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This is my eighth year at home, yet I can remember the first year as though it was yesterday. A friend gave me a book entitled The Stay At Home Mom Survival Guide, but I confess I never read it. Yes, you can wear yoga pants all day because you are your own boss, but you’ll be more productive and feel better if you shower and dress. In my first year staying home, my husband told me he was tired of seeing me in a certain set of workout clothes (yoga pants weren’t all the rage then). It will seem a waste of time to many, especially you Type-A logical moms, but trust me, this is so important to keep your motivation high. I was dismayed to realize snow days, weekends, and holidays don’t exist anymore once I became a stay-at-home mom. So much of childcare does involve obligatory tasks, so when you can choose, choose the path you like better because your child will benefit from your happiness and good mood. Sometimes just asking for help feels excruciatingly vulnerable, but the pay-off is so worth it.
I'm Katie, and here at Embracing a Simpler Life we will encourage you to live simply, intentionally, relationally, and abundantly.
I'm passionate about helping others have more joy in their lives and part of that means living in a comfortable, beautiful home. Now, since I'm a one-Mom-team I can only offer a few items at once and for a limited amount of time. I had been a stay at home mom (SAHM) for only a few short months and was quickly realizing that this would be one of the hardest jobs ever.
An eBook collection of over 50 organization printable pages to get your life and home on the right track! Designed with simplicity in mind, the SAHM Survival Kit is a vast library of printable pages that work together to give you the well run home you’ve always dreamed of. Topics range from housekeeping, meal planning, finances, activity planning, health and fitness, and scheduling, you are sure to find exactly what you need, when you need it.
I appreciate it when you share the content on this blog, but please remember that all images and text are property of Charming Imperfections. As a mom of multiples people often ask “How do you do it?” While I appreciate the sentiment behind the question, implying that I must have super powers to handle life with two infants, it is one of my least favorite “twin questions” to field.
I might do everything twice, diapers, feeding, bathing but to be honest, it isn’t any more difficult or challenging than taking care of one.
Your kid wants to wear his pajamas to preschool – and you’re running on 2 hours of sleep for the week because your 4 month old is going through sleep regression… let him. Your toddler decides to go on nap strike at the same time he decides that only dino nuggets will satisfy his ever growing appetite, go with it. As moms in this day in age we have so much access to information and parenting techniques that it can often be overwhelming.
I am a God fearing, non bible beating southern girl who loves her family more than they probably know.
September 29, 2014 by Jaimi 2 Comments My husband and I have spent a significant amount of time as an 'island' isolated.

September 23, 2014 by Jaimi Leave a Comment Do you have a child who likes adventure stories? Have you ever created something for your friends or family and thought to yourself "Maybe others would enjoy this as well," or, "Maybe I can turn my passion into starting a home-based business"? My first child needed to be weaned off of breastmilk around 6 months old, so I bottle fed him for a time. Super-Mom Syndrome thrives on doing all the right things to build the perfect family.The wonder of holding my son for the first time quickly turned into fear at the thought of actually leaving the hospital--this is the fear that sets us up for Super-Mom Syndrome. The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide: Infant Activities (best list I've seen)- Wish I had seen this sooner!
Blogging wasn’t as popular then and Facebook was just starting, so it was a very quiet time to be a stay at home mom.
If you make getting dressed your norm, having a yoga pants day becomes a luxury you allow yourself when you aren’t feeling well.
When you check in with yourself to see how you’re doing, it’s easy to see all the pitfalls.
That is why I've opened up this online shop where you can find all kinds of lovely and helpful items.
While you may use photos on this site, it is requested that you link back to the original post and do not remove any watermarks, crop, or edit any photo without my written permission. As a first time mom, I truly believe the most difficult thing about being a parent is becoming one. That being said, I was given a very good tip by a very dear friend, and that is, I put my sanity first, because let’s be real, if I don’t take care of myself, how could I manage to take care of two tiny humans. We sometimes forget that we have a lot of what we need already, our instincts, our inevitable love for that tiny human we created and a village of people to help. I grew up in Austin, Texas but moved about an hour north when I married my wonderful husband Ben in December of 2012.
Due to several moves across the country that took us away from family and friends, we were basically alone for several years. These are the thoughts I had a year ago right before I started my own business, Ivy Kids LLC. For the next two weeks, I have gathered together some free gifts for you, asked some blogger friends to share their great wisdom, and I have a few posts that are very dear to me that I am ready to share with you too. She has so many clever and easy ways to work with your preschooler and have fun at the same time. I thought I was self-motivated before staying home, but it turns out, I need consequences, rewards, and outside affirmation. You may think you’ll never forget the way she said, “Hold you?” when she wanted to cuddle, but you’ll be amazed at how it becomes a blur, especially as you add siblings to the family. One particularly snowy school year, I created a Snow Day Survival Kit, with special items to make snow days fun for me and the kids.
A sweet lady in my church offered to keep the kids one morning a week just to give me some time.
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My answer is often “We just do…” because I am a firm believer that all moms – one kid or seventeen kids just do.
That is not to say that my sanity hasn’t been stretched, tested and pushed beyond limit, it has – it has been pushed further than I honestly thought I could take. We currently live in Belton, TX, more commonly referred to as Belton, 'Merica around our house.
Getting some kids to read rather than watch an action-packed show on television can be a challenge.
Know that there is so much significance, both now and eternally, in the faithful and diligent work you are putting in to serve your family. 17 to post your new photo (tagging previously posted photos makes it hard for us to find them in the feed), and use the hashtag #averyvintageholiday. The point of this article is not to give parenting advice, there is enough of that out there already.
For some it is their mom and their mom’s mom and their sisters and friends and other mamas who came before them. When I'm not juggling my full time job as Mama to our twin boys, you can find me reading, hiking (I use this term loosely) with our mini dachshund, gardening, spending time at the lake, enjoying an adult beverage on a patio, or exploring one of the local wineries.
Yet, when I think about myself back then, so new, so uncertain, I want to share some pieces of experience.
If you allow yourself to relax into a difficult season, you’ll find you get through it more effectively than if you continue to expect the same results.
Their pictures are magical!Our cozy little entryway bench got a subtle hint of Christmas decor :) #christmas #christmas2015 #rustic #rusticchristmas #neutralchristmas #neutral #frugalchristmas #frugal #diy #diyblog #simplechristmas #simplify #meaningfulchristmas #naturaldecorI love these quiet winter mornings when the sun streams in through the Christmas tree branches!
Yes it is an adjustment, yes it takes time but there’s no way I could pinpoint any single thing I do that is different than other moms. The point here is to encourage, and lift up those tired mamas or anxious mamas to be, the ones who aren’t really sure how on earth they are going to do it. I have been known to pepper most conversations with a little bit of sass and my friends tell me they can always count on a straight shot of honesty from me. My oldest son does enjoy reading and he was very interested to read the Remote Control Adventures series. Rely on your instincts and if something doesn’t feel right to you or your baby don’t do it. If you want to let your gassy baby sleep on his belly because it’s the only way you can get some rest – let him. At the end of the day, within reason, your sanity wins – because some days, the only way you can “just do” and take care of your family is by taking care of everyone in your family and that means you too.

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