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Register Now for Store SpecialsDETOUR-tech Trinidad and Tobago is where you'll find the latest in electronics, mobile, tech, and DIY. And a lack of early success for a beginner often leads to abandoning a project or the entire prospect of kit building.
If electronics is something you anticipate staying with for a while, it would be worth the extra cash to pick up a basic soldering station with an adjustable heat range. While in use, ideally you should wipe the tip clean on your damp sponge (provided with many stations and soldering iron stands) before  each use. The basic rule of soldering is to heat the metal (wire and connecting point) and then apply the solder. Another essential is a "third hand" to hold parts steady helping to assure a good shiny solder bond. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission from Sonic State is prohibited.
If it turns out that you do not like the spin-a-split, then I will suggest an alternative scheme. I liked the idea of humbuckers with one coil reversed, however this gets me into all sorts of trouble, effectively creating a shortcut. Like our page on Facebook and Register Now to be updated with the latest products and specials!

I've cobbled together what I hope will be helpful tips on basic soldering skills essential to the successful completion of any electronics project. Starting out it isn't necessary to get a top of the line soldering station, but a basic name brand soldering iron like Weller or ECG can be purchased for around $20, and will last for years. If you melt the solder on the tip of the soldering iron and apply it to the connection, you'll likely end up with a cold solder joint.
With practice your goal is to find a balance between enough heat to create a good solder connection without overheating the parts you are soldering. As you gain experience and move on to more advanced projects, you will pick up techniques and learn about soldering tools and supplies that will make the job of soldering easier. There is a wealth of useful information on the topic of soldering and I've only touched the surface of the topic.
I'm not sure anymore what I can do with that - maybe this evening I'm able to get my head around it.
The electronics are not installed but look easy to install no soldering required just a screwdriver. A soldering iron stand and a small damp sponge used to clean the iron will complete a basic soldering set up.
The advantage of the wire sponge cleaner is that you don't drop the temperature of the soldering iron like you do when using a damp sponge.

And, when soldering the ends of insulated wires, too much heat can cause the insulation to melt and pull back. Many electronics suppliers sell grab bags of miscellaneous resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc., for pennies on the dollar. There are fume extractors which are basically a small fan pulling the fumes away from your area and pushing them through a carbon filter. But, as I stated at the beginning, experience is the best teacher, so break out your soldering iron and jump in. So - standard tone pot in and blower switch out.(and I salvaged the pot for another guitar to support coil-splitting. Never use a soldering gun for several reasons, but primarily because they get too hot and are big and clumsy.
I've burned my fingers using a soldering iron and it was always the result of a cluttered workspace, being distracted or going the extra hour instead of taking a break.
Modern tips are often a copper core plated with an alloy and once this outer coating is gone the tip is useless.

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