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Hello Kitty Emergency Helicopter to the rescue with its detachable stretcher and Hello Kitty Rescuer!
Use this Emergency Auto Hammer to quickly escape from your vehicle, even under water, should your door become jammed or inoperable in an emergency.
If there is an issue with your product, contact us within 30 days of product receipt and we will give you details on how to return or exchange your purchase.

After an automobile accident, bridge or road collapse, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, winter storm, tsunami, flood, or other disaster, you may find your door stuck and need to quickly extricate yourself or your loved ones from your vehicle. Due to gas leaks (possible explosions) or rising water (possible drowning) you need to have an emergency auto hammer handy so you can break the window of the car using its dual-sided, nickel-plated hammer tip and cut through seat belts using the stainless steel razor-sharp blade.
It also includes other potentially life-saving features such as built-in emergency flashlight, a glow-in-the dark locator, and more.

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