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In a remote region of South America lives an electric fish--one that before now has been unknown to scientists. In order to learn a bit more about this fish, though, the researchers analyzed tissue samples collected during a recent expedition to the area.
While the Mazaruni River remains an important place for biodiversity, it's been relatively unexplored because of its remote location.
NASA hosted a media teleconference to tackle the current advances in the agency’s solar electric propulsion development or the SEP for a deep space exploration.
The researchers found out that a group of mice flown aboard the space shuttle returned back to Earth with liver damage. Researchers say that certain gene and a healthy environment are factors in achieving long life. The CDC has reported that the number of suicide cases has skyrocketed in the country since 1999.

Australian Rhino Project plans to relocate rhinos from South Africa to Australia to save them from poachers. Amazon River has a new treasure--a huge coral reef that spans 3,600 square miles along the ocean floor, according to scientists. Although there are more positive effects of going vegetarian, one can't help but think about how it will affect the people who make a living raising livestock. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. It was first discovered in the shallow, murky waters of the upper Mazaruni River in northern Guyana.
By sequencing the fish's DNA and reconstructing an evolutionary tree, the scientists discovered that this fish is so distinct, it represents a new genus; that's the taxonomic classification level above species. The area contains countless rivers on top of a series of uplands that have remained isolated from the rest of South America for more than 30 million years.

Like other electric knifefish, the Akawaio penak has a long organ running along the base of the body that produces an electric field. The fact that scientists found this new genus of fish, therefore, isn't completely unsurprising. Too weak to stun prey, this field is instead used to navigate, detect objects and to communicate with other electric fish.

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