, electricity from solar energy systems is a more sustainable way to grow our economy and lessen our dependence on other energy-rich nations. With solar power being produced by the end users, less investment required into the utility’s transmission and distribution grid (which is aging considerably and in desperate need of upgrades) as well as into peaking power plants.  The more solar power systems deployed across the grid, the less investment is needed into those ugly power lines and polluting electric generation stations. The combination of government and utility incentives can drive down the cost of your solar installation by up to 70%!
Most states have laws requiring utilities to produce a percentage of their electricity using renewable sources of energy (or pay a fine to the state). In the 2011 energy year, ending May 31, 2011, the utility companies pay a fine of $675 for each SREC that they are missing from their required portfolio at the end of the year.
A – No, if your roof does not qualify for putting panels on it, a yard mount can be used, and the panels will be layed out either in a ground or pole mount form. A – Well, the better the southern exposure, the directions the panels will face, the better your production efficiency will be.
A – The system will shut itself down, and when power is restored, your system will turn itself back on. Before stepping into the world of Solar power for yourself either in an effort to save money, actually make money or just doing your bit to save the planet, it is a good idea to get a little background info into how all this solar stuff actually works.This page is not intended to go into the technical aspects of how solar cells work simply because for 99% of us it doesn't actually matter. The generation of electricity from sunlight is not much different to any other energy conversion. The only two things you need to understand here is that a Watt is used for measuring a unit of electricity and a light bulb is something you use to light your house. When photons hit these cells, the power is enough to knock electrons loose and small current causes these loose electrons to flow in one direction where join with electrons from other cells to make a strong current.
MIRRORS: The solar field consists of specially designed solar collectors that use mirrors to gather and focus sunlight.
More and more homeowners in the world have installed solar power system or wind micro generator in their homes to generate clean power, reduce the electricity consumption cost and protect the environment as well. Our smart electricity energy monitors with home solar plant monitoring function belongs to our uni-directional electricity monitoring system and is developed specially for households installed with home solar plant, providing a perfect solution for the home owners to monitor both the home electricity consumed in total and the energy produced by solar.
Our monitoring system can also be integrated into the solar inverter and smart meter, that's what we are doing for some big world brands. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels have become a very popular method that allows homeowners to reap the benefits of renewable energy, and these can be seen mounted on homes all over the world.We all know that going green can be an effective way of helping the environment, but what will it do for you?Global recognition of green energyThe benefits of solar panels have been recognised globally – in the United Kingdom a government initiative awarded free solar panels to homeowners to encourage eco-friendly behaviour.
But by “solar power” we typically mean use of the sun’s rays to generate electricity through photovoltaic cells.
Plus, right now you can take advantage of generous state and federal incentives as well as PTE’s financing innovative suite of financing programs to make sure solar is cost effective for you. Federal, State, and Local governments, along with utilities, are pitching in to lower the cost of home solar power because solar is a great investment for them as well as for you.
The utility can meet this requirement by buying Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) from solar homeowners.
That’s because SRECs prices are not fixed but negotiated, and PTE, as one of the region’s top SRECs aggregators, has the leverage to get the best price for our customers. Therefore, the utility should be willing to pay a homeowner between $1 and $675 for each SREC so that they don’t have to pay the state $675 for each missing SREC.

The requirement will not only depend on the amount of electricity you use, but the available roof space as well.
Depending upon the state you reside in or operate your business, state incentives may be available as well. Just be sure the solar panels are free from excess snow or debris such as leaves, and are kept from soiling.
Also, keep in mind that shading due to trees can significantly reduce your panel systems effectiveness. If a new roof or repairs are needed, the solar panel system would have to be removed and re-installed for a reasonable fee. It is solar power that what gives us and everything on earth life and has done so for billions of years, but we've only been converting it into electricity through photovoltaic solar power for a few decades. Well here is how does solar power work from a far more technical view.So let us start our journey over a million years ago at the center of the sun. It is this current that charges your battery and heats your water.So now you know how does solar power work, now it is up to you to get your home into the 21st century. Solar power efficiency has been standadised into 5 tiers in an effort to help consumers know exaclty what they are buying.
They function in a similar fashion to regular power plants except they use concentrated sunlighta€”instead of fossil fuels--to generate heat to boil water to drive steam turbines.
Solar Energy Generating Systems (SEGS) consists of nine individual plants in three major location including Daggett, Kramer Junction and Harper Lake. Meanwhile, the system displays the balance between the consumption and production to the family members.
These panels were leased for 25 years in exchange for the “feed-in tariff” payment that customers would have received for the energy that they generated.The United States have also echoed the importance of solar power by instilling several initiatives to encourage Americans to root for renewable energy.
If you choose to lease your solar system, you still benefit because most of these incentives transfer to your system owner. It’s a simple one page form that attaches to your Federal tax return and you will get your money as a tax rebate.
We are also the only installation company that offers an upfront payment for the value of all your future SRECs, thereby reducing the initial out-of-pocket cost of your installation. The fine amount, called the Alternative Compliance Penalty (ACP), has been set through 2016 and each year the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) reviews the schedule and adds an additional year. The cost of the permit will be factored in the cost of your solar system, and will be obtained by the installer. In extreme situations such as heavy snowfall, it is best to remove the snow so your system can produce at peak efficiency. The technology is still young but the industry is growing by almost 50% a year meaning that everything in this field is changing rapidly including how it all works. Solars panels currently operate at about 13% efficiency (they only convert about 13% of the light into electricity) and thus produce 130 watts.
Without going to much into techinical stuff, basically without something called an invertor you can't plug solar panels into your mains.. Several atoms fuse together creating photons which then take a million years to reach the surface of the sun. Think of solar power as your next home improvement and a potentially lucrative investment with massive advantages. Follow this link for more information about solar performance.Most solar panels have an efficiency upwards of 14% in full sunlight which means that theyturn 14% of sunlight into energy. The pipes circulate the hot fluid to a steam generator where the heat of the fluid is transferred to water. That energy is translated into electricity in the generator and sent to the electrical grid for use by the public.

