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Would like to see what kind of home squat cage everyone is using?I've been looking at ones in the $350 to $500 range.I think the Phys-X Power Cage is the one I'm going to buy.Any thoughts appreciated! I'm not particularly handy myself, but it looks like you can build one on your own for way cheaper. Combining traditional free weight training with more recent trends towards suspension and resistance band training, the Cap Barbell FM-CB8008 Power Cage offers a range of features you won’t often find outside of a commercial gym.
In this review we take a look at some of these design features in more detail, including the suspension training options, exercises available, improved safety features, and the various new storage options. If you are thinking about weightlifting on a regular basis from home, it’s important to be able to carry out the exercises as safely as possible.
With barbell free-weight exercises working such a wide range of muscle groups, the chances are that you will want to be performing at least one of the following exercises: bench press, squats, overhead press.
As with any exercise, you need to be confident in your setup to be able to lift a weight that proves a challenge for a set number of reps. The addition of the rubber lined safety rails inside a complete cage frame gives you much greater freedom of movement, particularly when squatting. As well as the full length safety rails, you also have the standard set of barbell supports equipped with ABS glide inserts. There’s also enough room between these uprights to comfortable store a weights bench for all variations of the bench press, from decline to incline. Another difference with the Cap Barbell FM-CB8008 over their earlier rack designs is the design of the pull up bar. One of the major benefits of the Cap Barbell FM-CB8008 over similar racks is the range of exercise options available. Instead of just providing the basic cage frame, safety rails, and pull up bar, you also have access to parallel dip bars, a plyometric jump platform, and a punch bag attachment for high intensity cardio workouts. An excellent training tool for developing explosive strength, the jump platform is constructed of 3 mm thick diamond plate steel for uncompromised support and stability.

Although the weight limit hasn’t been increased from the 300 lb of earlier racks in their range, this is a rack that specializes in combining bodyweight exercises with free weight barbell workouts. Between the various safety rail height settings, pull up bar, dip bars, and platform, this is a cage that supports a wider range of exercises than any other design by Cap Barbell.
Although there isn’t the same number of weight plate storage pegs as on similar racks, the Cap Barbell FM-CB8008 does provide some unique additional storage options.
As well as the 2 Olympic weight plate storage pegs, you also have the 2 Olympic barbell storage options. If you like to add even more variation to your training with kettlebell or medicine ball exercises, there’s even a convenient storage shelf attached to the back of the frame.
The shelf is also ideal for storing any other equipment you might need during your workout, such as wrist straps, knee wraps, water bottles, towels, or MP3 player. Bodyweight exercises have always been a popular addition to workout routines, for all levels of fitness. To offer a wider variety of exercises beyond the standard dips, push ups and pull ups, the FM-CB8008 comes equipped with 2 Anchor Hoops (1 high and 1 low) and 12 Band Posts (6 high = assist and 6 low = resist).
The Anchor Hoops are particularly effective when used with a TRX Suspension Package, making it possible to add exercises such as elevated push ups, chest presses, and suspended lunges to your workouts. Combining traditional free weight training with more recent trends towards suspension and resistance band training, the Cap Barbell FM-CB8008 Power Cage offers a range of features you won't often find outside of a commercial gym. Summary : Cap Barbell FM-CB8008 Ultimate Power CageCheck the priceWhile many of the advanced training features that this rack supports are impressive, it's important to make comparisons between similar racks that are available.
As with previous Cap Barbell racks, we wanted to make a quick comparison between this model, and a model by Valor Fitness that offers similar workout options and design. The BD-7 does offer the optional lat pulldown attachment and a higher weight capacity (500 lb) at a much lower price than the FM-CB8008. There's also less storage for barbells, free weights, and any other small pieces of equipment, such as medicine balls.

If you want to focus more on a wider range of bodyweight exercises and feel the 300 lb weight limit would be enough for you, then opt for the Cap Barbell rack. If you need a higher weight capacity and aren't too worried about suspension or resistance band training, then the BD-7 may be a better option. Whether you’re training yourself in your garage, or hundreds in your gym, the squat rack is the quintessential base from which the rest of a training center is formed. From rock solid power cages that can handle world record squats, to the sophisticated squat stands built to last through day in and day out training.
Check out our selection, peruse our product reviews, and feel free to give us a call with any questions. This is why the Cap Barbell FM-CB8008 represents such a clear upgrade over their earlier FM-CS7000F, and even the FM-CB8000F. Both of these can be set at almost any height due to the number of height settings available on the uprights.
Now offering two bars instead of one, angles have been added at either end to create 8 different grip positions.
Boxing is an excellent way of developing your strength and hand-eye coordination, as well as being useful for improving cardiovascular endurance. That being said, you don't have as much choice with the height of the barbell supports, none of the resistance band options, no punch bag space and no dip bars. We have convenient two piece independent squat racks that are easily stored away when not in use, and we have a squat rack systems perfect for anybody and everybody.

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