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Related Articles Most Popular What Religion Was Prince That Caused Him to Not Vote for Obama, Talk About Prophecy? As if StarTalk-goes-primetime wasn’t exciting enough, the theme of the first episode is Star Trek, centered around an interview with navigator, science communicator, and avid Twitterer George Takei. The hour-long, weekly series is scheduled to air new episodes every Monday for the next ten weeks (so check your local listings), with reruns airing Fridays at 7 p.m. As the worlda€™s foremost celebrity astronomer, Neil deGrasse Tyson has made it a personal crusade to share the wonders of outer space with as many people as will listen.
A television adaptation of his hit podcast a€?StarTalka€? is slated to premiere in April on the National Geographic Channel, as he takes his boyish excitement for all things cosmic up against the Jimmys, Letterman and Jon Stewarts of the genre.
Michael Kovnat, a producer with Nat Geo, stressed that without an opening monologue, a human sidekick or band a€” a€?StarTalka€? is not competing with the other late night shows. The show follows the same format as the podcast, with clips of Tyson interviewing a celebrity, intercut with him chatting and joking around with his rotating cast of guest hosts.
The astrophysicist and the troubled, tiger blood-fueled sitcom actor met a few years ago when Sheen visited the museum with his ex-wife Denise Richards and their daughters. Tyson said he hopes to get Sheen back to the museum and on a€?Star Talka€? to discuss his interest in the Big Bang - and not the kind he is infamous for.
The first 10 episodes of the new TV show are currently being recorded in front of a live studio audience at Tysona€™s dayjob: the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, where Tyson is the director a€” and has been since before he became a TV star.
It doesna€™t hurt that the new cable show offers an opportunity to tap into Tysona€™s fame as the host of Foxa€™s a€?Cosmos,a€? the sweeping documentary series about the fabric of reality.

One show recorded last month featured Christopher Nolan, whose acclaimed scifi film a€?Interstellara€? offers some ripe astronomical pickings. Ita€™s unlike his infamous takedown of the movie a€?Gravitya€? which drew headlines when Tyson pointed out to his 3 million twitter followers that Hollywood got the science wrong.
Instead, Tyson seemed charmed by a€?Interstellara€? and its hero scientists who save humanity. In a departure from potential late-night talk-show rivals, Tyson doesna€™t seem to care what it was like to work with Matthew McConaughey or Anne Hathaway and ignores the kind of celebrity-driven topics that make up the bulk of late night TV programs.
Famous For: Dancing in tight white pants with Will Ferrell, lip sync battles with Emma Stone and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Background: Former radio host, he became host of a€?Win Ben Steina€™s Moneya€? on Comedy Central in 1997.
Famous For: Two decades as host of a€?The Daily Show,a€? as well as two-time host of both The Grammy and Academy Awards.
Background: Started doing office work at Second City in Chicago and then became member of traveling comedy troupe.
Famous For: Pulling together every famous and infamous person he could find for the grand finale of the Report. His podcast audience has numbered in the millions since its 2009 launch and the talk show will be similar, although he promises it wona€™t be just an hour of geeking out. Those guest hosts have ranged from Bill Nye the Science Guy to standup comics and others astronomers.

Like most TV hosts he wants to interview the President, but Charlie Sheen would also be a big get. He noted that single tug of the rope in zero gravity could have brought George Clooney and Sandra Bullock back together and averted the whole tragedy (he also wondered why Bullocka€™s hair did not float freely on her head when she was in zero-G).
Though he did get Nolan to admit to some factual liberties were taken with aspects of the filma€™s physics.
In 1999 he took over for a€?The Daily Show,a€? and fake news programming was never the same. Became faux conservative correspondent on a€?The Daily Showa€? in 1997 before launching a€?The Colbert Reporta€? in 2005. Both the TV talk show and podcast versions of "StarTalk" are hosted by Tyson and feature one-on-one interviews about science and technology with guests from the worlds of pop culture, news, and politics. Richard Dawkins, George Takei, Norman Lear, President Jimmy Carter, Christopher Nolan, and David Crosby have guested on the show.

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