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Powered by Butane gas, the Pyropens offer soldering iron, hot air blow and blow torch options.
Ant Group comprises of Antistat, Acupaq, Cygna, Cyberpac and Integrity, all of which are trading divisions of ESD Control Centre Ltd. AOYUE Int 732 IR rework system has a removable soldering iron equipped with a tip for cleaning a solder from IC.
Preheater and top heater elements are equipped with a spiral which is inserted into the quartz tube. The rework system is equipped with three temperature sensors for temperature control and monitoring.
Sensors measure temperature of board surface and air temperature between heater and board.
The soldering station displays different values of temperature even when temperature sensors are located at one point. Other sensors are also not quite correctly reflecting temperature value when the rework system is just turned on. But during the operation when the heating elements are already warmed up, the displayed temperature values are correct.
Infrared top heater is equipped with cooling fan which blows the heated air away from the heating element.

Temperature probe, diode lamp and soldering iron output terminals, display, control buttons, as well as the power switch are placed on the panel of the AOYUE Int 732 professional infrared rework station .
The "2" mode allows creating three programmable 6 segment reworking profiles (six steps of heating) and saving them to soldering station memory.
AOYUE Int 732 Infrared Soldering Station with the large preheater is ideal for reworking large PCBs. Large preheater and 60 A— 60 mm heating element of upper heater allow you to precisely reball BGA ICs in a short time. The closest analogue to AOYUE Int 732 that is offered at Masteram online store is ACHI IR-PRO-SC infrared soldering station.
Ergonomic construction, easy-to-understand panel, and powerful IR gun makes AOYUE Int 732 IR rework system ideal for professional workshop. Ideal for professionals and beginners alike Built-in temperature controller eliminates the need for a rheostat One of the most popular irons in stained glass! The mounting bracket has an adjustment knob and mechanism that allows moving the infrared top heater up and down during soldering. The infrared soldering gun is fastened with screws to the bracket and can be moved along it. The color of the heated quartz tubes of the upper heater signifies that some of them are more warmed up more.

Temperature values are higher closer to the center, where the preheater measuring probe is placed. Vibration can be avoided by pushing the horizontal part of the bracket while moving the upper heater. Despite the uneven heating of the heating elements surface, their temperature in the sensor zone is maintained at a specified level. ACHI is equipped with ceramic heating elements, which have greater heat retention and the lower heat emission rate.
The Weller 100 quickly reaches the proper temperature and maintains it for smooth, even solder lines. Registered Address: 108 Claydon Business Park, Great Blakenham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP6 0NL, UK.
Alternately, the display will show temperature and time setup menus of each of the six segments.

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