This system is only for monitoring purpose, if you also want the system with appliances control function, please refer to our wireless energy control system with home solar monitoring function.
Ex-President George W Bush set up the Solar America Initiative in 2006, which was aimed at accelerating the commercialisation of solar power technology. Our climate is similar to that of Germany, one of the leading solar energy users in the world.PV cells consist of positively charged and negatively charged slices of silicon placed under a thin piece of glass. You get money from the utility for putting up solar panels, the utilities don’t need to become experts in adding solar to roofs, and the state gets more solar installations. PTE customers have the option of selling their SRECs to PTE upon purchase of their solar system or over a period of years. From here they are then hurled towards us at a rate fast enough to cover 93 million miles in just 8 minutes.After this short journey they slam into the solar panels on your roof and into solar cells otherwise know as photovoltaic cells. It may not soud much but it actually is when considering that lights bulbs operate at only 4% efficiency and plants are only about 5% efficient.
This scheme closed in 2009, but many integral parts of the programme have been taken into the new US Department of Energy SunShot Initiative, which is working towards reducing the cost of installing solar power systems to encourage citizens to jump on board the global clean energy race.How will solar power affect you?Not only will solar panels help the planet, but they could benefit your bank balance too. By law the elecricity companies have to buy backyour power at the same rate as they charge you. Go to solar power efficiency from how does solar power work for more information including detailed solar panel manufacturer efficiency information. If someone in the UK pays for their own solar energy system, they are eligible to receive a feed-in tariff where they will receive a set amount per kilowatt hour of power that they generate. During that process the electrons are “knocked” free and caught by small wires on the silicon. In the UK the government actually pays you for each unit of power you generate whether even if you use it yourself! Solar panels are usually fixed to the roof of a property, which not only affects the aesthetics of your home but also your ability to change certain things.
Each cell generates less than two watts, so they are often grouped into modules and larger arrays. For example, if you want to replace your roof whilst there are solar panels attached, you will have to have them removed and reinstalled, which could be both time consuming and costly.Questions have also been raised over how having solar panels on your home will affect its resale price.
According to a recent survey in the UK, a third of buyers would be willing to pay more for a property if it had solar panels fitted. By integrating these systems with the local power grid, you can actually sell surplus electricity through the grid. As solar panels can provide a considerable reduction in energy costs you are therefore offering free electricity to buyers, which can be hugely enticing especially when energy prices often fluctuate. The Appraisal Institute in America also found that the value of a property increased by $20,000 for every $1,000 annual reduction in household running costs gained from solar panels.However with every silver lining, there must be a cloud. Some British banks are refusing to supply mortgages for homes that were fitted with free panels as they were awarded on the condition of a roof lease agreement that can last up to 25 years. PGE is actively involved in bringing more solar energy to Oregon, and is ranked as one of the top 10 utilities in the nation for solar integration.  Learn more about PGE's solar initiatives. David Dalby, a director of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, stated that he does support the use of renewable energy, but that an inflexible panel lease could result in a failed transaction when selling.Some banks are willing to negotiate on this – for example, Lloyds Banking Group will only offer a mortgage on homes with solar panel roof leases agreed with their approved list of solar panel suppliers.
However, as the feed-in tariff rate has been recently reduced by the government, it is less lucrative for suppliers to offer the panel system for free in exchange for the fee received tariff.

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